3 DRIVEN Women Changing Worlds!

Sponsor Three DECADES of HIGHLY Diverse Female Entrepreneurs Build the Legend of a World Made Better for Generations...

First, thanks for joining us on our page. We like to think that you’re in for an unusual business treat!

It's time to actually make the world better instead of wringing our "collective consciousness hands" and "discussing" what to do from our recliners.   Doing that with excellence, requires  the best resources and wisdoms...

Hi folks!  We're Britney Achin, Maria Kagas, and Julie Woods —  3 women committed to going to one of the top business conferences in the country,  to learn from the BEST OF THE BEST — according to The Wall Street Journal, Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur, and other business publications — at the THE top business education forum on the planet for the past 10 years: CEO Space International. CEO Space International is an inferno of incredible wisdom and resources. Our goal is to bring some of that fire back to the beloveds in our tribes, and to use the best of that knowledge and resources to launch incredible projects that are revolutionizing our world. Off to Florida we go!
It's taken full-metal "compassionate ruthlessness" to exhume our courage.  There have been many circumstances that have buried this courage — challenges both personal and worldly that have pressured us to give up. Yet our passion and dedication have pushed us onwards, fully claiming our courage as our own, once again. 

Together, we keep each other on track in believing that we deserve to — and can — majorly change the world for the better.  Together, our disparate businesses work inside a collaborative model instead of a competitive one... The beauty is that each business potentiates the others. 'As the sea rises, so too, does every ship.' In other words, we recognize the value in practices of collobarative enterprise which honor all involved.
Our current synergy already allows us to fulfill our shared goals of building new communities; enhancing established cultures; and lifting up folks who currently feel marginalized by mainstream society.   We’ve accomplished this, thus far, through aggregating resources, then funneling them into creating and developing individual and joint platforms, movements, and monetized ventures designed to serve our goals.

This burgeoning guild of female entrepreneurs spans 3 distinct eras of feminine success in the halls of power of corporate America: Britney (28) ran the opening of *2* 5-star restaurants before she turned 25.  Maria is a Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt — one of the highest expertise levels available in the world of high-tech and advanced manufacturing.  Julie (me ;-D) holds 2 international awards for Excellence in Writing and Team Building, as well as building work flow and educational systems for institutions from Harvard Business School  and MIT to the Pentagon

Let's get real:  we're 3 bada$$ women committed to making a MASSIVE difference for EVERYONE we encounter... and we've got the individual AND aggregate chops to make that a reality.

Our existence and shared goals defy what we feel are divisive demographics of ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, and human ability.  Our collaboration significantly improves our respective companies.  Our dedication brings those improvements — as online and offline programs, courses, growthshops, and books — to our respective tribes. Yet it is our alliance with each other on personal and professional levels — as well as our allegiance to the common goal of generating a better world for our children and grandchildren — that’s prompted us to create a joint campaign to get the 3  of us, and our C-suite teams, to the CEO Space Forum in March of 2018.

Why THIS Event Is So Important...

CEO Space is known, worldwide, as one of the premier “must-attend” business educational forums for C-suite business people.  Participants range from Presidents of Fortune 10 companies and SEC prosecutors; to angel investors and venture capitalists; to, of course, entrepreneurs, inventors, and small business decision-makers at every level.  This forum has been exalted as the #1 educational event of its kind — every year for over a decade — by Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, and other leading business publications.  It’s a space specifically designed to deliver training in every aspect of creating, developing, and sustaining businesses based specifically on collaborative — instead of competitive — models.  Insiders often call it “business church” because of the unusually high caliber of care and attentive support that goes into every best practices workshop, networking exercise, and capital raising training.  

Ready for the best parts?  Check this out:

• We’ll experience the proven business acceleration of proprietary SuperLearning — created by CEO Space International Founder, Berny Dohrmann — in a fertile, relaxed, yet vibrant environment.  This ensures that what we learn is most likely to be implemented FULLY when we return home.

• Our rotating faculty will be some of the most highly-respected business advisors on the planet:  Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul author); Les Brown (Thought Leader); Jason Webb (top-ranked international patent attorney); Tracy Hazzard (Inc. columnist and podcast guru); Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad author); Maria Speth (top-ranked copyright attorney) and dozens of others.

• The HIGHLY effective business crowdfunding and investment tools — brought into existence through federal legislation in 2016 — were authored, then lobbyed into law, by Berny Dohrmann, the CEO Space Founder.  This means that he has the first, best, and most robust resources in the world — literally — for working with this game-changing set of funding resources.  

