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Cebu, Philippines Needs Help!

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Hi, it's Michal, and I'm here in the Philippines right now. I experienced the wrath of Typhoon Odette (international name Rai) as it grumbled Cebu and other provinces in the Visayas and Mindanao last December 16, 2021.
For at least four hours, Odette's strong wind and rain had people worry for their safety. The next morning, the aftermath of the typhoon could be seen almost everywhere - broken electricity poles, fallen trees, and damaged houses and buildings.
I own a company here in the Philippines called Sancap Support Solutions, and together with my team, I'd like to start a fundraising effort to help Cebuanos recover from this unfortunate event.
It is disheartening to witness the everyday struggle of people here. Everyone is desperate for help, especially for necessities particularly, drinking water. The lack of electricity in most parts of the city left people with no functional water refilling stations. Hence, people flocked to supermarkets, convenience stores, and even the nearest water plants, hoping they could secure a bottle or two of potable water for their families.
To paint a picture in mind of the situation, here is a summary of what Cebu City and its neighboring cities look like now.
There are long queues everywhere - supermarkets, malls (for charging gadgets), ATMs, gasoline stations, and any place where potable and everyday use water is available. People are hopeless and in survival mode every day. Some are even staying in evacuation centers because nothing was left from their houses.

This has to end. Cebu needs help and more kind people to overcome this adversity.
I am knocking to your generous hearts for any financial help you can share for this fundraising campaign. Any amounts will be appreciated and will come a long way.
Our priority is to help with the water distribution first and then focus on other basic needs we can buy for the people based on the amount we will raise.
There are only a few days left before Christmas, and nothing is certain for now for these people. Let us all share the spirit of Yuletide by sharing what we have no matter how far we are from one another.
Stay safe, and thank you for your time and trust.


Michal Lewandowski
Vancouver, BC

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