Justice Is Love Center Building Campaign

UPDATE 7/23/2021

About the campaign

The Justice Is Love Coalition is launching a reparations and economic justice campaign for a racial justice center in Omaha, Nebraska. Funds will be used to purchase and renovate an existing property or to purchase land and construct a new building, and to pay for the racial justice center’s operations. The outcome of the campaign will be a permanent location for racial healing and racial justice in Omaha.

The Justice Is Love Coalition dismantles oppressive systems and replaces them with racially equitable and just systems so all communities can thrive. The racial justice center will house Harriet’s Dream® , the only racial trauma healing and wellness center of its kind for Black women. Over time, the racial justice center will also house a range of vital programs for youth education, community policing, economic advancement, and community peace for Black lives.

The Justice is Love Coalition is part of Catriceology Enterprises LLC, owned by anti-racism educator Catrice M. Jackson.

Economic justice is racial justice! Move money to this campaign and encourage your friends and family to give too. Omaha needs racial justice and racial healing

Systemic racial inequities in healthcare, education, employment, home ownership, and law enforcement abound in Omaha and the state of Nebraska. These systems disenfranchise, marginalize, and subjugate Black communities. These inequalities were present when Malcolm X was born here in 1925, and they remain today.

According to the ACLU of Nebraska:

Black Nebraskans represent just 5% of Nebraska’s population, but 20% of arrests. Source: University of Nebraska at Omaha Center for Public Affairs Research

Black children are underrepresented in Nebraska’s Advanced Placement and gifted courses. They are overrepresented in physical discipline and suspensions/expulsions. Source: ProPublica

Though Nebraskans of color faced the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, today they are underrepresented in vaccination figures. Source: Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

Recently, the unemployment rate for Black Nebraskans has been more than 2x higher than white Nebraskans. Source: University of Nebraska at Omaha Center for Public Affairs Research

How does the Justice Is Love Coalition address these challenges?

The Justice Is Love Coalition’s methods include education, social activism, and community action. Over time, the racial justice center will expand the programs and services we offer to the Black community. The vision includes those described below.

Youth Education
Social justice activism and leadership development through the Freedom Fighter School and the Young Activist Academy
Community Policing
Street outreach and community violence prevention
Economic Advancement
Education, training, workshops, and conferences, in subjects such as entrepreneurship, economic development and financial literacy, and personal and professional empowerment, including mentoring
Community Peace
Community resources, such as a food pantry, a store, and a computer and technology lab

Our racial justice center will also become the home of Harriet’s Dream®, the first and only racial trauma healing and wellness center for Black women in Nebraska. Harriet’s Dream® has consciously curated an Afrocentric menu of soul spa services for the mind, body, and spirit to help Black women heal from the wounds of racism.

What is the Justice Is Love Coalition?

The Justice is Love Coalition is part of Catriceology Enterprises LLC, owned by Catrice M. Jackson, MS, LMHP, LPC (Nyalla Mkale Ukwazi). Catrice is a Black woman who loves, centers, and celebrates Blackness every day while unapologetically living her best Black life. She is the CEO of Catriceology Enterprises LLC and the Chief Conductor at Harriet’s Dream®. Catrice is also the creator of SHETalks WETalk Race Talks for Women and the author of more than ten books, including Antagonists, Advocates and Allies and Let’s Talk About Black Love.

Catrice’s dedication to Black people is the motivation behind the Justice Is Love Coalition. Its mission is to dismantle oppressive systems and replace them with racially equitable and just systems so all communities can thrive. The Justice Is Love Coalition is love in action!

How can you help?

Please promote and amplify this reparations fundraiser by contributing frequently and sharing consistently with your networks, specifically with other white people.

White Americans are becoming more aware of the need for reparations to Black Americans for the centuries of slavery, oppression, and terror inflicted on them while they literally built this country. If you are white, contributing to this Justice Is Love Coalition Racial Justice Center Building Campaign and sharing it with other white people are steps you can take toward helping to right so many wrongs.

Together we can manifest racial justice and racial healing in Omaha.

How the Justice Is Love Coalition will use financial contributions. Your financial contributions to the Justice is Love Coalition Racial Justice Center Building Campaign will fund this project to create the racial justice center, including but not limited to:

Purchasing land;

Purchasing and making improvements to an existing building OR constructing a new building; and
Other costs directly related to the build-out, protection, and compliance of the building and its operation.

