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My name is Melissa Jobe. The photo above is my father ,the most important man in the world to me, and three gorgeous nieces. Mike Jobe, my dad, was diagnosed at 40 years old with type 1 diabetes. At 45 they told him he had MS. He was treated for it for 3 years before realizing it was a bad diagnoses and he actually had a bad disc in his neck that was causing the symptoms. He did have surgery but it had gone on so long he will never live completely without pain in his neck. Fast forward a few more years and he is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. As if all the above wasn't bad enough within the years of all that horrible news our house also burned. My mom broke her ankle and had to have surgery. Dad also began having the first signs of neuropathy which is now from his feet to his knees. It's just never ending. The medical bills where so high we had no choice but to file bankruptcy. My dad worked his entire life to have it all ripped away in a month and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Few years later the Alzheimer's was getting worse and he was no longer able to work. He was put on disability and Medicare. Well Medicare only goes so far and when it runs out you have to pay full price for your medicines. I don't even want to scare you by telling you how much all the insulins and extra medicine cost. It shouldn't be legal. Unfortunately it doesn't stop yet. Come September of 2017 I was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Talk about stress on my poor parents. Especially with dad knowing how truly hard it is being type 1. And now. At 53 years old we just found he has had four strokes. FOUR. He is 53. It just isn't fair. The stroke caused his short term memory to quit working. He can't remember anything from the past 7 days and forgets all new memories within 3 minutes. We explain to him every 3 minutes that he has had a stroke and to watch the confusion spread across his face is heartbreaking. He also had a brain stem stroke that has caused his right eye to not work correctly and that side of his face to droop a little. The neurologist told us today that with as young as he is and the strokes having affected both sides of his brain that it may be months before he gets his short term memory back and he expects him to have more strokes this week. There are five arteries in his brain that are 100% clogged but are too small to operate on so there is nothing we can do to prevent them. My heart hurts so much. We need a miracle.
Once we get home he will need 24/7 care. That leads me here. If you know my dad at all you know what a wonderful man he is. He is always willing to help anyone but won't ever take help. So I'm asking for him. My mom can't work and take care of him. If she doesn't work they can't pay the bills. ‍♀️ So ,swallowing a lot of pride, I am asking for anyone who can help to please do so. It will mean absolutely everything to our family.
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