Desert Canvas

Desert Canvas is a movement that YOUR community co-creates by helping people from all walks of life step outside their comfort zones, make lasting connections, and learn about themselves to create healthier and happier lives! 

We help our local communities co-create and grow! Learn how our community started by clicking here. 

We have already positively effected thousands of peoples lives! Donate to help us effect even more! 

Please Note: 100% of donations will be put toward helping communities grow in Phoenix. The exact use will be discussed, voted on, and made transparent to the public at our monthly meetings. Below we have listed a couple of our expenses. 

Some past and upcoming expenses: 
- Cost for Canvas and painting materials ($300)
- Permit for each monthly event ($305)
- Monthly flyers used to  promote ($70)
- Banner for event ($190) 
- Sound system rental for musicans ($600) 
- PA system and cordless mic ($650)
- Extra yoga mats for members ($200) 
- T-Shirts that will be sold for donations ($350)

See a couple testimonials from tens of people that message us monthly! 

As we went though our Facebook, emails, and text messages looking for testimonials we were overwhelmed with the positive change we had already made here in Phoenix! We can't wait to expand  to other cities and we are looking forward to YOU being even a bigger part of our growing community! 

Help us reach new levels by donating today! 

See pictures of some of our last FREE Desert Canvas community co-created gatherings!

Maxwell Swann donating his time and leading a mindfulness meditation class for the local Phoenix community! 

Vanessa donating her time and leading a yoga class for the local Phoenix community! 

Vladmir  & JD donating their time and $300 in money to help create 6 foot by 4 foot canvas for the local Phoenix commuinty to co-create! 

The completed Desert Canvas after our Phoenix community helped co-create it! 

Jonathon donating his time in leading a sound healing meditation class! 

Steve and Alex donating there time by jamming out on the guitar! 

Helping the little one learn from an early age what community is all about! 

We can add pictures here for days! We feel sorry already because we know we have left hundreds of people out who helped create this community! From entreprenuers to artist, this community is for everyone and benfits YOU and EVERYONE AROUND US!

Please help us out by donating today! Your future self will thank you! :)

See videos of some of our last FREE Desert Canvas community co-created gatherings! 

November 2015 Desert Canvas

April 2015 Desert Canvas 

We never asked to have these vidoes made Davesh and Rachel volunteered and made them for FREE! Talk about a true community! 

Help us grow and donate what you can afford today! :)


Todd Van Duzer
Phoenix, AZ

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