Funds received more than the stated goal will be used for the racial justice center’s start-up and operations, staff training, education, certification, legal counsel, accounting services, business advising, supplies and marketing materials, consultant fees, insurance, rental fees, storage, security and maintenance vehicle, initiating and maintaining security systems, and any additional fees needed for business operation and mobile services. Additionally, funds will be used to take the Justice Is Love Coalition work on the road to support and advocate for families impacted by community violence and police brutality. Including the purchase of an RV for work travel (licensing, insurance, supplies and maintenance) and preparing the RV and mobile service delivery. Additionally, the funds will be used to host local and national workshops and conferences related to the work of the Justice Is Love Coalition.


The Justice Is Love Coalition is not a 501(c)(3). Your financial contribution is not a tax-deductible donation or an investment; it is a gift of love and reparations.

If you are making your payment via PayPal, please check that you are using the friends/family option and NOT the business option for services/goods.

If you contribute more than $15,000 to this campaign in a year, you may wish to speak with your accountant about how this could affect your taxes.

Financial contributions will be received and controlled by Catrice M. Jackson, CEO of Catriceology Enterprises LLC, Harriet’s Dream®, and the Justice Is Love Coalition.

Economic justice is racial justice.

Please move money to this campaign and encourage your friends and family to give too.

Make A Recurring Contribution 

Ready to become an ongoing contributor? You can contribute your gift monthly by choosing a contribution level below. Please be advised that this is a 12-month commitment of your financial gift. CLICK HERE TO SET UP YOUR MONTHLY GIFT CONTRIBUTION .


UPDATE: t's official! Harriet's Dream is now a reality! Thanks to you and your contributions to not only this campaign but the wish list, we had our soft opening (open house) on Sunday October 27th. It was a great success and every single black woman who entered the space said they felt the loving energy and that they felt at home. Thank you! We are now open for new members. We will start our scheduled programming and have a few new projects in the works such as a campaign to provide scholarships for black women to experience Harriet's Dream on a two-day pass along with working to get a center vehicle to provide free transportation to black women and to conduct street outreach. You can find more information about these projects and campaigns on my social media accounts as well as the website. We're open but we still need your support. Continuing to support THIS campaign will help allow us to remain open as well offer quality healing services to black women. Thanks for your support. www.harrietsdream.com

UPDATE: We met our First Level Goal of $25,000 - Thanks so much. We have officially registered the trade name and applied for the service mark for Harriet's Dream℠. Legal and financial professionals have been hired and are in place to establish financial and legal pillars so Harriet's Dream℠ can exist for years and decades. We appreciate your generosity. 

UPDATE: Now it's time to raise funds to either buy a building, put a down payment on a building and or have enough funds to pay the lease on a building for 3 years. The next goal is $125,000. We really need to meet this $125K goal by September 1, 2019 with a tentative grand opening date of September 17, 2019.

UPDATE: We have secured a start-up home for Harriet's Dream and will take over the space in mid July! 

WE DECLARE that the BIRTH of the dream will be activated and the torch of LIBERATION will be passed on and through the healing and liberation that takes place within Harriet's Dream℠.

These funds will also be used to do any renovations, repairs or upgrades on the space and to be used for start up funds and operational expenses. We will be increasing the fund to cover the cost of decorations, office supplies, therapy supplies and other needs to officially open the center. 

Please continue to share the campaign. Thank you! 

If Harriet Tubman were alive today would she say that black people are free? Would her dream be fulfilled? Are black people, particularly black women, free? What does freedom look like? Today black women can vote, they are elected officials, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, teachers, musicians, scientists, and more, but are they truly free? Are they free to fully express their feelings without being deemed threatening? Are they free to state their opinion without being labeled aggressive? Are black women free to be justifiably angry without being lumped into the angry black woman stereotype? Are they free to wear their natural hair in every space and place without the white judgmental gaze or irrational consequences? Are black women free to show up unapologetic and speak without code-switching to thrive?

Let’s face the truth. When black women unapologetically express themselves, state their opinions, express their anger, show up as their beautiful and natural selves and speak how they choose to speak they are most times perceived as scary, intimidating, unkept and out of order. Because Respectability Politics and tone policing are real experiences for black women everywhere, every day. 

