I took the month of December 2017 off from the chelation infusions. I just didn't want to miss Christmas with my parents. My intuition told me this Christmas could be my 93 y/o dad's last Christmas. Plus, I needed a break from all the needles. We were running out of veins and resorting to starting IVs in my feet, ankles, legs, thumb, etc.. Every IV took an average of 5 needle sticks. I just need a break. Dr. Govett was fine with a break. Sadly, our Christmas celebration never came because my mom and dad ended up being admitted to two different hospitals at the same time with the flu. I took care of dad and my sister took care of mom. Dad tried so hard to rebound but, at 93 his body was just too worn out. We finally got dad home on Hospice. Bless his heart, he was absolutely exhausted and just wanted to be in his own bed. The Lord finally called dad home on January 29, 2018. I was so grateful dad was finally free of pain. We honored dad with a touching military service he so rightfully deserved. I had lost the last year and a half of dad's life from being bed ridden from the toxic mold. The grief of missing his last year and a half overwhelmed me. I shut down in overwhelming grief for about 6 months.

I continued the detox protocol, supplements, prescriptions & strict diet and saw Dr. Govett March 5, 2018. He wants to add 15 new chelation infusion called DMPS which binds the toxins and pulls them out of the tissues and into the blood for removal through urine. He added more supplements and prescriptions. I was just too exhausted and buried in grief to start more infusions. It was all too much. In the meantime, Dr. Nancy Didriksen in Richardson, Texas wants to see me back for more brain testing. All of the scans, tests, infusions and ancillary supplements are all out of pocket and not covered by my BCBS. Without the initial funds raised I literally wouldn't be here. I'm forever grateful. It was insanely humbling to say the least. I could not be more grateful to God for all of you who helped me. I'm forever indebted.

In the meantime, another financial blow ensued. Miles Mitzner, my disability attorney informed me he lost my disability case of 3 years. I am absolutely shocked, stunned to the core. Miles had told me last, “you are owed a lot of money.” That money was to pay for the rest of my medical care since I could not work. I sobbed for 3 days in utter disbelief. That loss leaves me with $750/month from SSI to live on. I have the toxic mold strain, Aflatoxins in my body which are known to cause liver cancer. Given my history of two cancers, I can't afford that risk nor did I come this far to stop half way through treatment. I'm not good at being in this place. As a nurse with a servant's heart I've always been that person who rallied the troops and has raised money countless times for the those in need. Now, I am that person needing help. I've lost everything due to the toxic mold, my health, my home, my ability to work, my furniture & furnishings, my wardrobe, art collection, books, etc. Everything I own is contaminated by mycotoxins which is severely dangerous to me with no spleen to filter toxins. While I've lost everything, I have not lost my fight and the tenacity to complete the treatments and then mount fierce litigation that will hold the developers responsible for the water sealant issue that led to toxic mold in the ventilation system. When I prevail seeking justice, I will pay every penny from GFM to help those devastated by toxic mold. I pray God leads you to my GFM page, first, to learn about toxic mold and it's devastation on our health. I pray God uses me to advocate, educate and expose those who neglect water issues in dwelling spaces where innocent people live. I pray God orchestrates the funds needed to help me advance my health with continued chelation infusions, treatments, brain injury therapies, PICC line, diagnostics, medical care and healing therapies to regain a productive life. I thank you with all of my heart for your prayers and support that will help me fully recover not only my health, but my life. All funds go into a separate medical care account held by my sister. Thank you for helping me reach the needed goal.

