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4th Annual Christmas at the MAH

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Beginning several years, ago, the Friends of Christmas forged a partnership with the Homeless Services Center to provide a hot, delicious meal and bring some holiday cheer during the Christmas season to our houseless and less fortunate community members. And although these dinners, hosted on Christmas Eve, were wonderful in their own way, we recognized that our community provided no meal on the that very special day of Christmas itself.

Determined to meet this need, in 2016 the Friends along with our partners the local Veterans for Peace, approached our good friends at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History with the idea of collaborating on a Christmas Day meal and celebration. The result was the first "Christmas at the MAH" which provided not only a delicious meal and good cheer, but clothing and other expressions of love and support from our community to those without during the holiday season. This year, the Friends of Christmas and the Veterans for Peace are very pleased to be again be partnering with the Museum of Art & History for the "4th Annual Christmas at the MAH". We invite the community to not only find a few holiday dollars to contribute but also to donate warm clothes which we will distribute to our diners on Christmas Day.

Please join us in making this season one of joy and generosity for ourselves and our less fortunate friends and neighbors. Information about how to donate clothing and/or volunteer to help out with this joyous event will be included in our Facebook event page as well as other announcements.

Happy Holidays from the Veterans for Peace, the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History and the Friends of Christmas.


Steve Pleich
Santa Cruz, CA

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