December 27th 2013:
Good Morning All! Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas. That went quick and now its back to reality. On a personal note, I do enjoy the 45 minute commute to work opposed to the normal two hours! ANYWHOO... Natalie informed me that Miss Ashlynn is getting better by the day and tries to keep her "Facebook Family" updated with the healing process. Please check her status to enjoy her heartfelt posts regarding the last two weeks. Natalie is currently waiting to hear back from Children's Hospital to schedule Miss Ashlynn's next MRI. Knowing this tumor is hereditary makes nerves uneasy. Don't worry, the twins will be getting a scan as well :) Taking further precaution is a MUST with circumstances like these. I still cant believe that so much unexpected chaos happened a little over TWO weeks ago!! Miss Ashlynn is continuing to surprise everyone with her rapid recovery. If scans are all clear, doctor's have mentioned she may not need further treatment. Miss Ashlynn is truly blessed. There needs to be a superhero named after her! Natalie made light of the situation and said because of the scar, she wont be able to have any "crazy 80's hair dues" when she gets older but it will be a good story to tell her classmates. Thank you all so very much for pulling together in such a short time. The Austin Family page has been shared over a thousand times! MIRACLE!! KIA of Waldorf, also deserves one MAJOR shout-out today! Chris is a loyal sales manager with KIA for 5+ years now. His coworkers band together and made a generous donation to Miss Ashlynn. I only know this because Natalie sent me a text and I could literally see her joyous tears through the message. When your place of business shows unconditional love regarding a family problem, that right there helps with the rebuilding of Faith. KIA is a big part of Chris, and his family will be forever grateful for their bighearted donation and over the moon concern for Miss Ashlynn . My heart is still so overjoyed with the outcome of everything. Power of prayer is stronger than its ever been! Thank you all so very very very much! I am sure I am not alone when I say I cant wait for the NEW YEAR!! Now, in the words of George Michael "Cause I gotta have faith, faith, faith 'cause I gotta have faith-a-faith-a-faith" Enjoy the holiday family time everyone! PRAYERS FOR ASHLYNN!! xoxox -
December 23rd, 2013:
I am a firm believer in faith an prayers and this little lady seems to have it all on her side. Miss Ashlynn is improving by the day and its unreal to me that she had BRAIN SURGERY....BRAIN....SURGERY a week ago tomorrow. There is so much to be thankful for this holiday season and Miss Ashlynn is on the top of my list. Children's National Hospital is by far the top facility and saved Miss Ashlynn's life. The doctors treated them with respect and patience and I know it was very comforting to hear that during one of the hardest weeks of their lives they were taken care of. Miss Ashlynn's fan base is continuing to grow by the day and its just a miracle. I am so humble to see family and friends bond together for the Austin Family. Thank you all so very much, from the bottom and top of my heart, to the moon and back for all you have given. Its an eye opening experience that I am proud to be a part of today. I hope everyone enjoys the very near holiday!! Don't stop the prayers!! They are WORKING!!! This families page has been shared 902 TIMES!! WOW...PRAYERS FOR ASHLYNN xoxo-
December 22nd, 2013:
I honestly have no idea how to begin this mornings update! I really don't?!? My heart is SO very full for my best friends family that even I don't know how to express it!! I have been keeping up with my personalized "thank you" to everyone and I hope you have received it. If you haven't please check your spam folder because I am making it a point to thank each and every one of your kind souls for the generosity you are expressing :) I would like to make a special thank-you shout out to the Twin Moms Facebook Group! Natalie connected with this group of 72 women back in 2011 after finding out she was blessed with twin boys. The Twin Mom Facebook Group is not only a supportive incredible group of mothers but they pulled together and sent a sizable box with arts & crafts for Miss Ashlynn and was a huge part in reaching my goal for the Austin Family!!! Thank you ladies from the moon and back for pulling together for Miss Ashlynn! Everyone on this page was a HUGE part of reaching this goal and should expect good karma along the way. I know my view of this world has changed after witnessing a front row seat to such a large selfless group of kind people. This page is only 6 days old and my