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I'm going to throw this out there again because traveling costs more than I always expect. Now, to all of those who had very negative things to say the last time I posted this: I got a job, I saved my hard earned money, I am using that money to get myself back home. I am not begging. I am asking for some help. I worked a job the last two months that I was at CWP and saved everything I could. I had to send most of it back home because I fell a little behind these last 9 months. Now, I am finally on my way back home to my daughter and as I sit here in the middle of Missouri on the side of the road waiting for my car to cool down so we can continue I am not so sure my measly little gas fund is going to be enough, let's be won't be.  I am asking for as much help as anyone is willing to offer. Again, I've been feeding the revolution for nine months now and I'm trying to get back home to the reasons I fight this battle and I'm asking for help, not begging, just asking for some assistance.

From a July 8th post as I departed CWP:
"The last nine months of my life have been some of the most fulfilling and educational experiences I've ever had. I've traveled over 15,000 miles criss crossing back and forth and up and down this country. America has a disease. We are addicted to our combustion engines and flamable gases and we have billionaire drug dealers that will stop at nothing to keep us dependant on these fossil fuels. Kelcy Warren and his goons at ETP will physically, mentally and financially hurt people to ensure their market. I have been harassed, threatened, stalked, and photographed in 5 different states along several different pipelines. This is a national crisis. We are letting one greedy little child ruin our planet and kill any chance of the next generation being able to enjoy this place like we did. I have put this ETP puzzle together now and it looks like disaster.  If we don't do something, and do it quick we will be paying for water like we already pay for gas. We will fight world wars over water. Millions if not billions of people will die if we do not fully transition into renewable sources of energy. 
I am headed west today. I am going back to the reasons I fight this battle. I will back though. ETP, you can count on me to be a thorn in your side for the rest of my waking days. I will not stop until you are dead. You and the rest of your greedy goons will be stopped and we will kill your corporations. This is personal now and there is no forgiveness. I need to reconnect with my daughter. She has many people in her life watching over her and I need to be back and be part of her support group. I can't imagine what it's like to be 11 in this crazy fucked off world and it's gotta be terrifying.  I will make sure though, that my offspring does not grow up ignorant to your destruction. I will make sure that my family knows the genocide that ETP has committed and continues to commit. They will be even more pissed off than me and will come at you fighting even harder. ETP, you will loose. I will make sure of it."
#fuckETP #fucksunoco #fuckKelcyWarren #nodapl #nostpl #notppl #nobbpl #norover #nopilgrim #noaspl #nokxl #nolinethree #shutitdown #resist

  I have been away from my daughter and family for almost four months now. I have fed many hungry water protectors and warriors. I have driven over 10,000 miles, prepared food for six different pipeline Resistance camps. I have made lifelong connections with many and deep connections with a few. I've learned not to trust what is first presented to you and question everything. Getting out there and finding answers for myself is what had to be done. I've got almost 2,300 miles to go to get back to the reasons I enlisted in this battle and need a little help from some friends.  All Im asking is for gas and food money. I've found it pretty easy to criss cross this country staying at state parks or random places if you're willing to throw a tent up for the night. Scarlett and I will be on our as soon as we can. Thank you.✊✊

On November 19th and 20th of 2016 I made a decision. I made the decision to end my overconsumptive lifestyle and enlist myself in the army that is fighting for our planet. I packed up what I could and headed to North Dakota. I've spent my entire adult career in the food industry and it has taken me clear across this country and back through out the years providing me with a particularly diverse skill set. I decided to take that skill set and see how I could use it to help ensure clean drinking water for my daughter. Once at Standing Rock I found that my skills were very much easily put to use and I cooked at least one meal per day for the Rosebud Camp on the south side of the Cannonball River for three weeks straight until my lack of gear put my usefulness out of commission. I went back "home" knowing that it wasn't over. I spent the holiday with my family and then put everything I couldn't fit into my trusty Jetta into a storrage unit and hit the road. I went straight for the Sabal Trail Pipeline in northern Florida. I spent weeks at Sacred Water Camp preparing three vegan, veggie and omnivore meals each day's for the protectors of the water. My mission started to grow from there. I started putting this puzzle together. I then found a camp in west Texas that is battling the very same company that was brutalizing protectors in North Dakota. I pointed myself west from Florida and made my way to Texas. I've now spent six weeks in Texas at two different camps feeding as many hungry water soliders as I could find. Today marked day 33 at Two Rivers Camp and the time to complete the puzzle has come. I am now headed northeast from Texas where I will join new water protectors that are formulating new and improved strategies using the knowledge and wisdom that we have learned from Standing Rock, Sabal Trail, Trans Pecos and Diamond. I seek hungry mouths that fight for our future every day. Corporations have had their way for too long, the day has come to rise up and RESIST what you know is wrong. Resist what your intuition tells you too. Since December Fourth I have financed this entire journey on my own. I'm working on gathering materials to build  a solar cooking surface similar to the ones that you can purchase. So, if you can find a few extra bucks to help us get to the next front line my gratitude would be your forever. My daughter and her future families planet is what I'm fighting for. I intend to continue feeding this revolution and any help you can offer will aide my success. Thanks!!✊✊

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