High School College Tour of Boston

Miami Northwestern is a Title I school in the heart of one of the oldest black community's in the South Florida. Median family income falls below $25,000, with nearly 75% of the school on free/reduced lunch. Our students rarely leave the community and have a limited view on what else is out there for them to explore. But our students still have big dreams for their futures.

Our students want to explore their options, and Mr. Hart and myself are trying to make it possible for our promising youth at Northwestern. With your help, we will be able to take a group of 25 of our highest performing sophomores and juniors on a tour of colleges in Boston, a city our students usually on dream of. We will take them to Boston College, Boston University, Tufts, Harvard, Northeastern, and Emmanuel to give them a variety on what options we hope to work with them to become realities.

This trip will change the lives and mindsets of our students. This will be most of their first times out of the region and some of their first thoughts that they do not need to limit themselves on the possibilities of their futures.

Please take the time to watch a video of our students talking about future goals and this trip. They have also written letters expressing what this trip will mean to them and why sponsorship is so important.

And remember that all donations are tax deductible.

Our deepest gratitude,
Ms. Younge and Mr. Hart

Dear Funders and Donators,
My name is Sara St Juste and I am 16 years old. I was born and raised in Liberty City, Miami with very little resources and money in a home of two parents who weren't born in America. They work their very hardest to provide for the family of five. The struggle of my parents motivates me to put my best foot forward in achieving success. I get looked upon as having the possibility of making it successful.
I am a sophomore at Miami Northwestern Senior High working to be the best of my class. My schedule holds only honors classes and an A.P class. With higher level classes, my school nights are always packed with homework assignments and projects. My weighted GPA at the moment is a 4.526 and my unweighted GPA is a 4.0. I am a straight A student who does not take a B as passing. You may look at my life and notice that I have everything all together, but your eyes are deceived. Doing outstanding in school isn't the issue. The issue is the financial supplement of accomplishing these achievements. The work of my mother and father combined can only provide to the extent of bills and necessities. Other extra things, I pay with the money from my college savings account. The money in my college savings account is money that cannot be touched until I reach college. However, when worse comes to worst, that is my final option.
This Boston trip of touring some of the best colleges in America is beneficial to me because it opens my range of colleges that I am capable of attending. Also, it motivates me to know that there is something better than the conditions that I am in now and there's no need to settle for today. This trip is not to get away from Miami, but to assist in my life as well as the other students going along. We need sponsorship for this beneficial trip. In this, it will pay for our flights, our rooms, our food, and our transportation. You funding us will not be a waste. We are students seeking a future and hoping for the best. Please fund us at gofundme.com/54oa7c.
Thank You,
Sara St Juste

Hello, my name is Victor Matta I am a junior at Miami Northwestern Senior High School. I have a 3.75 GPA and am currently taking four AP courses: US History, Chemistry, English Language and Composition and Spanish Literature and Culture. When outside of school I usually go home and study for some of my classes or research different colleges I would like to go to and what is required of me in order to attend. Occasionally I stay at the school and help some of my former teachers with any assistance, whether it is grading, cleaning the classroom or tutoring some of their students.
I have always valued my education and have always tried to increase my chances of success in life. Being able to have a quality education can provide some assurance for having a successful life or career in which your family or peers would be proud. My family does have the best educational background in which two of my brothers dropped out of high school and only one of the six actually went to a university. I want to use the resources I have and those given to me by my family to do what they couldn't and get a quality education at a top 10 University in the country. I feel that this trip to Boston would be a huge benefit to those of us that want to continue on the path to success. It would allow is to be submersed into a college environment where we will be able to see the different experiences of a daily college student. This would also allow us to speak with professors and some of the admissions officers that will provide us with the correct information on what we have to do in our remaining years in high school to be able to attend. Overall I believe that this trip would be an amazing opportunity that we may be able to personally speak with the admission officers and even the students that attend these universities which would allow us to know exactly what we must do in order to attend one of these universities. This is an experience that most of us will probably not be able to have again and is extremely important to us. I hope that we are able to achieve our goal in order to attend this trip and I am thankful for your consideration.

Dear Donors,
A greeting. My name is Dellayah Pleasure and I am an over-achieving sophomore at Miami Northwestern Senior High School. My hope from this trip is to grasp a journey that I will certainly not forget and a life changing experience that I could reminisce for years about. Growing up, I never had the opportunity to leave Miami nor visit an incredible school as Boston University. Throughout high school, I have only able to hear about the university, research, and visualize myself there mentally, not physically. However, now presented with the opportunity to witness an implausible school as such, I immediately took the offer. When I grow older, I plan to graduate college as an Administration Registered Nurse receiving approximately $50 an hour at Kansas State University. Although I may not have the urges currently to attend Boston University, attending this trip will allow me to be familiar with the diversity of the populations within out of state schools. This directs me in my desire to participate, because I can appreciate my future vision and observe an admirable university that will help guarantee a successful road.

My name is Rikenson Charles and I am a junior at Miami Northwestern Senior High. I was very excited when I was informed about this trip to some of the best colleges in the nation. As a child, I had many hopes and dreams and of course one of them was and still is to go to college. I wanted to be many things such as a musician, an actor, a professional athlete etc. I still try to live those dreams every day because I believe if I set my mind to anything, I will achieve it. As I grow up, I began to have a better sense of knowledge on what I really wanted to do. I've always been interested in math, so I plan to do accounting and business management.

