Shannon's Warrior Fund

May 5th 2016 is a day that changed my life forever.

I was diagnosed with cancer.

Unfortunately I was MISdiagnosed, and wasted a great deal of my time and energy thinking there would be some sort of magical “end” to my cancer journey.

That was not going to be MY story.

I have what is called De Novo Metastatic Breast Cancer.
Which is just fancy way of saying that at initial diagnosis my breast cancer had already traveled outside of my breast and into my bones, making it incurable or “terminal”.

What happens now is I get maintenance chemo every three weeks at The Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Chicago.

They pay to fly *only* me out there from Syracuse, but I pay for my gas, hotel, food, and any other expenses incurred while I travel.

I can no longer perform the only job I have ever done for 30+ years, a hairdresser, because my skeletal system quite literally cannot stand it.
I now get SSDI, but it is such a tiny amount it is really very frustrating knowing I’ve payed into something my entire life, only to be given a pittance when I need it most.

I have begun the hobby of painting and jewelry making as a way to try to keep my brain active when I have the physical energy (and money) to do so.
I give pieces to friends and family as thank you gifts sometimes for their donations to my travel fund.
It also helps with my severe depression, anxiety, and agoraphobia.
If anyone is out there suffering, I need you to know...Art therapy works!!!

I appreciate you clicking on this link to read more about me.
My story is very long and very detailed...and far too difficult to sum up in such a short amount of space, but hopefully I’ve given you some insight as to who I am.

I love my husband, my children, my grandchildren, my sisters, my nephews, nieces, dogs, and friends more than I could ever put down on paper.

But I’m trying....

And I’m putting this out there for myself and the 3 other beautiful souls I live with....
*My husband...who works his fingers to the bone and breaks his BACK for ME, to keep me insured and to make sure I have everything I need.
He is literally killing his own self just to try to selflessly keep ME alive.
*My adult son...who put his own life on hold and moved in to be my 24/7 caretaker.
I could not get through one day without him.
*And my dog Xena the Warrior Princess....who, without her, my psychological state of mind would be ZERO. She is my reason for pushing past the pain and getting up and out of this bed. If I hadn’t gotten her a year ago in conjunction with donations from family members ...I truly believe my quality of life would be no where near what it is now.
....hopefully soon she *may* be getting a brother!!! Shhhhhhh! It’s a secret!! ☺️

Long story (not) short...
We need your help to financially get through this.
So...if you can find it in your heart to give us even just a tiny bit of help too...
We would be forever grateful.
Thank You Very Much
  • Chris, Tammy & Michael Lindow 
    • $100 
    • 55 mos
  • Rachel Ruck 
    • $100 
    • 60 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • $40 
    • 60 mos
  • Becky Kendrick 
    • $50 
    • 61 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • $75 
    • 61 mos
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Shannon McLean 
Fenton Town, NY