Cindy Spampinato's Cancer Treatment

The Results & 2nd Opinions have arrived....
My choices are Limited & Time is NOT on my side.  On August 18th I will travel to get Stem Cell Treatment. I will not do anymore chemo, they want me to take pills until they stop working... (the chemo has spread my HER2 Positive Breast Cancer each time). I have changed the funds needed & hope that all will share. 
Thank you to ALL that have donated and I am so grateful.
Kill or Be Killed. 
I'm on it!!
Those of you who know me, know this aggressive disease picked the Wrong Girl!! 
It takes a Village!!

First Post-the brief story

Two years ago today I was diagnosed with HER2 Positive Breast Cancer. On Sept 1, 2015 I began the journey with a 7 hour surgery & had a bilateral/double mastectomy and had Temporary tissue expander's inserted for later breast reconstruction. ...
During surgery - nine lymph nodes were removed & all tested positive for cancer. 
On 9/28/15 I had my first pet scan and was pleased to hear that the results looked as though the surgeons removed all or most of the cancer (visible to the eye, of course)
On 10/5/15 I had a Mediport inserted into my chest for my future chemotherapy. 
After six weeks of healing from the surgery I began my chemo"therapy" on 10/13/15.... 
I've had 4 rounds of the "Red Devil" strong chemo (known as A/C- Adriamycin/Cytoxen) 
On 12/9/15 I began the next "Chemo-Cocktail" T/H (Taxol & Herceptin) i've had four rounds of this mix.
On 3/28/16 I started my 1st of 33 Rounds of radiation treatment. This treatment is Monday through Friday with weekends off. It ended happily & painfully on May 11, 2016. 
My therapy plan called for a total of 22 rounds of Herceptin. A maintenance drug to keep the HER2 positive protein "at bay" 
(1x Every 3 weeks) I completed that on
On 12/27/16 I had a pet scan to see if this "therapy" is actually working – the report was Remission!! They still wanted me to continue the Herceptin every 3 weeks.
On April 8th, 2017 - I was admitted to the hospital for incontinence, massive leg pain, numbness in my hips. After 5 CTScans the doctors decided it was the cancer that has moved to my brain & pressing on nerves to cause these symptoms. I was not convinced. I felt like it was something on my spine.
So as per the recommendations of the Oncologist, Neurologist, & Physician
My third battle began. My breast cancer has now spread to my brain. It has decided to take up residence in all four of my lobes. It was recommended that I have have 10 "Full Brain" radiation treatments. Which I completed on April 25, 2017.
On April 26,2017 (the next day)- I went into surgery to have my expanders removed from my chest ( I couldn't get any MRI's with these in my body because they have magnets in them).
That surgery was a success. It's the one thing I am pleased with.
I had a 30 day waiting period to get my MRI's. when the results came back it showed I have a
Rare Distal cord/Cauda Equina,Intramedullary spinal cord mass
On June 20th I was directed to begin a series of 5 cyber knife radiation treatments. I completed all of these on June 26,2017.
Now....I need a specialist. It is unclear if any of my numbness , incontinence, pain, will be reversible. I was a working professional, my life as I knew it, stopped 2 years ago, this battle is an all out war. I am currently looking & speaking to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Tx. If they cannot help me I will reach out beyond our borders to stem cell possibilities. Time is not on my side, always seems to be a race for a cure. I have fought so hard and this is a huge set-bacK.
This is a kill or be killed moment.
I say thank you to anyone who can assist me in my journey to survive.
Cindy Spampinato
Breast Cancer Fighter
HER2 Positive
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