Give refuge to the DCMT surviviors

It’s been about 3 years now that I seen a video (from Marc Ching) that was circulating on Facebook of a dog that was being blow torched to death, while still alive. This came after the dog had been stolen from his loving home, violently thrown into a tiny cage, overcrowded with several other victims and beaten with a metal rods. Often times, these animals will show up to slaughter, still wearing their collars. Every since this exact video, I have felt a strong calling to get involved. A calling that I cannot ignore.

What is DCMT (Dog/Cat Meat Trade)?

I think I speak for the majority when I say that we’ve all heard “China eats dogs and cats.” But again, I think I speak for the majority when I say - we don’t know the extent of it or the torture they experience. For generations, several Asian cultures have lived by the misguided belief that the more an animal is tortured, in turn - releasing the muscles of more adrenaline, will make the meat taste better and provide the consumer with “health benefits.”

Common torture methods are as follows: 
• Muzzled and hung then bludgeoned to death with clubs, bats, and/or metal rods.
• Blow torched, alive.
• Electricution 
• Crucification or dismemberment of paws then left to bleed ouy.
• Boiled alive in scalding hot water.

While this barbaric “cultural belief” has never been backed with evidentiary support of the claimed “health benefits” - sadly, this gruesome act still lives on today to millions of companion animals, commonly known as, “mans best friend.”
In China alone, an estimated 4 million cats and 10 million dogs are slaughtered annually for human consumption.
( Video by ‘Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation’ )
( Video by ‘Operation Hound )

Many will suffer broken limbs due to the over-crowded conditions and rough handling from meat truckers as they are transported vast distances, while also deprived of food and water. When they finally arrive at the meat markets, injured, dehydrated and exhausted, they are forced to watch in terror as other dogs are bludgeoned to death or thrown still alive into boiling water to remove their skins.

Legal Status: 
Unfortunately, China, Korea and other Asian countries do not have animal welfare laws - due to this, these types of cruelty acts have no chance of justice from authorities. South Korea’s Animal Protection Amendment Act of 2007 expressly prohibits some of the cruel methods used by people in the dog meat trade to slaughter dogs. The law, however, is widely ignored, despite being revised with stronger penalties. With no substantive enforcement action to curb the sale of dog meat, it remains available in restaurants throughout the country - the number of active participating restaurants featuring bosintang (a traditional dog meat stew) is recorded to be over 20,000.

What exactly will you be doing in China? 
I have started a group called “Second Chance Dogs&Cats (China)” - my group consists of myself, my partner, April and the Chinese rescuers that have shelters and currently caring for the dogs we adopt out and bring to the US. We also have a list of volunteers who will be assisting me in this mission and helping to disperse the dogs throughout the US, delivering them to their adopters/rescues that are waiting on them. My mission is to assist with handling the dogs, familiarizing them with human contact (some have never even experienced a kind touch), bathing them and bringing them back to America on our return flight.

For some of the attending volunteers, it is important to be hands on with rescues. Some of us (myself included) have offered to assist with rescues around Beijing, searching for meat markets as well as strays and taking them in for immediate vet care. After being treated at the vet, they will reside at our Beijing shelter until they are healthy, completed of their 30-day quarantine and ready to search for their FUR-ever homes.

(Pictured above are Kaiya and Bear, two of my DMT survivors). 

As a loving dog-mom to these guys, I can’t imagine the horribly gruesome deaths that would have been awaiting them. Furthermore, a pet-owner’s worst nightmare: While China claims they farm dogs for meat, this has been investigated for years and concluded that majority of the animals that show up to slaughterhouses are indeed, stolen pets. If truth be told, everyday an animal is in China, is another day that animal's life is at stake. For this reason, another goal I have is to open a tagging clinic to the public. Since microchipping is not common in most parts of China, I instead want to give local dogs a collar with their name tag and owners contact number. With the lack of animal welfare laws, the only chance an owner has at recovering their beloved pet, if stolen, is by proving its theirs with owner info on collar or by pictures. 

PLEASE help us to get these dogs and cats OUT of China, onto their freedom flights to America, and into their loving forever homes and/or fosters! The more support we have to be able to accomplish this, allows more dogs and cats a promising chance to not end up a victim of this barbaric torture.

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