(SEC prosecutors come to this event to learn the nuances of the legislation... and leave assured that EVERYONE who uses these specific tools will be overcompliant with every funding rule despite the fact that it is now one of the fastest and most consistent systems for raising large amounts ($1M+) of capital.)

Why We Need — and Would Love — Your Support

In order to attend the conference, we must become members of CEO Space.  We’re inviting you to join us in this resource and capital acquisition adventure!

The success of our collaborations has synchronized us in being ready to acquire the financial and resource support needed to step onto the world stage, separately AND together.  It’s a scary AND insanely rewarding undertaking that gets us the expertise we need to succeed; the funding we need to implement the guidance we receive; and the subsequent in-depth guidance that brings us immediately into our next growth steps.

Welcome to the Triple Goddess Business Guild:
"Why We're Ready to SOAR Together!”

Here’s the secret sauce to why we’re working together so quickly and well:  we have exactly the same mission.  Separately, we each have chosen to use our businesses to specifically make the world better through collaborative capitalism practices.  And since CEO Space International is the founding, and premier, forum for learning best practices in social and cultural entrepreneurship AND collaborative capitalism, we’ll be attending together to accelerate our joint mission.

This was the flow of coming together:  

Step 1:  Julie mentored Britney through the process of launching Coven, and was in turn, her first client.

Step 2:  Through the marketing and development work Britney — and her Coven incubator — completed for Julie, Julie was invited to be a keynote speaker at the Zen Awakening Festival in Autumn of 2017.   

Step 3:  At the festival, Julie traveled, and spoke in-depth with Zoe, Maria’s exceptional daughter.  When Zoe heard Julie’s message of the Global Culture of Inclusion, she knew immediately that Treebu was the perfect platform to disseminate that medicine in the world.  While still on the road, Zoe connected Julie and her Mom.

Step 4:  As Julie and Maria began to collaborate on Treebu, Julie referred Maria to Britney and Coven to uplevel Maria's marketing and venture capital initiatives.

Step 5:  The synergy was immediate! It added to Coven's client base; upleveled marketing for the Treebu platform; and expanded Julie's audience and internet reach.   We realized that having that synergy was the last element required to begin seeking investment, for all 3 ventures, in earnest.

The rest, as they say, is another wonderful human story.  Thus, this Triple Goddess Business Guild was born!   

Come Meet the SuperSheros of This Legend...

Britney Achin

Hi!  I’m Britney and I’m a 28-year old, self-taught entrepreneur.  I’ve been working since I was 13-years old and was the launch project manager — for 2 highly- acclaimed, 5-star restaurants in Boston — before I turned 25.  

I did it while dealing with a severe and ongoing battle — since 2005 — with chronic heart complications; post-concussive disorder; acute fibromyalgia; and acute endometriosis.  My physical challenges had me originally feel that my smart-yet-painful best move was to chain myself to companies that would provide me with good healthcare.

Then it dawned on me:  I’m young.  I have HUGE dreams of diverse global communities; collaborative business incubators; technology platforms that raise the bar in communication, tribe-building, and heart-centered entrepreneurship; and transparent marketing.  So why settle for a soul-sucking life when NOW was my adventure time?! 

That's when I met Julie Woods... and her Global Culture of Inclusion.  Immediately,  I knew I’d found my first true partner for the first phase of my dream, multi-sector company, Coven.  That was the beginning of Summer of 2017.   In 6 months I’ve grown from bartending in restaurants to having enough clients to focus on the incubator sector of Coven.  I'm grateful for — and astonished everyday by — the successes I’ve enjoyed in this short time!  It feels like door after door is magically opening every time I put another foot forward with faith.  And it's becoming clear that — by getting the best support around — I'm about to make the impact I’m setting myself and my company up to have in the world.

As a queer, mixed-race, Millennial woman — with multiple acute, chronic disabilities — my perspectives about traditional career paths are unique.  I was orphaned as a young child, then remained a Ward of the State until the age of 18.  This cocktail of medical issues and circumstances has meant that standard work situations — which are tolerable to most people — are neither healthy nor sustainable for me.  The harsh reality of starting my adult life with $0 has made me intensely resilient, hard-working, and driven.  So, once I saved capital during my previous career in Hospitality Management/Consulting, I invested fully in Coven.

I’ve dreamt, for as long as I can remember, of building a company that caters to women from all walks of life.  It’s been a deep ache in my soul to have my company facilitate women's growth in professional, artistic, and community development arenas. I’m building Coven as EXACTLY the company I dreamed of having.  It consists of three branches:  Synergy & Solutions; Hospitality; and Community. At this amazing CEO Space Forum, I’m seeking immediate mentorship in growing our existing Synergy & Solutions branch launched last year; capital investment in our growing number of Hospitality ventures; and networking opportunities where we can bring Community projects to life.

