Please, Please Help My Dad.

Hello,My name is Brigita Augyte. I have a nonfictional story for you. My family has been through a lot. But this isn't about them this is about my dad. Arvydas. He has been a great father for many years. He was always there for us. Always helped us with everything. Taught me how to ride a bike. I still remember falling off and crying and he pinched my nose and pretended that he stole my nose so I would stop crying. Bottom line. He's a great dad. A really horrible tragedy happened in 2002 when he was working construction one day. My dad broke a few discs in his back. I remember this because he was in the hospital for quite a while. That was a horrible summer for us because we didn't think he was going to walk again. But lucky for him. After not one.. but three surgeries. He was ok. And I do want to highlight ok because he was never the same. Imagine this. You're in the second grade. Just learning sports. But your father can't play them with you because at a young age. He was so hurt that he couldn't even bend over without holding his back because it hurt so bad. That's where the financial problems began. It hurts. It really does. Fast forward a lot. It's my birthday. October 8th 2016. My dad starts complaining about how his stomach hurt a lot. Everyone thought it was kidney stones but I had a really bad feeling. Really bad. When you're connected to someone like this. You know something is wrong before everyone else does. Two days after my birthday I beg my dad to take him to the hospital. I cried and pleaded until he did. When we arrived at the hospital they did an Ultrasound on him to see what's going on. We thought nothing of it. I thought the worst of it but just laughed about it. Was hoping it was nothing serious. In a situation like that you don't really think you're right. You think your gut feeling is just that... a gut feeling. The doctor came back with the results and said he has a mass by his stomach. I lost it then. Even the possibility of something horrible. I cried pretty hard right then and there. I didn't expect anything bad. I'm a positive person but I just couldn't handle the truth. So the ambulance took my dad to another hospital where they can take samples and see what's going on. That's when we found out what was going on...My dad was diagnosed with kidney cancer. His kidney was oversized and was the size of a dragonfruit in his stomach. But that's not even where it ends. He had his surgery. The surgeon took his kidney out. Parts of his stomach and his adrenaline gland also. I visited him constantly. My brother, sister, mom and I constantly fell asleep at the hospital waiting for him to get better and just helping him out. About a month later. He went for a check up to see if it came back. It did in the worst way. It spread to his lungs. So now my dad has lung cancer. That's where we need help. We can't afford this and really really need help. Honestly, my dad is my hero. I love him like crazy. He calls me his little Rabbit and did so much for me. I'm 24 now. I can't stand the fact that my dad might not be able to walk me down the aisle when I get married or meet his grandkids when I have kids. He's a very important person in my life and I don't know what I'd do without him. Please please help him. Thank you for reading through this and I hope you have it in your heart to donate even just a dollar to him. He's a great man.
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