level of surprise keeps rising with the love for Miss Ashlynn Hope. I don't want to divulge too much info...and I hope Natalie doesn't mind me saying this but I don't think she has experienced joyful tears in her entire life as much as she has in this last week! The love, generosity, concern and help from SO many people has forever changed her and her family/friends. Again, PLEASE do not be offended by the increase in goal. I am trying to keep up with YOU and the incredible fan base for Miss Ashlynn! It is growing by the day, and how everyone on this page has confirmed that they are more than willing to take some burden off of Natalie and Chris! I was graced with Miss Ashlynn's presents last night (I know they are spoiling me now) and she is doing so well in such a short period of time. This child is a true blessing and watching her play (and closely supervised by mom and dad) had me tearing up a bit. Her twin brothers missed her to the max and it showed when they kept sharing toys with her to play with. This holiday season will be an unforgettable time thanks to ALL of YOU! I hope you feel as overwhelmed with love as I do, and I am just a friend, but you deserve every bit of comfort knowing you are helping such a loving family. Thank you thank you thank times a million-billion for showing how thoughtful and caring this world can be! Faith is still alive and prayers have never been stronger! Please enjoy your day and expect further updates on Miss Ashlynn! PRAYERS FOR ASHLYNN!! xoxo -
December 21st, 2013 continued:
BLOWN AWAY by the amazing people in this world!! Natalie posted an update on Facebook about Ashlynn...all good news! This page for the Austin Family has been viewed 802 times! The *Miss Ashlynn Hope Fan Base* is growing!! In the words of Journey... "DONT*STOP.......BELIEVE*N" :):) PRAYERS FOR ASHLYNN xoxo-
December 21st, 2013:
Good Morning All, Happy Saturday! Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing Miss Ashlynn Hope. I was knocked over with a nice big bear hug instantly melting my heart. It was extremely hard not to grab and kiss her boo-boos. What a pint sized trooper. Natalie and I had a good talk regarding her tumor. Doctors said it was an atypical tumor. Also known as type 2 meningioma. Basically its between malignant and benign. Cancerous cells were present but until someone can tell the future there will be hopes for NO future treatment. This is considered to be passed down genetically. SOOOO, Ashlynn and the two boys have CT scans in the VERY near future. Out of Natalie and my 12 year friendship, that was probably the most heartfelt conversation to date. Listening to Natalie described how Doctors (yes I capitalized Doctor because I believe he is a hero and deserves it in this situation..) had to shave the tumor off her brain made me speechless. And not many people can do that. Miss Ashlynn stayed close by to Natalie and Chris during my visit. Their bond has increased tremendously since their voyage back home and it will only get stronger from here. She was snuggly, sweet and very cooperative. I found myself forgetting she is only 5 years old. The child didn't even notice she had a pretty sweet scar (if you ask me) until she accidentally bumped her head. Bath time was spent scrubbing the old sticky residue of band-aids and IV wounds. That child was poked more times then I can count. It broke my heart seeing the bruises from her seizure (head first into a wall as she passed out) just one week ago. Medicine time took a bit of coaxing but she did a pretty outstanding job for her first night at home. I am so proud of Miss Ashlynn! The strength that child has at such a young age is pretty inspiring. If a classmate of Ashlynn's is reading this...I wouldn't advise picking on her...EVER...she is one tough cookie! Miss Ashlynn's journey has only begun unfortunately. In order for history to never ever repeat itself, prayers will be needed for Miss Ashlynn Hope. Every little bit helps and I wont stop the updates until told otherwise. I am still so overwhelmed with the growth of Ashlynn's fan base. She honestly does not realize how cherished and love she is by SO many!! Thank you all! This was a crazy week on so many levels and the fact that their is love and support out there makes it a lot more bearable. Keep praying for Ashlynn!!! The Austin Family was granted their wish of taking their baby girl home before the holiday season and I can only pray they continue to keep this stroke of good luck. Enjoy the very near holidays everyone!! ! Prayers for ASHLYNN!!! xoxo -
December 20th continued:
December 20th, 2013:
Good Morning all!! TGIF and a happy one at that! According to Natalie and Chris if Miss Ashlynn had a good night last night, she will be DISCHARGED and home before the end of the day. Test results have not come back yet but from the looks of everything they will be in the comfort of their own home for that piece of news. I am hoping to see a positive post about that soon over Facebook. My Facebook has never been signed into as much as it has this past week. I was pretty close to stalker on Natalie and Chris's page plus text messages. Chris managed to post a pretty touching message last night regarding his experience this past week with his daughter Ashlynn. Ten years I have known Chris and I have never been brought to tears by his words...unless I am laughing about something. He mentioned that he is unbelievably thankful to all the kind friends/family and STRANGERS that have donated and sent prayers to Miss Ashlynn. Chris said this is one experience that will make him a different man. I don't think any parent can walk away from something as intense as this without a good check of reality. Life seems to get repetitive, mundane, slow until you get a call saying your first born daughter is rushed to the ER. Taking advantage of life and its daily routines can happen without anyone knowing it! Its pretty wild how hard it is to wake up and be happy to fight traffic into work, suffer through 8 hour days, only to come home and cook dinner for your family, give your kids a bath and kiss them goodnight!!!!! Some parents have to wake up, hope the doctors give good news, and pray for another day with their children. Look at me I am ranting....Miss Ashlynn is not even of my own blood and I love her and cherish that whole family like my own! Thank you ALL so very very much for taking just a couple minutes and reading this story. Thank you even MORE for calculating a donation to help Miss Ashlynn. Its unheard of watching the generosity from everyone the past couple days. I was almost losing hope that there weren't any kind hearted people in this world. But I was wrong! Miss Ashlynn and her family are overwhelmed with love an support and I thank all of you so very very very much! DO NOT stop the prayers....test results are still out there. I will continue updates if you continue the prayers!! TGIF! PRAYERS FOR ASHLYNN!! xoxo-
December 19th, continued:
(noon) I AM SITTING AT WORK IN TEARS FROM ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT FOR ASHLYNN HOPE AUSTIN. I HAVE NEVER WITNESSED ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE AND I AM SPEECHLESS. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY VERY MUCH! MY GOAL WAS MET AND I SWORE I WAS GOING CROSS EYED FOR A MINUTE. THIS WORLD IS FULL OF GENEROUS PEOPLE AND I THANK YOU MORE THAN I CAN EXPRESS THROUGH THIS SITE. PLEASE DO NOT BE OFFENDED BY THE GOAL INCREASE....BUT THE MORE WE PUT IN, THE LESS ASHLYNN, NATALIE & CHRIS NEED TO WORRY. WHAT AN AMAZING DAY... PRAYERS FOR ASHLYNN! XOXOXO- (1pm) Natalie just gave me a quick update and she is in VERY high hopes that they might be going home TODAY!! Miss Ashlynn needs to take medication on her own instead of through an IV to let the doctors know she is ready to sign on the dotted line. If they are blessed to go home today, the test results will come back when they are safe at home. Please put Ashlynn in your prayer night or prayer circle for a clean record! Yes they are going home but now the real struggle starts. My heart has never been so full in my life! Bless you ALL! xoxo-
December 19th, 2013:
One word. SPEECHLESS!!! My heart is so full with all the generous donations going to Miss Ashlynn Hope. This little girl is loved and cared for by so many, and some who don't even know her personally, and I am overjoyed. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for pulling out your calculator and figuring your thoughtful donation into your financial budget! You honestly have no possible clue how much it means to the Austin Family! In ALMOST two full days this page has been shared 365 times through Facebook, 2 times through Twitter, and 3 times through Pinterest! Overall, 370 people have shared this family link. As a very close friend of the Austin Family I am BLOWN away! 10am yesterday Miss Ashlynn had yet another MRI to double and triple check everything out. During my lunch break I managed to taxi over to the hospital to see Miss Ashlynn (and donate Starbucks coffee to Natalie and Chris!). She looks GREAT! A tad bit of swelling in her cheeks but full of knock-knock-jokes. Ashlynn was of course slightly irritable, I mean wouldn't you be if you just had surgery? Technology has come such a long way. Her incision was clean, the doctors did not have to shave her hair, and that girls personality is working its way back to just ONE