In addition to building Coven, I’ve also accepted critical path roles in 2 start-ups.  In June of 2017, I on-boarded as the Chief Synergy Officer in Jewels In the Woods International, the umbrella company for Julie Woods’ initiatives.  In 6 months we’ve developed her brand; created a major body of content videos; and generated her first individual sessions, group programs, and online courses.  In January of this year, I was welcomed as the CEO of a developing technology start-up called Pride Pocket.  We're improving the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals — from all walks of life — by offering a zero-cost (to participants), proprietary, crowdfunding platform that’s paired with vetted community resources and support.  (Learn more about Pride Pocket here.) At CEO Space, I’ll be seeking investment and mentorship to aid in their growth, as well as ensuring that Julie obtains the support and resources that she needs to further her movement.

Ultimately, my goal is to uplevel Coven and Pride Pocket.   CEO Space is a C-suite-level, one-stop resource for the elements needed in ALL of my projects to reach our next levels of monetization and reach.

Maria Kagas

Hi! I'm Maria Kagas .  I am a mother, an educator, a social scientist, and cultural entrepreneur, dedicated to changing our world with innovative digital-social technology. 

As a first generation Greek-American, I’ve had to straddle 2 cultures and work hard to create safe and empowering spaces where I could be at my best.  As a child of an immigrant — and later as a single mother, it became crystal clear to me that access to GREAT information is a power that belongs to the hands and minds of everyone, not just the privileged few.  

My immigrant parents struggled with limited support from communities that didn’t understand their “foreign” culture and way of life. Without critical familial or community support, my mother and father “failed their way to business success” by using trial-and-error to discover their own best practices. In the moments where they executed poor decisions and judgement, it seemed to always be the result of a myopic view caused by false, limited, or no information.  The pain of bad decisions had far reaching emotional and financial impact. 

 As I grew up, I realized that success and empowerment came from living in the “know.” For me, this meant knowing my tribe and accessing their expertise and experiences.  My community's sages were parents, teachers, neighbors, and friends who genrously shared what they'd learned in the areas of my needs and interests. They were my Tribe. People who shared the same values and passions. Through them, I learned what to do AND what not to do. I saw that the key to success was being empowered by the best information.

Empowered by the right knowledge, I had the ability to move ahead in life, creating my world and becoming a powerful contributor. In return, I contributed my own experiences to this communal body of knowledge.
The relationship with tribe was authentic and vested, creating a win/win situation. They capitilized on my talents, and I was afforded incredible opportunity. We all flourished, realizing our success was in each other.

Discovering this truth was like finding the holy grail! It was a system that worked. A system that could completely revolutionize how we create ourselves and our world.

And yet, no one was utilizing it to its full capacity. In fact, our media, social media and learning paradigms were failing to bridge the gaps of connectivity and empowered action, or even worse, engineered for the complete opposite effect.

For this reason — and many others — I set out to create a social learning paradigm that could equalize the learning field. In it, knowledge is democratized through an open source platform.

Enter Treebu: an innovative open source, communal knowledge network which builds vibrant online and offline inclusive, educated tribes within a safe informative space. 

 When you elevate the individual, you elevate the collective. “When the sea rises, so, too, does every ship.” Treebu brings that rising sea of empowermeant to anyone who chooses to access it.

Treebu's beta tests were outstandingly successful — we’ve already garnered international interest in the form of potential multi-national licensing partners... BEFORE officially launching! Located in upstate New York’s tech valley, we are one of NY's Certified Hot Spot companies with Innovate 518. We're a registered Blackstone company that's successfully completed National Science Foundation iCorp program in 2017. For Treebu our success has always come with the help of our tribe.

Inside Treebu, members explore information curated from their lives and based on their personal interests.
Eliminating social and consumer engineering, Treebu replaces regurgitated/fabricated online and textbook misinformation and pablum with authentic wisdom that educates, encourages, and empowers those who choose to engage.

Here's the fancy synopsis: it uses proprietary software that actively encourages and supports users in sharing what they know, and learning what they don't, inside a digital media experience designed to build individual and community capacity through social collaborative learning.

In other words, Treebu is an organic, free, highly user-friendly, locally-sourced, virtual environment that positively affects our lives without negatively impacting our wallets. 

Treebu is the place where, in finding our Tribe, we find ourselves, and are empowered to the passionate actions that change the world.

