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Help me move

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I've lost my home.

My landlord has informed me that the person who has majority ownership of my rented home has decided to sell, and the buyer does not want any tenants at all (they want the place to themselves).

As such, I have to move, and I have been given a few months to find a new place.

But, I am disabled, and therefore am on a fixed, limited income.

It seems like everyone wants first and last months' rent and a security deposit.  Some places I have found so far also want some kind of pet fee.

Plus I'll most likely have to set up utilities at the new place, wherever it is, which will involve yet another deposit (my current situation doesn't directly involve the utility company, so there's no account to transfer over).

On top of that, while I have a car, and can do my own packing, I'll have no choice but to hire a moving company  to do the heavy lifting and transport, as I just do not have the physical stamina to do it myself.

Given the rents around here and other figures I've been given, I estimate I'll need about $2500 (this would also cover the cost to hire a moving company).

I just don't see how in the world I am going to be able to afford the cost to move without your help.

As of September 2, the the move is still pending -- my deadline has been moved back a bit. However, the new deadline is now pretty solid: I need to be out by around the end of September or first of October, or I'll be homeless.


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Vanessa Dannenberg
Waynesville, NC

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