Emily's battle with NHL and healing

This is the last thing I would ever expect to write about but here I go...

In the very beginning of March I went to the ER because I had been experiencing a hard time catching my breath for over a week. When I went to the ER they drew my blood and did a chest x-ray. They noticed in the chest x-ray a strange shadow and they also noticed my diaphram was extremely elevated. They did see signs of pneumonia so that is what they started treating me for. IV antibiotics and 4 days of hospitalization. After being released with a script for some more antibiotics I still wasn't feeling great.
I had to take off a couple weeks of work and this put me financially behind. I also wasn't feeling well enough to complete any homework. I am in a bachelors program at Empire State. After weeks of continuous breathing problems and fatigue I started coughing and had chest pain. 2 weeks ago I went to urgent care and I told them about my hospitalization and everything I had been experiencing. Urgent care did another chest x-ray. I waited very patiently for the doctor to come back and when she did my heart dropped.....

She told me the shadow in the x-ray they did previously at the hospital was bigger and now it was a large tumor on my lung. I felt cold. I just cried. I repeatedly asked her if it could be an infection. She told me she had already sent it to the oncologist, Dr Garbo and the radiologist and they needed me to make an appt for the oncologist to see me as soon as possible. Two days later I was in the oncologists office with my knees shaking.  The Doctor told me it wasn't lung cancer and it was most likely not benign. Even before the biopsy my world was shattered. My anxiety level was so high I could feel it everywhere- my back, legs, feet and head even my hands. Everything hurt. 

They scheduled me a biopsy and long story short I went back to ER the weekend after biopsy and ER doc looked up my results and my entire life changed

Large B cell NH lymphoma.

I officially had cancer

I have been in and out of hospital, doctors appointments and feeling awful for weeks. There are a couple barriers to this and twists and I will disclose them when time is right. This has been an awful experience and I am struggling mentally. emotionally, financially and physically. 

I am a single mama. I have 2 children. My daughter who is 2 is my sidekick. I just want to see these awesome kids grow up. I also need to be able to afford daycare for my daughter so her life can be structured and stable again.

I am now dealing with not having an income and I am behind in all of my bills just from being ill. I'm also working on getting a medical leave from school.
This is all too much to take and I'm still standing as tall and strong as I can. My body hurts and I am very tired. I am not sure when I can go back to work because they aren't sure how my body will handle chemo. 

I start chemo 4/23 and will be going 1× every 3 weeks for 18 weeks. This is the hardest thing I have every handled in my life. Send me positive vibes and if you can spare even a dollar it will help immensely. 

Thank you, everyone!
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Emily Dilger 
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