Now it's time to bring this to the world. Britney and Julie are making that happen faster than I ever hoped:

Britney is working her magic on our marketing and branding to help us put Treebu out into the market place in ways that are authentic to who we are and what we do.  She’s also setting up Coven and her other projects to utilize Treebu.  

Julie is a true opportunity broker — a business sage and shaman whose already opening new market and investment channels by connecting us with other like-minded social and cultural entrepreneurs.  She's planning to use Treebu to expand the reach of her Global Culture of Inclusion movement and sustainably mobilize members to take action.  She’s even begun introducing us to C-suite decision-makers at companies working with the UN and WHO

At CEO Space, I’ll be seeking investment and mentorship in raising capital for team building as well as for marketing collateral and initiative development. 

With your support, we have a phenomenal chance to learn from the best minds in business!  We’ll connect with folks who’ll help us bring Treebu to the world stage where it can maximize the powerful connection and growth that it delivers. 

Julie Woods

I'm Julie Woods and I’m the 58-year old Founder of a society-healing movement called The Global Culture of Inclusion.  My life often lands as hyperbole, so — as I say to folks when they first meet me — hang on for the wild ride that’s the legend of my life:

• I’m a 24-person multiple who presents as a FULL-functioning autistic.  I’ve been blind; paralyzed from the waist down, twice; survived multiple ritual stonings and multiple rapes; and have beaten 2 “incurable” conditions.

• I’m The Urban Bliss Shaman™ ; an imaginal engineer; and the Shaman Laureate of the Harvard Class of 1981.

I have a Harvard degree in clinical psychology with a minor in bioelectrical engineering.  I’m also a world-class performer who’s sung with Grammy luminaries like Roberta Flack; a philanthropist who fed 160,000 families in 4 states BEFORE establishing her food abundance NPO, Fans With Cans; a triage counselor who founded a suicide and rape counseling program at her high school, in 1974, at 14 years old; a ranked visual artist whose paintings have been showcased in the #1 art gallery in the world; and an international best-selling author.

I’m honored and delighted that folks regularly call me a “renaissance woman.”

My business differs from Maria’s and Britney’s because of both products and infrastructure:  I’m seeking investment in a business model that focuses on both myself, and my Global Culture of Inclusionas primary product offerings.

With qualified investment, I can accelerate building the infrastructure of my global movement.  My courses, books, growthshops, retreats, and large-scale events focus on healing the fractures in our societies, worldwide.  In my individual and group work, I uplevel my clients’ and participants’ journeys of greatness — basically, I teach folks how to sustainably improve their lives emotionally, spiritually, and financially. They then reinvest in themselves by returning for more of the Medicines that come through me as a modern shaman.

Every encounter with my work is suffused with an unwavering belief that everyone can make a positive difference — for themselves and others — in every moment.  I LOVE the African proverb,  “Anyone who thinks they’re too small to make a difference has never been in bed with a mosquito.”   My growing Wake, Love, Share, Act Facebook group — the incubator/foundation for our movement where folks safely grow into actively healing the divides in our societies — is just one example of how I fulfill on my mission.  It’s this "attitude cocktail" of universal empowerment and global inclusion that fuels my devotion to inspiring others to conspire to care... about everyone.

I’ve dedicated my entire life to feeding people’s hearts, minds, and souls with my art, while also feeding the bodies of those in need with food through Fans With Cans, my food abundance NPO.  My unflagging commitment to making the world a better place for our children and grandchildren — starting NOW — lets me sleep well at night and bounce up, joyously, into each workday.   And I’m ready to take ALL of our initiatives — and the MASSIVE healing possible through them — onto the global stage.

Together, Let's Take Smart Actions — to Make the World a LOT Better — Sooner Rather than Later...

This is our bid to significantly raise the quality of life and bliss for millions of people... so we're asking the world to help us do exactly that.  Over the next month, come get to know us and what we're doing so you know what and who you're supporting.  And we hope you join us in getting the expertise we need to manifest this legacy legend because THIS is what's true for us all and, hopefully, for you around taking action:

NOW is the time (to make this happen.)
HERE is the place (where we launch our bids for the power to change everything for the better.)
WE are the ones (to do this cuz we see what to do.)
This is a way (Not "the" way.  Bottom line is getting everything done well and quickly.)


NOW is the time.
HERE is the place.
WE are the ones.
THIS is a way...

Thank you for joining us on ourJourney of Greatness, Beloveds!  Let's get this DONE...

Shoulder to Shoulder, we rise together,

Britney, Maria, and Julie
The Triple Goddess Business Guild


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Britney Achin 
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