Colo-Rectal Cancer Stage 3b Pat

My name is Bill Holtwick, as my wife, "Pat" and I live in the Village of Lake Morena, Town of Campo, CA  We have lived on our 2 1/2 acre property since October, 1993.  We have always had taken in animals, usually abandoned and/or abused, etc. 

Pat was diagnosed with Colo-Rectal Cancer, the beginning of March, 2016 (this year, a few months ago), as she underwent the colonoscopy on March 14th and that is when it was found she had a MASSIVE tumor which had created a blockage in that area, and was determined that the Cancer was Stage 3b (heading fast toward Stage 4) as the tumor attached itself to the lymphnodes, etc.  On April 14th, Pat had to undergo immediate surgery to have an ostomy pouch placed, while redirecting her colon/intestines to the stoma which is located on her stomach. 

Had to undergo Chemo pills ($1,000.00) for 25 days; and radiation treatments for 25 days, at a Cancer Center facility located at Grossmont Hospital/Sharp.

During these treatments of 'daily' (Mon-Fri) for those 5 weeks, Pat became very Sick and she wasn't able to do much of anything, except to sleep, and be in constant pain due to the 3rd degree burns created by the radiation treatments, inside and out.  I, by myself, have had to be the one responsible to take care of our animal family, taking Pat to doctors' appts., radiation treatments (100 miles round trip, every day). and having to take care of all the medical co-payments, ostomy bag and accessories orders, etc.    I am 71 years old, and Pat is 66 and we just can't keep up with physical and or the financial responsibilities.  We are both on Social Security, and are on a very low/limited income. 

Because of now having to have Chemo injections/infusions to be taking place, EVERY Tuesday for 6 months (3 hours per each session); the co-payment for EACH of these Chemo infusions is $250.00 EACH time, and we are 'responsible' paying for these costs every Tuesday, before the Chemo infusions begin.

A port had been placed inside's Pat's chest, as of last Thursday, due to the placing the Chemo infusions into that port, instead of their trying to find the vein, and doing it intraveneously.  That cost was $225.00; Pet Ct Scan $300.00; MRI $75.00, not to mention all the co-pays we have to pay to the doctors' ($40.00 per visit), and we have had several!

Surgery will be (hopefully soon) performed in order to remove the massive tumor from her, as hoping it has shrunk because of the radiation treatments, but have no idea as to the exact status of the size, etc.  Don't know what damage it has done to the lymphnodes, etc.  That will be a 'lengthy' stay at Alvarado Hospital, and we are responsible for the 'daily' hospital stay, $225.00 per day.

Pat is basically 'fighting for her life', as who knows what the future is actually going to be?  Praying that she will be a Cancer Survivor!

Money would be used to help with medical costs, especially co-payments, medications, etc.

Funds are NEEDED ASAP, for we are financially in debt!

Any donations would be so GRATEFULLY appreciated by both Pat & me, as we are having a great difficulty in trying to make any payments that are due, which we are finding out we don't have any funds to cover them.

Bill Holtwick
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