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Amy's Journey

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Amy's journey started one month ago today, it started like any other. Carly could hear her two children playing and giggling as normal. They were playing tickle monsters, Aaron was winning and Amy was on the floor with her head thrown back with laughter. It was then that big brother Aaron saw a lump in Amy's mouth that was set to change there lives. Calling his mum Carly into the lounge he showed her the lump he could see. It was no normal lump it could only be described as a tumour.Panic set in and Carly knew there was nothing that a GP surgery could do. She took Amy to A&E.There followed a series of doctors inspecting her throat and mouth and none of them had seen anything like it. It was decided by the head of oral surgery to biopsy the lump and just a few days later surgery was performed. The surgeon reassured Carly that as it was easy to take out he had removed it all and that he was positive that it wasn't anything sinister.Fast forward a week and she was called in for the results. I held her hand while she was told the worst news a mother could hear. Little Amy had cancer. The type of cancer she has is called Rhabdomyosarcoma. It's extremely rare and only affects aprox 60 children a year.For the past 4 weeks Amy has been referred to the Royal university college of London for testing, then on to great ormond street for further testing.She has been subjected to MRI, CAT scan, PET scans, kidney function tests and had a PIC line inserted into her arm that she can receive her drugs through.On Tuesday 26th July, Carly and little Amy saw the gosh consultant in charge of Amy's care.She was told that she would need to receive 9 rounds of chemotherapy. Further surgery is also likely. Then they were told about the radiotherapy.Amy may very well need a very specialised type of radiotherapy called proton beam therapy. It is only available in the USA. While the cost of the treatment is covered by the NHS. Travel for Amy's mum, dad and brother is not. Carly has also had to give up her career to look after Amy placing a huge financial strain on them.They need your help. Amy may need to go to the USA for treatment, the exact course and time of treatment is unknown as this will be decided upon review after her 3rd round of chemo once they see how her body is responding. Please help me raise awareness for this rare form of cancer and help Amy's family financially in the short and long term and if need be to enable them to stay together in the USA while she receives the best treatment they can offer.Amy started chemo on Wednesday, there was vomiting, there was tiredness, there was pain.But you know what else there was? Above all of that there was a smile. The biggest smile you have seen. Because Amy is now officially kicking cancers Arse!I hope you join us for updates and fundraising events to get this little lady and her family where they need to be.Follow their journey and see what a little fighter she is!

Since making this page live Amy's mum has stated that any donations over and above what they financially need to use will be donated for cancer research for Rhabdomyosarcoma in children. Thank you everso much for you support



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