Help fixing our roof

Hi, my name is Vannessa and I’m here to ask for some help in fixing our roof. I hope you can consider helping us.

On March 2020 we had rain season and our ceiling suddenly started leaking in a section of our home. Water could be seen coming through the cracks and through the ceiling fan. We did what we could to contain it and then had someone help us fix where the tiles had broken and we’re able to cover the cost of what we thought was a quick fix. Fast forward to December 2021 and we have a major problem.

Turns out that the reason we started getting water in wasn't because the tiles were broken but because the ceiling was starting to colapse. The quick fix to the top of the roof stopped the rain problem for the moment but did nothing to stop the collapsing and since we weren’t aware of it it has gotten to the point that it needs to be fixed ASAP since it has kept collapsing. Turns out that when we had the expansion to the house years ago, the contractor didn’t do a good job at leveling the roof angles and because it wasn’t done properly, the roof started collapsing under the weight of the roof tile. It’s gotten to a point that it is visible from outside (pictures to come) which is how it was found. It specially needs fixing because we are nearing rain season again and it would create an even bigger problem as the rain would filter in, make everything damp and create even more damage as the damp wood cracks under the weight of the tile.

We had a builder give us a quote and he says that because the ceiling doesn’t have the correct downward slope on the new area (which was an addition done to the house), the collapse not only needs fixing but the slope has to be done to prevent it from happening again. This means a lot of work which we unfortunately can’t pay for.

We are currently being quoted with $6000. Half of it is for material and half of it for the work the builder needs to do. If we don’t get it done the rain season will make it a huge problem not only on the outside part of the roof but the inside of the house as well. We don’t want our roof to fully collapse but unfortunately we can’t pay for it with my job and my mother’s retirement check.

Please, if you guys could consider helping us, we’d really really appreciate it. Even $5 dollars help. We need to buy the material asap and get the roof fixed. If you can’t donate, please help me spread the word, it truly means the world to my mother and I. Thank you.

  • Kelvin Jung 
    • $100 
    • 2 mos
  • Regency Gray 
    • $10 
    • 2 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • $150 
    • 4 mos
  • Ryan Hoak 
    • $150 
    • 5 mos
  • Squawking dead charity stream 
    • $1,400 (Offline)
    • 6 mos
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Vannessa Avendano 
Calexico, CA