Bradleys Medical Fund

As most of you may know my son bradley has been struggling with reaching his developmental milestones, weight gain, speech, and day to day life. We made a move to Michigan to live with my husbands family back in November and thats when things went down hill for him and we really started noticing somethings were off. We fought with the doctors office for a few months just to get him into see a neurologist/specialist. They ordered some Genetic testing, along with a swallow study, and MRI. The swallow study was the first among the three test we got back, Bradley had been aspirating when he was eating so we had to move him to a honey consistency base formula. Just yesterday we got back the blood work and MRI test results. The MRI showed some white mass lost on the right frontal lobe of the brain due to a loss of oxygen probably from birth, also his gentic work did not come back as we hoped and we have to go see a gentic specialist due to a mutation of chromosome 4. Also we will have to see a ENT (ears nose and throat) doctor due to a blockage they picked up on during the MRI. Most likely bradley will have to have tubes in the ears put in to help with the drainage.  Bradley has also been in therapy between speech, occupational, and physical therapy. He has to get leg braces due to his inability to walk or sit. Treatment cost have been very expensive and money has been espicially tight for us lately. Im asking my friends and family to help. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please if anything say a prayer for him that he gets through this.
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  • Aunt Gerri
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    • 7 yrs
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Montana Sheetz
Niles, MI

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