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My dream has always been to become a professional singer and musician. I also plan to be a counselor and music therapist. I have a passion for touching lives through music and bringing hope and joy to everyone around me. I know God gave me this voice for a reason and with my resilient spirit, I decided to take the risk to leave my country Antigua and move to the United States in order to successfully fulfill my dreams.

In the U.S I have a better opportunity to pursue my dreams. The journey moving to the U.S has not been easy. Since I am here on a student visa it makes it very difficult to work since there are work restrictions. You also do not have the privilege to take out federal loans. Therefore most international students like myself usually pay out of pocket to finance school. Although this is the challenge I face, I always try to find a way to resolve obstacles that come in my way.

Finance has been one of the greatest struggles for me. This is why I began street performing. Once I discovered how effective it was for gaining exposure for my music career and also generating income I started to perform in the DMV more often. I then used this method to help pay for my school tuition and also help to pay for my rent, car note and other daily expenses. I am trying to get extra help now from anyone who desires to contribute to my ministry. I street perform for hours and sing to keep my dream alive because I have a vision that I will not take my eyes off of.

The hard work I’ve put in has allowed me to get featured on the ABC7 news, which is helping to create more awareness to the public for the goals I want to achieve. The goal I have set is 30,000. The first 10,000 that I would receive will go towards finishing up my last year of grad school and the 20,000 remaining is to help establish myself as an artist and buy the equipment I need to build a home studio. This enables me to start recording more music and producing more of my content. This will reduce the amount of time and money needed to book pricey studio sessions as well . The money will also help me to make investments in instruments that I play and sound equipment for performing.

I want to use my counseling and music therapy skills to bring healing to those who need it. I love to put a smile on the faces of the people I encounter. I know that one day I will be able to tell my story to the world about how my faith in God and perseverance lead me to success. I plan to finish writing my book about this journey and share it with the world. No matter what the obstacle is, I have never given up, although it’s been hard and I’ve reached my lowest points, I’ve found a way to keep going.

Sometimes an extra help on the way is all you need and an open door. This is why I’ve created my go fund me account because I believe that others can see and learn of my burning desire to be successful, and also see my heart for people and my love for music. I left friends and family behind to move here by myself to show others not to get complacent with life, to take risks and follow their dreams. I want to show other international students that there is hope, and show people who come from a small island like myself that you can do great things in this world if you put your mind to it. Any amount of help and support is appreciated. Please support my journey and follow my story to see how it unfolds. Please check out the link of the story that was covered on ABC7 DC to see more of my story.



Cariel Coates
Seabrook, MD

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