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Help Allie - Cville Attack Victim

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This is Wednesday Bowie, or "Allie", as we call her at home. She was severely injured while in Charlottesville when a young man chose to commit an act of terrorism. She and her friends were walking on the sidewalk when the vehicle crashed into the crowd and another vehicle. Allie, with no hesitation, ran to the car to try to start pulling injured people out of the road. She assumed this was a terrible accident, but as she reached the trunk of the car the driver immediately switched to reverse and hit her and a number of other people. She was taken to UVA hospital for treatment, and was rushed into surgery for a shattered pelvis and severe internal bleeding. Her less severe injuries include a broken orbital socket, and fractured vertebrae. According to her doctors she had the most severe injuries of the surviving victims of the attack. The surgeons outfitted her with internal screws and an external bar that Allie has likened to a "towel rack attached to her hips". She will have to wear this device for 6 to 12 weeks. On top of the 4 days already spent in ICU and the 2 days in the trauma/orthopedic unit, she is now in an acute inpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation center where she is expected be for a month. She will not be able to walk on her own for three to six months. She was supposed to begin a new job the Monday  following the crash that she was truly looking forward to. Regrettably, she will be out of work for months, and she will need funds to keep her family afloat during this difficult period of recovery. Anything helps! If you can't donate, please share widely! Thank you for reading.


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