day after surgery! Today or tomorrow should be the day they find out if the tumor was harmful or not. Either way, its out and was caught at a perfect time! Natalie explained that with a benign tumor it is easy to remove. Miss Ashlynn's tumor was a bit difficult to remove and had to be cleaned with a fine-tooth-comb. The tumor was starting to latch-on and even though this seems morbid...that seizure was a blessing. Until Natalie and Chris find out for sure what that was exactly, please keep Miss Ashlynn Hope in your prayers. Cross your toes and fingers because the doctors mentioned they have a CHANCE they could be going home this weekend in time for Christmas. That would be a gift all by itself! A clean bill of health for baby girl, reuniting with their two baby boys, and a BED to sleep in by Christmas morning!! Its the little things that matter most after situations like these. Life can be taken for granted so easily. One day you are going through the everyday motion of getting your daughter on the bus for school... the next your praying to God to give her strength to make it through brain surgery. Everyone needs to take one giant step back and revaluate life and the people we have to share it with. Thank you all so so so very much! As her best friend I am overwhelmed with emotions from the results of this site in the past couple days. Please don't stop praying. Keep your fingers, eyes and toes crossed that this week will end with a SMILE! xoxo
December 18th, 2013:
Its pretty clear that Ashlynn and her family not only mean the WORLD to me, but also to the generous - kind hearted family/friends that have managed to donate in their time of need. Speaking for Ashlynn and her family I WISH I could express how thankful I am to see what has happened in the last 24 hours. Miss Ashlynn had a successful surgery and during the holiday season donations have been made in her honor. It gives me hope to see that friends/family are out there that genuinely care for the Austin Family. As of 4pm yesterday, Ashlynn was wheeled to recovery and the tumor was completely REMOVED! Doctor's explained that it will take a couple days to know for sure if the tumor was benign or malignant. Whats a few more days huh!?!? :) Ashlynn will remain in ICU for a little while but I did hear she was moving and responding well to the surgery. That little girl is a superhero!!! She still has a painful road ahead but the power of prayer is in her favor. Natalie and Chris are exhausted mentally and physically but remain in good spirits seeing their baby girl in recovery. Now comes the fun part....BILLS! After all is said and done, Miss Ashlynn will have a very hefty medical bill for her holiday season. Yes, there is insurance thank the LORD but deductibles, scans, surgery, 7 day stay, etc etc etc etc....will be hard on not only Natalie and Chris but the entire family!! Wouldn't you like to have a mile long medical bill with a baby girl alive and well :):) I am going to continue updates on this amazing little lady and I hope that each one of you can help in any way, big or small, for this family. Thank you thank you thank you!! Keep Miss Ashlynn in your prayers xoxo!
December 17th, 2013:
Ashlynn Hope Austin is one of the most adorable little 5 year olds you will ever meet. She is a big sister to twin brothers, absolutely hilarious, energetic, extremely kind hearted, and never lets you forget ANYTHING...EVER!! :) Last Thursday, I received a phone call from her mother, and my best friend, to inform me that this firecracker of a child was on her way to being admitted to Children's National Hospital. Her mom explained that around 4pm that afternoon, Ashlynn had a seizure. After routine exams in the ER doctors discovered a golf ball size mass on Ashlynn's brain and were on their way to DC. Since then, Ashlynn has had countless MRI's, blood tests, scans, etc. Four long (answerless) days later, neurologists explained that the best possible outcome for Ashlynn would be to surgically remove the mass from her brain. As of 9am this morning, December 17th Ashlynn is undergoing surgery. This is an extremely hard time for Ashlynn, her parents Natalie and Chris, and the entire family. The holidays are supposed to be spent at home instead of a hospital room. Anyone can vouch when I say the Austin Family always stands by their family/friends side no questions asked! I wanted to reach out to return the favor and be by THEIR side!! With each passing day and every additional test that has to be run to get Ashlynn back to her normal self, the hospital bills are piling up. Please help give back to a wonderful family! Anything will help! Xoxo!T
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