Diane Fights Cancer...Again

Back in January, after being in remission for 13 years, we found out that our mom, daughter, sister, friend once again had cancer. The last time around she fought stage 4 Follicular Lymphoma and was the poster child for remission. This time around she has Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma.Back in January of this year, the pain that she had been dealing with in her hip became unbearable and our mom went to emergency. That is when we found out that a cancerous growth in her hip had fractured her hip socket and everything snowballed from there.As the next couple of weeks went by we finally found out just how bad it really was. It was not only her hip that was involved. She also had spots in her spleen, liver, upper arm as well not to mention that every lymph node lit up like a Christmas tree on her PET Scan. Lymphoma generally responds well to treatment if caught early enough and thankfully treatment was an option for us.To date our mom has had 4 rounds of her "normal" intensive chemo, had to have 2 rounds of Methotrexate to prevent the cancer from spreading to her spine and brain and now going through the worst with her Stem Cell transplant.The Stem Cell transplant is the treatment that will potentially add 20years to her life but it is the sickest we have ever seen her. She has experienced all of the side effects and then some. The first round in her Stem Cell treatment had her in the hospital for 3 weeks. She was given heavy duty chemo drugs that almost DESTROYED all of her bone marrow (which was the point) so that her body would then send out stem cells to replenish it. When the concentration of stem cells were sufficient the dr's then harvested them. As soon as she was strong enough she was put back in to the hospital for 3 weeks to be given different heavy duty chemo drugs to COMPLETELY destroy ALL of her bone marrow and then give back her health stem cells to then create only healthy bone marrow.Hopefully this will be the last we see of this cancer but the issue now is the fact that she has NO immune system. Along with killing all her bone marrow, it kills her immune system as well. All of the vaccines we had as babies and then boosters later on in life she will not have anymore. It will be a 2 years span until she is healthy enough to have ALL of her needed vaccines (not to mention the potential hip surgery she will have) and in that 2year time she will not enable to work. This is where you come in.Diane, our mom, sister, daughter and friend, dad are always the people to help her kids/family out whenever they can. Never ever letting us know that financially they may not be able but they always find a way. Unfortunately, Melissa, my self and Jesse are not able to help out they way that they need (financially speaking). With our mom not being able to work and my dad staying home to take care of her so they need help but would never ask.
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