I believe this trip to Boston is going to be one of the best trips ever! The first time I ever rode on an airplane was when I was coming from my hometown Haiti to the United States for the first time 8 years ago. I was excited for riding an airplane for the first, but I was more nervous and I'll admit, I was pretty scared. Therefore, it didn't go to well as I thought it would because I didn't enjoy it. This time I want to enjoy it like it was my first time. I haven't ridden an airplane since then. I've been out of Florida, but it wasn't on an airplane. The farthest I've been out of Florida was to Louisiana, but that was by car. At this point time that doesn't matter. What really matter is how much this trip means to me. This trip means more anything to me at this point. To be appointed to attend this means that I've been doing the right thing and focusing on my education, which is something I take very seriously. This trip is an open door for me. This is an open door of opportunities, experience and many more. Opportunities to get recognize not only at my school, but at a higher level for all the hard work and dedication to my education. Not many students get this opportunity, so I wouldn't say I'm lucky, but I feel blessed to get this chance to go to this college trip, again, to some of the best colleges in the nation. This is a dream come true because not a lot of students get this opportunity to even get out of Florida. Every student who is presented with this opportunity should take it seriously because it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. My classmates and I take this opportunity very seriously, because one day some of us will end up in one of those colleges. An opportunity comes only once in life. Therefore I'll take advantage and make this worth that time. Boston here I come baby!!!

Dear, Donation Group
My name is Lauryn J. Howard and I am a sophomore that attends Miami Northwestern Senior High School. My weighted GPA is 4.4 and my unweight GPA is a 3.9. When I grow up, I want to be a neurosurgeon and hopefully attend John Hopkins University. I want to be a neurosurgeon because I love studying the brain and how it functions, which is kind of like a machine. I am so excited that I get the chance to attend this Boston trip with my classmates. This trip means so much to me because not everyone gets the opportunity to go on trips like this and this trip will open my mind and the minds of others to bigger and better things. I am writing on the behalf of all students that want to attend this Boston trip, it's an amazing thing to donate to a trip like this because it will help many students' futures and lives. Unfortunately, many students are not financially able to attend this trip and we just ask if you can donate in support. We are trying to raise seven thousand dollars for students to attend. Most of the money will be covering our airplane tickets, train rides and food. For many of the students it will be their first time on an airplane. I have been out of the country and lived out of the state but not with my AP World History Class. We students who care about our education and futures want to go on this Boston Trip. We just ask if anyone could care enough to help us fund this trip. Attending this trip, we students are making a positive difference in our lives and the lives of others, because we are the future leaders. Going to Boston will allow us to see some of the most prestigious colleges in the world such as Harvard University, Boston College and MIT. One day many of us will be attending colleges as great as these. If you donate it's not just for this class trip, but for student's futures and changing some of our lives. So if you would like to donate please go on the website www.gofundme.com/54oa7c to invest in a great opportunity for intelligent students to go on a trip to Boston.

My Potential Donor,
My name is Tyanna Trapp, and I'm a sophomore at Miami Northwestern Senior High School. I am one of the students that has been picked to go on the Boston Trip. This trip means a lot to my future. The furthest I have ever traveled was Mississippi, and that's still in the South. This trip is a major opportunity for me to explore different colleges and also tour the world at a young age. Becoming an OBGYN is my long-term goal. I want to explore hundreds of different colleges to choose from. This opportunity is very serious to me just from knowing not everyone has a chance to go on an school field trip to Boston and not the Book Fair; hopefully you understand my desire to go on the Boston Trip and donate to help me and other student accomplish our dreams.
Tyanna Trapp

Dear Donor,
My name is Altagracia Marte and I'm currently a 15 year old sophomore in Miami Northwestern Sr. High school. I live in Miami, fl and I attend an inner city public school in Liberty City. Since I began going to school, I've always went to public schools in similar areas with similar mentalities. Being that I go to a High school that's not in such of a good area and had so many bad reputations, I have been given that look as if people are applying those stereotypes to me as well. If only they knew what kind of student I was, it would give a whole new outlook on the school I go to and note that there could also be a myriad of other students like me. I am one of the sophomores who were chosen to be in an AP world history class in 10th grade; I have all honors classes and attain a weighted GPA of 4.2. I basically always tend to keep my mind occupied. I could never sit around and do nothing. I'll either regret it and feel as though I could've been doing something productive or I'll sleep... And still have my precious production time wasted. I'm on the softball and volleyball team at my school and I merely enjoy it. Being a student athlete only betters my grades and I benefit from them highly being that I'll receive and academic and athletic scholarship when going to college. One thing about my school is that the students are given so many opportunities to be successful, but they're just all taken for granted and the fact that I was raised with the lack of stability and in such neighborhood, I'm willing to use those opportunities to the best of my ability.
Within my AP class, I was chosen to go on a Boston trip with some of my classmates to experience different colleges and really widen my knowledge out of Liberty City. When I was told that I was one of the ones picked to go on this trip, I couldn't have been anymore astonished. Going on a college trip was what I've been longing for since I got to High school. I needed help deciding my next step and this opportunity came knocking at my front door. Meetings were established and everything seemed to be falling into place but one thing... Funds. Being that the era we are in is constantly struggling and inner city schools aren't even given money to purchase new books, when it came to funding for our Boston trip, it itself was difficult and our parents tried their best, even involving fund-raisers, but they all didn't fall through to cover all that was needed. Throughout this all, I'm writing this in hopes of assistance to making it possible for me and my classmates to get that wonderful opportunity to experience that college trip to Boston. As a teenager, I'm not experienced to a wide range of things and this trip would mean a lot as to even changing my perspective which could possibly lead my future into a whole new path to success. But this wish could only be granted by the kindness of someone's heart.
Altagracia Marte.
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