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"Empower a Women, Empower a Community"

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Imagine... being asked "what do you need?", rather than being told “this is what we offer."

Anne’s Haven is a 501(c)(3) women-centric nonprofit organization that has been supporting women since 2016. 
Anne’s was inspired by a beautiful soul with the aim to cultivate the power of women and meaningful relationships with one-another. Anne's Haven provides unconfined space to women, girls, and nonbinary people of all ethnic, racial, sexual, and religious identities. Our center offers a vibrant environment through which people can learn from and support one another through their spiritual, physical, intellectual, financial, emotional, professional, and social development journeys. This space has seen the seeds of women-owned businesses come to life and celebrations of art and community bring people together.

We also present this peaceful space to you as an individual, so you can refuel, rejuvenate, and discover your power.

We need your help to continue to provide this vibrant environment for women to come together and empower each other. We ask that you consider supporting our cause. Our campaign’s goal is $15,000. and the
funds from the campaign will be used to keep the doors open, expand, and continue to offer women the space they need to be and grow. Anne's Haven relies heavily on the support of generous donors such as you. Your donation will help ensure our future.
Please consider contributing to our Go Fund Me goal so that this dynamic community of women can rise through supporting each other’s dreams and sisterhood.

When Janet Giangrasse told the story of Anne’s Haven, she spoke about filling a community need. At that time, she said, there was no place in Chicago, or anywhere she knew of, devoted wholly to encouraging entrepreneurship and connection in all women. Her goal in 2016 was to create a refuge “where women can come help one another emotionally, physically, or professionally” in memory of her mother. "She was so great at art and storytelling and business and loved teaching special needs children on the South side of Chicago. But after raising five daughters, she soon found the opportunities to continue growing were very limited." Giangrasse said. Through Anne’s Haven, women have a supportive place to go, becoming not only entrepreneurs – learning, trying out something new, but also growing emotionally and wiser, becoming a powerful influence for generations to come.



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Annes Haven
Chicago, IL

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