4 Cancers, Love You Forever Graham

Before you read my PLEASE READ TILL THE END . Thanks for all who follow us.  Hi , my name is Elizabeth Hamilton Walker. I hate having to ask for all your help, but here I am. In March I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma ( 2 tongue cancers ) also hepatocellular carcinoma (6cm liver tumour) At the time I was told nothing could be done and the operation to remove your whole tongue, epiglottis, get a trach in was not a life for me. I saw so many friends go that way and they still died. I have Fanconi Anemia. Known I have this awful disease I was aged 21. My bone marrow was failing. A match from my brother was found , and I had the bone marrow transplant. It's very rare discovered by Guildo Fanconi. It's a multi system disorder. Chromosome insufficiency, poor DNA healing. Cancer prone to. Was always known as a childhood disease as we never survived to adults. Due to Androgen treatments and Bone Marrow Transplants we are becoming adults. Most call me Liz, I met my husband at 17. Was love at first sight. When we were 20 and 22 we married. Like any normal married couple we both worked and had a starter home. Apart from the bed everything was 2nd hand. Best years of my life. 6 months into the marriage I had a weird boil on my knee and went to my DR and got a phone call saying I had FA (Fanconi anemia) Dr had arranged hospital appointment next day. Told what we were told was devastating. I may not survive BMT, if I did I wouldn't be able to have children. We have both cried for years over that one. All we wanted was a family and normal life. I told Graham to leave me, as I couldn't give him the life we dreamed of. He stayed that shows you the young man he was and the man who's grown into the kindest , beautiful man, who's still by my side. The BMT saved me but I got GVHD ( Graft Vs Host Disease) GVHD mimicked every autoimmune disease going. So it wasn't an easy 20 years. I underwent a last hope as GVHD was killing me. I had Rituximab an immunotherapy IV drug. It knocked the B cells out so I was left open to infection. It helped put the GVHD into remission. Unfortunately the CMV virus I caught from my donor re-appears. Once you have it , that's you got it. Had it after BMT and it went for my lungs. This time my left eye and was destroying it. My retina was detaching. After around 10 operations it's settled but I've lost majority of my vision. Fun eh! Gets better. Had a good few settled years , still fighting viral infections and pneumonia, osteoporosis, ear problems. Quiet though for me. They found out I had Bronchiectasis a lung condition which is why so many chest infections. I use nebuliser now. Now they don't tell you about late affects of BMT. Mines was a belter! I'd been having high blood pressure and headaches. The answer I was in kidney failure. I was diagnosed at 26%. Just after the cmv . But as I said a good few years. I changed to a renal friendly diet and held on for 6 years before Dialysis was needed 3 x a week. Very hard treatment. Was settling into this routine till March this year when diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and hepatocellular carcinoma. A 3rd change of cells have been found which my surgeon plans to remove soon to prevent it coming to cancer , we hope x On my birthday the 29th of August they are trying a treatment called Tace. They go into my liver and deliver chemotherapy and try stop some of the blood supply to the tumour. It can be painful side affects. This is my only hope which comes with risks. Having FA we are very fragile and don't tolerate certain chemotherapy's . Some have to be half dose. Finally if I survive that they burn the remaining tumour. This is not a cure,  Tace was to harsh and did not go for it.  Neither  is going back into the mouth to get remaining cancer, the 1st mouth operation half my tongue was cut away but a margin still showed cancer. I may get a year. My liver cancer has grew and the gynaecology cancers are worse. Think I'll get palliative operation down there as sitting then standing is painful. Been told 4/6 months. I'm aiming for more , I'm positive and stubborn, Ivan hang on abit. Miracles can happen.The reason I'm on here my man, my beautiful husband Graham gets nothing when I die. I couldn't get insurance due to FA. This is difficult because when I die I don't want my husband to struggle financially. Which he may, and I'm so sorry for that with this damn illness. Unfortunately I used critical insurance with BMT, but we didn't expect this, so no mortgage pay off. Although we've done well through these years paying our house and car. I feel I'm begging and I'm asking from the bottom of my heart for any donations, as small as they may be we appreciate. Please help my fund. Not enough is done moneywise for those who have cancers I hope governments change that and benefits. I love Graham and all he does for me, I don't want to leave him for myself but I don't want to leave him struggling, I worry all the time about that. If you can help please do. As I said I'm tuning out of time. Drs are fighting over pegs ect which could help me. I'm only 5 stone 6 lbs. think that 78lbs not sure. I've got aids now to try keep my independence. I don't understand why this is happening I don't want to die or be separated from Graham we should have years in front of us I'm only 42. I had my last birthday a week ago. Very bittersweet Thanks for taking your time to read my fund, and if you could make any donations, doesn't matter the amount we be very humbled and so grateful. Please help by making this death for me go smoothly as Graham's my life and knowing it will help will take some stress away. So we can enjoy my last months with no worries.

Thanks again Graham and Elizabeth.

story updated 3rd of September. Graham here. Ty for everything you all did. One strong, determind, brave woman who is my life , my love , my world made this happen. Please make a miracle happen for her. To Liz, my little Liz , I'd rather not be doing this and have you at my side. But I want to do something special for you, this is for the love of my life. Mrs Elizabeth Walker
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