Help Andy Gora Beat Guillain Barre

On 12/25/15, I entered the hospital with a horribld MRSA infection and out-of-control diabetes. Fortunately, I survived both of those, and was released from the hospital on 1/22/16.

On 2/14/16, in the early evening, some friends came over to socialize, and we noticed that my feet became really red and swollen. At that time, I just guessed that it was diabetic neuropathy...perhaps just water retention.

I hoped sleep would heal it overnight. On 2/15/16, I awoke in the morning with a burning sensation, or "pins-and-needles) throughout both my legs. I decided to give it one more night hoping the pain had peaked.

Awakening on 2/16/16, I had the same awful pain, and went to the emergency room. After checking me, the doctor decided to send me to a rehab center, as we thought it was just diabetic neuropathy.

From 2/16/16 thru 3/3/16, I went from being able to function by myself fully to being unable to walk at the rehab center. The doctor sent me to another emergency room at another hospital promptly, as my worsening condition worried her.

At Desert Springs Hospital, a wonderful neurologist by the name of Dr Balsiger diagnosed me Guillain Barre Syndrone, and though I would need more tests to confirm it, he began treatment of it for me. The tests were a 3-hour MRI of my entire back and head, a lumbar puncture, and a 90-minute EEG.

Guillain Barre Syndrone (GBS)is a nasty neurological disease, in which the body starts to attack the nervous system. I won't spend much detail writing about it here, as it is so varied in how it affects different people. About 5% of people die from it, another 20% are forever disabled, and it can take up to 3 years to recover. At its worst, one is nearly totally paralyzed--some people report only being able to move their eyelids, being on a respirator.

Though I was very fortunate to not experience such severe symptoms, I am currently unable to walk as my legs are essentially paralyzed. I will, hopefully, be able to walk again, but diagnosis and recovery rates of GBS are very difficult to predict. After one year, 90% recovery seems to be average.

I am writing to ask for financial help. I estimate my monthly bills to total about $2,000, and am optimistically assuming a 3-month recovery, until i can possobly work again, or try to support myself.

It is very difficult of me to ask for help, and I'd rather consider these a loan I hope to repay one day. But I have not worked for several months, and am depleting my savings.

GBS is a very tough illness.  I was in a wheelchair for the first time ever yesterday.  I sat in the sun for the first time in 5 weeks.  But after 2 hours of sitting-up, I was exhausted, and fell asleep in the wheelchair.  I hope my endurance is much better in a few months, but there are no firm prognosis.

My friend, Brea, is a terrific artist, colorful and whimsical, and we will post some of her artwork here.  In this way, a donation could land you a great painting, perhaps a great gift for a loved one.  Brea painted the terrific Hello Kitty in the picture above.

I will be very grateful for any help.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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Andrew Gora 
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