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Home For Chloe And Chase 2021

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REPARATIONS CAMPAIGN: Homes for Black Women - We still need your help. 

Thanks to the leadership of a dear friend, Sarah Woodcock, and all of the people who supported her reparations campaign for me to purchase a new home as a first-time buyer, I was able to do that on November 14, 2019! I'm deeply grateful for each person who contributed to that reparations campaign and I am truly loving our new home. Thanks everyone! 

What a blessing to not have to worry about writing a rent check ever again. This home will be heir property and will stay in the family. It's a privilege that many black folks don't have because of decades of chattel slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination, redlining and other horrific, discriminatory and dehumanizing acts within the "system." Owning my home is such a wonderful blessing. So much that I'm dedicated to paying it forward to help other black women own homes. I'm excited to announce the first recipient of the #Catriceology #HomesForBlackWomen initiative. Her name is Chloe Longmire and her and her daughter Chase deserve this opportunity to be homeowners too. 

Our goal is to raise $150,000 to go towards a new home of Chloe's choosing. We realize that $150K may not cover the full cost of the home but it will provide her with a significant down payment for sure. The goal is to reach/exceed this $150K goal by December 31, 2020 and I believe it is possible because it happened for me within a year! 

If you believe in reparations and supporting black women then we need your support to make this a reality for Chloe and Chase! Please contribute often and share widely. 

All money raised will go directly into Chloe's bank account. So she can be empowered to be the purchaser of o her own home. Please remember when contributing that there is a transaction fee of  2.9% plus a $0.30 charge per donation. Please round up your contribution to offset these fees. 

Please read Chloe's personal story below and start contributing and sharing. Thanks so much. Let's do this!


Putting Down Roots: Our Story. 

Being a single mom was not my plan, but here I am. I was blessed with the most charismatic, inquisitive and gifted 4-year-old on the planet and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Chase was everything I needed at just the right time and now I want to give her the world.  I was once content with living in apartments and paying rent month to month because it afforded me the ability to come and go as I pleased. However, over the past several years, I have yearned for so much more. Yearned for something to call our own.  I long for a sense of stability, pride in having my own and an opportunity to save and build for our future and not someone else’s.

It has never been easy. Maintaining a home on one income proved to be more difficult than I had ever imagined, but somehow, each month I’ve done what most single black mothers do: I made it happen.  Chase and I have spent the last 4 ½ years in 3 apartments with 3 different landlords that were all cut from the same deceitful cloth. They were never truly interested in our well-being or insuring that we were living in the best conditions, despite doing their best to make it seem that way.   They smiled in our faces and made promises to always be invested in our comfort and our satisfaction, but this couldn’t have been further from the truth.

During the walk-through process, I was often met with looks of disdain and concern when I revealed that, no, there would be no “husband” living with my daughter and I.  One landlord allowed our home to deteriorate right before our very eyes, never bothering to upgrade or fix the issues despite my numerous and incessant maintenance requests. I complained and was often told to simply “sort it out for myself.” We once called a 4-family apartment building home for a little over 3 years. I figured with it being smaller, that it would come with less problems. Not the case.  This particular landlord made promises of regular oversight and clean common areas that were never kept and refused to handle inconsiderate neighbor’s issues.  I begged and pleaded for her to intervene with the upstairs neighbor that was rude, noisy and often times downright intrusive and I was met with no response. I cried to my parents and wondered how I could ever bring myself to move again. In the end, the shady landlord blind sighted me with a 28-day notice for no apparent reason. When I inquired about how a loyal and trouble-free tenant of 3 years was being asked to move, I never received a response.

With a move out date of 7/31/19, my dad provided me with the opportunity to move into my grandmother’s old condo on short notice.  Now that she was in an assisted living home, he presented me with the idea of buying it, but would need the blessing of his siblings.  Who would think there would ever be an issue, especially when it came to family?  My aunt, quickly dismissed my offer because there were other buyers willing to pay more than the property was worth.  The house has since been sold right from underneath me, despite my occupancy and numerous updates paid out of pocket. Here I am, along with my daughter, in search of a home, again. And along came Catrice.

It’s painful and time consuming to pack up all of your belongings and search for a home, and to do it more than once is indescribable.  I have longed for a beautiful home that is all ours, to put down roots that my daughter can be proud of. This opportunity means so much because, as a single black mom, it always feels like so matter what, you can just never get ahead. The playing field is far from equitable and does not include policies that support asset building goals for households of color. Catrice has been my saving grace in more way than one and to be the first recipient left me speechless.  I am thankful, I am grateful and will use this opportunity to amplify the cause so that other women can feel the power and a sense of pride of putting down roots.

#Catriceology #HomesForBlackWomen #HomeForChloeAndChase

Organizer and beneficiary

Catrice M. Jackson
Omaha, NE
Chloe Longmire

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