"Fifty Years" Retrospective CD

I'm Bob Cheevers from Memphis Tennessee having lived and worked in the pop music field in California for 25 years, the country music field in Nashville for 16 years and now living and working in the Americana music field in Austin Texas for nearly 7 years. 

I started writing songs while in college at Memphis State University in 1963. After college, I moved to L.A and started making pop records for several of the major labels I had record deals with during that period. My entry into being a professional songwriter came in 1972 when I signed with MCA Music which was the first of half a dozen major publishing deals I had over the next 30 years. That was almost 50 years ago. 

At that time, I also became a performing singer/songwriter which is what I still am today. I've won an Emmy for one of my compositions called "Big City Gambler" in 1986 and am the 2011 Texas Music Awards "Singer/Songwriter Of The Year". I've played all over America and have done extensive tours of Europe 10 out of the last 12 years. I'm a working musician.

Since 1997, I've released 10 commercial CDs all on several indy record labels including my own Inbred Records. Several of those CDs have done well in the Americana chart with two of them going to #24 and #14. My current release, "On Earth As It Is In Austin" is at #19 on the Alternatifve Roots Chart and climbing. 

Over the last nearly half a century, I've written over 3,000 songs and have selected 5 disc's worth of those songs to be on a retrospective album called "Fifty Years". Many of the songs never made it to released records and include a variety of genres/directions I went thru over the decades. The recordings were all recorded as masters, sound wonderful and show the depth and bredth of my writing styles, subject matter and production. 

This will be a comprehsnsive retrospective collection with compelling art work and a great behind-the-scenes look at the development of me as a songwriter. 

The money will be used to master the entire group of songs selected, create art work for the album, duplicate 2,000 copies and hire a record promoter and publicist to get the record out to radio and  public relations resources. 

The selection process for the songs is complete and  ready to send off for mastering after which will come the CD duplication and promotion campaign. All I need is the money to do this. In the past, I've put up the money to make all my records but at this particular juncture in my life, I don't find myself financially prepared to do what I think may be the most important record of my career. I honestly don't think there is a better "package" of music I can offer my fans and friends worldwide than this precious group of handpicked songs from my vast collection. 

So many of my dreams have come true. I feel that I've had a hand in pushing things along helping to make those dreams happen and, for the most part, haven't felt I needed someone to help me with that. This project, tho, is different if only for the huge amount of music it will offer...and I'm just feeling the need to see if the many many folks who have enjoyed my music and me as an artist would feel good about helping me make this epoch CD a part of my musical history.

My personal mantra is "Everything is always perfect". I have a very heart-full feeling this is the right time for me to reach out to you to help me accomplish something that will really put an exclaimation point on what has been a career I'm proud of and for which I am eternally gratefull.

Updated list of pre-order/donation “gifts”:

$20 - Digital Download 50 Years and a Thank you on the website

$25…the actual “Fifty Years” five-disc CD (that's $5 a disc) and a Thank you on the website

$50...the "Fifty Years" 5-disc CD plus a black engraved G7th Nashville capo (only 1 left)..and a Thank you on the website

$100…the “Fifty Years” 5-disc CD and your choice of any 4 of my other 10 commercial CDs. and a Thank you on the website

$200...the “Fifty Years” double CD and all 10 of my other 10 commercial CDs. and a Thank you on the website

$300 - Box Set of 11 albums and handwritten signed lyrics to a song of your choice. and a Thank you on the website

$1000…the “Fifty Years” five-disc CD,  all 10 of my other commercial CDs and if you live in  or around Austin...a house concert by me. If you are far out of town...a live video concert from my house to yours

$2,500 donation includes a 3 hour sunset boat ride on Austin's Lake Travis for up to 16 people with catered Texas barbecue, a live concert by Bob and a copy of the "Fifty Years" CD.

The cost of the "Fifty Years" 5-disc, box-set is $25.
That does not include postage. If you live in the US, it costs $5 to send the 5-disc CD. If you get a package of more than one CD, add $2 for each additional CD. 

If you liv e outside of the US, I'll need to personally calculate what the postage will be. Every country is different.
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Bob Cheevers 
Austin, TX