Ike's Journey

Ike became ill on a Sunday night. First thing on Monday morning we took him to our local vet, they did several tests and surgery but their final results were they could do nothing. Ike went from a healthy boy to bones in 5 days so we had to find a specialist. With the hope we had for Ike we rushed him to Kansas City MO for more testing and hopefully an answer. After 12 hours of being at the specialist we get a call saying our dog has a 95% chance of having this autoimmune disease that basically will kill him with no treatment or cure. We were heartbroken. Until, the phone rings the next morning and another vet said that she believes it is a different problem. So with our 5% hope left we let her take it into her own hands. That is when she found Ike had a twisted bowel. Ike is currently recovering from a emergency surgery to fix the intussusception that happened to his bowel. They aren't sure what caused it since they are waiting for the biopsy to come back. For the short run though, he needs to have good luck with the healing section of his colon. They took out around 12" of his bowel plus a section of the colon. The colon can be difficult to heal more than other areas. Also they said that his throw up has a smell to it that which could be bacteria and they need to make sure he does not get any of that in his lungs. During recovery he will have diarrhea for quite some time and will be at risk of a major infection. He has a pretty tuff road to recovery in the short term. They also said without this surgery he would of died in a short period of time. So this is why it was so crucial that we made the decision to get the procedure done no matter what the cost was. Our boy that is only 2 years old has been through a lot these last 10 days and is not out of the woods yet but we are starting to see the clearing of the trees. From all the testings, X-rays, vet stays and surgery's the vet bills have piled up. We are asking that if you have anything to spare it will be greatly appreciated and you will have saved a piece of our family that we couldn't imagine living without. We wanted to do everything possible to save our dog so we never have to live with what ifs. In most times when our house was divided he was what brought us back together. He is more than just a dog to us, he is an overly loved 4 legged member of our family.❤ Thank you in advance.
  • Axel Neubauer 
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  • Jordan Blew 
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Mary Peacock 
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