Because there is no public place that a black woman is safe and free to be her natural self, she is in a constant state of weathering. Dr. Arline Geronimus, late in her graduate studies, came up with the term weathering — “a metaphor, she thought, for what she saw happening to their (black people’s) bodies. She meant for weathering to evoke a sense of erosion by constant stress. But also, importantly, the ways that marginalized people and their communities coped with the drumbeat of big and small stressors that marked their lives.” Chronic and repeated racial stressors dramatically impact the lives of black women creating what Geronimus calls health vulnerability, making them susceptible to anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and various other health problems. 

Racism is emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and literally killing black women: 

·        According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) “About 50,000 women suffer complications during pregnancy, according to the CDC, and black women are three to four times more likely to die than white women during pregnancy. Researchers say the issue has no single cause, but persistent poverty, inadequate healthcare and higher risk factors such as high blood-pressure, obesity and diabetes impact black women at a higher rate.”

·    Research demonstrates that racism can adversely affect mental health in direct and indirect ways. It can inflict psychological trauma, create unfavorable socioeconomic conditions that increase the risk of psychiatric disorders by as much as threefold, and lead to negative feelings of self-worth and well-being.” “Every day you are struggling against a known traumatic event called racism,” Robinson says. “At every turn you’re reminded that you are a second-class citizen and you don’t have access to things that you should. That’s damaging to the psyche."

·      “For African American women, racism-related stress may be compounded by experiences of sexism. Like racism, sexism is reflected in individual attitudes, collective ideology, and the structure of social institutions. Chronic and acute stressors associated with sexism are linked to women's mental and physical health outcomes. Recent studies indicate that gender discrimination predicts psychological distress, anxiety, anger, obsessive-compulsivity, somatic symptoms, and depression.”  

 Everything about a black woman is under attack, analyzed, criticized and criminalized. If she speaks up for herself she is perceived a threat. If she loves and embraces her blackness she is seen as arrogant. If she fights for justice she’s considered a race extremist. If she rocks her natural hair she is deemed unkept and unprofessional. If she laughs too loud and enjoys herself she is disruptive. If she defends herself she is said to be angry and intimidating. Black women are tokenized, fetishized and are expected to watch their tone, stay in their place, silence their voice and dim their light.

Can black women just live without being judged, critiqued, silenced, marginalized and oppressed? Harriet Tubman's dream was for black people, black women to be FREE from the captivity of racial violence and liberated from oppression. 

It's time for her dream to be fulfilled through a healing space called Harriet's Dream℠! And we need your help. 

The intent and mission of Harriet's Dream℠ is to provide a healing sanctuary for black women to combat the daily barrage of racial trauma they experience and to help black women experience healing, happiness and harmony in their lives. Racism is trauma. Black women need a safe, trauma informed and Afrocentric (black-centered) space to begin healing from the lethal effects of racism and that place will be Harriet's Dream℠.

We need your support to create this space, to make Harriet's Dream℠ reality. We are in the beginning stages of establishing this space and your contribution will help lay the foundation for black women to heal and thrive in a society that seeks to kill them emotionally and literally. In order to fulfill Harriet's Dream℠ we will need to conduct three levels of fundraising.

The first level will allow us to secure the funds to hire a realtor, a business attorney and a bookkeeper and accountant to ensure that we have a solid legal and financial foundation to last for decades. Additionally, the first level funds will be used to file and process any legal or trademark paperwork and secure legal and accounting services for two years.

The second level of funding will be used to purchase (or pay the lease for 3 years) the building that will become the haven for Harriet's Dream℠. We seek to purchase a space with at least 3000-5000 square feet in order adequately offer holistic and comprehensive healing services for black women. Services will include personal coaching and mentoring, counseling, group therapy, massage therapy, educational workshops, sound, color and music therapy as well as offering a library and resource room and nutrition and wellness programs.

The final level of funding will be used for program operations to include structural repairs, reconstruction, security systems, licensing, decoration, furnishings, office equipment, program supplies, service provider fees, merchandise fulfillment and the establishment of a Freedom Fund. The Freedom Fund will serve as a source of funding for black women who do not have the financial means to pay for healing services.  

Please contribute to the healing, happiness and harmony of black women. 

Our deadline for this THIRD level goal is September 1, 2020. Thank you.

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