My long time friend Tina Brannon needs our help. Please read the passage below from her sister and my best friend, Julie Brannon-Gomez. To say this amazing girl has had it rough, is an understatement! Tina Brannon wasin the prime of chasing her dream of being a professional tennis player. In 1976, during her 8th grade season of tennis she was diagnosed with late stage Hodgkin's Disease (cancer of the lymph nodes) at age 14. She went from being a healthy, strong athlete to a terminally ill cancer patient with a grapefruit size tumor with metastatic disease to her spleen. Her spleen was removed and doctors told our parents she was terminal and had three months to live. That was 40 years ago! Tina went through radiation and horrible “experimental” chemotherapy that made her violently ill. She fought and fought with her athletic mentality and thanks to God, we had our miracle! The experience lead Tina into nursing with aspirations to go to medical school so she could give back. Tina had an amazing 35 year career in medicine as a nurse, unable to go to med school due to her lack of spleen. She excelled in medical business development and her most proud accomplishment was as the founderof a 5013C, non-profit organization to help cancer patients who did not have transportation to their cancer care and treatments. Tina worked tirelessly for 10 years raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for cancer patients in need. At age 45, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, stage III in 2007. Tina endured a mastectomy, lost allof her hair and without a spleen had an extremely difficult time through a second round of aggressive chemotherapy and radiation. She fought hard and by the grace of God, we experienced miracle #2! She took a break from medicine and to pursued her other dream of being a photographer and the creation of a book to inspire others, but, she has been forced to lay that work down for now. As a teenager, Tina had scoliosis that ledto debilitating back pain after enduring the horrific side effects from chemo & radiation to her bones. Tina's spine degenerated to the point of constant unbearable pain. She went from being a life long runner, athlete and cross fitness enthusiast and taking exceptional care of her health to being unable to even walk or drive without unbearable back pain. Tina's quality of life was non-extent and she was forced to file disability which was so painful for her as she had worked her entire life and loved all of her work, it wasn't work to her, it was her life's passion to help others. In December 2015, after exhausting every back rehabilitation and pain management modality she endured a six hour back fusion surgery - cutting her from the neck to the tailbone, with expected recovery time taking a full year. Tina was forced to live with her best friend and with us during her 12 month recovery period. After 8 months of hard physical therapy work Tina was doing amazingly well and was excited to be back in her own home and independent again. She was thrilled to have found a new apartment in Midtown with swimming pools & high tech gyms where she would complete her full recovery. In August 2016, she moved into her new apartment. Immediately upon moving in Tina became critically ill from unknowingly inhaling black toxic mold for 2 months that was in her apartment's ventilation system. Tina was already immunocompromised and demanded air quality experts test the air in her apartment. The high concentration level of mold toxicity was identified and the experts told her to get out immediately. The toxic mold has absolutely devastated her entire body and contaminated all of her cherished furnishings and belongings. The loss is horrific and grief unbearable.Most importantly, her health has been taken from her. It has ravished her entire body, immune system and has damaged her lungs, blood, sinuses, breathing, sleeping, brain function and sadly doubling her back pain leaving her completely bed ridden for the last 8 months. Her life and health absolutely devastated. Her daily struggle for oxygen and daily grind of constant researching desperate to find answers, experts, help, treatment, hope .. alongwith seeing 10-12 physicians and specialists with no improvement, not to mention, the never ending accumulation of medical bills. Her best friend, Marie and I will drive (Tina is on oxygen now and can not fly) her to the world renowned mycotoxin experts at the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, where she will go through 2 days of treatment planning tests, including extensive 3D brain scan and neurologic work up. She will then, hopefully, begin intense detoxing with chelation therapy and other immune supportive and detox intravenous therapies to remove the mycotoxins from her body. The expense is all out of pocket and will cost thousands and thousands of dollars for the treatment she will need to survive this horrible poisoning. Her condition is terminal if not treated aggressively. This is where you can help. The Dallas specialists up front fees are $7,500 just to run the 2 diagnostic tests. Then thousands for treatment. Needless to say, this is just the beginning of another long overwhelming expensive journey. Through all of this, not once has she ever felt sorry for herself, or lost faith, instead she has vowed to spend the rest of her life helping and educating people on the horrific travesty of toxic mold. Every day she keeps fighting, she keeps praying and she keeps living. My prayer
everyday, all day is for her to regain her health and her will to live... it is beyond sad to watch someone you love so very much go through this never ending nightmare. We are praying for another miracle! Please help Tina! She will no doubt use this experience for the greater good as she has done with her cancer experiences. Please help her survive. Please share this on your Facebook and join us in prayers for Tina! God bless you and thank you!

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