La Jolla, CA Mass Shooting

My name is Demetrius Griffin. I was directly affected by this incident, due to the fact that I was there. The event is traumatizing, surreal and creates disbelief within our families and friends. Please do not shy away from the rest of the article.

All proceeds will go to cover medical expenses for the victims!

This GoFundMe account is not to be confused with the account that is directly related to the funeral cost for Monique. Her family as setup up a campaign at so please do go forth and donate there.

This campaign has been formulated to deal with the medical expenses and the loses that will come for those that are still in the hospital. As a collective unit TEN (surgeries) have been performed, and medical expenses will be extreme! GoFundMe is working in DIRECT connection with this campaign. They will take care of everything as far as the donations are concerned, and ensuring the families and the victims get what's donated!

For now, in wake of the recent events on Sunday, the emotional and the mental trauma that has gone forth has left me admitted into the psychiatric ward of a Tacoma, WA hospital. It will be at least a 4 day stint, to get myself back to where I need to be mentally and emotionally.

Please take a look at this post from GoFundMe's website:

It shows my involvement in this story from their side, and I hope this helps everyone understand that I will get this campaign's funds to the victims I saw injured with my own eyes for their medical bills.

TO ENSURE THE CONFIDENTIALITY OF THOSE INVOLVED, NAMES WILL NOT BE INCLUDED AT THIS TIME. This is a first-hand account of the incident taking place on 4/30/17 at the La Jolla Crossroads in La Jolla, CA (San Diego)

Yesterday, at about 2pm, my friends and I convened at the La Jolla Crossroads in La Jolla, CA (San Diego), for a birthday party for one of our good friends. Throughout the course of this time, there was plenty of laughter, plenty of hugs, smiles, and overall good energy.

Unfortunately, that was tarnished at about 5:30pm. A white male entered the pool area, around 45 years of age, and sat down near the exit. He set is backpack on the adjacent table, and proceeded to sit there in what looked to be a peaceful manner. However, there was something rather strange about this situation. The gentleman did not have any pool attire, he did not have a book/iPad, etc. for reading purposes, nothing that seemingly relates to “a day at the pool”. From as far as we all know and what I could see first-hand, the individual only had his backpack on his person. This man sat in his chair, without waiver, for about 45 mins, with the same docile facial expression.

Being the kind natured individual that he is, the birthday boy went forth to invite him into our party. The conversation did not last long, I am going to approximate the conversation took about 30 seconds before the gunmen pulled a handgun out of his waistband. As he raised his gun, he shot the birthday boy 2 times in the chest. Additionally, he began to shoot at the crowd. He shot one young lady in her left breast and her left arm, another young lady was shot in her leg three (3) times, and a younger male was shot in his left leg. This exhausted his ammunition from that clip, little did we know, there was more ammunition in his backpack. He reloaded his weapon, and began to fire more gunshots. This time, he hit a young man in his abdominal area, he fired and hit a young lady in what is being called her “neck region”, another was hit in her shoulder.

During this time, the amount of chaos and the fear that was beginning to up rise was not only volatile, it was petrifying on many fronts. I will not go into much further detail about the gunman due to the fact that I did not know him. Additionally, upon arriving at the scene, SDPD shot and killed the individual. We will have no apparent answer as to the motivation behind this and what the thought process was. Being one of the individuals that was not wounded, I ran for safety. In the process, you could see so much fear, unknowing, torment, amongst other things, compiling in the shrieks and faces of us that had our lives at risk immediately. I tried to take as many people with me, and search for safe ground a distance away. I searched for as many answers as possible in this situation, even using my articles of clothing as turn kits for those that had shot. The most disturbing part of this issue was the response time from the SDPD. Although, once on scene, they did an AMAZING job to subdue the situation and accommodate those of my friends that were injured… there is still this feeling of “what if they arrived sooner”. I do understand that there are other things happening in the city and that there are other matters, but when you are getting the same exact phone call, from at least 15-30 people, I feel that the rate of response should have been much faster. The gunman could sit and reload his weapon multiple times, injuring more people in the process.

Again, once on the scene, the police did a phenomenal job of handling the situation and putting the citizens first. I commend the SDPD for their valor and virtue, in this disturbingly trying time… I ask, if you could, to please keep the families of those of my friends, within your prayers. In trying times like this, we need to band together, and learn from these types of experiences. Yes, none of us knew that today would take this right turn for the worst, but how do we learn, grow and prevent these kinds of measures? There hasn’t been an answer yet, but let’s keep searching and doing our parts to find one.


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