For Tim & Steph Walton after hit and run accident

I am starting this on behalf of my Dad and Stepmom to help with medical/living expenses so they can focus on getting better and getting back home to my little sister. 

They were involved in a hit and run motorcycle accident down in Daytona, Florida on March 11th. There was an accident on the other side of the road, cops were slowing down traffic it went from about 65mph to 35mph. My dad was following traffic going 35 with Steph on the back of the bike, but the guy behind them driving a full size pickup truck with a trailer on the back of it wasn’t paying attention still going 65. He saw them at the last second, slammed on the breaks causing the front of the truck to nose dive right before hitting them with 1500lbs, this is probably what saved them along with their helmets and some guardian angels looking out. They flew about 100 ft. from where they got hit. Dad’s helmet was still on, but mama’s flew off she was hit so hard. Since they got hit from behind she got the worst of it. The guy got out of the truck, went up to my dad said how sorry he was then got back in his truck and took off. Luckily there was so much traffic and cops and paramedics already at the scene someone was able to get his license plate number and gave it to the cops and the guy got caught and he is currently sitting in jail being charged with a hit and run like he deserves. 

My dad is doing pretty good physically for how bad the accident was just some lacerations on his face & a lot of road rash, whip lash and pain but no broken bones or serious injuries. Steph wasn’t as lucky and is in ICU, she is looking at months in the hospital and a year or more of recovery. But she’s a fighter, she’s got this. She was hit so hard her diaphragm tore and her spleen ended up in her lung cavity. She had a laceration on her spleen causing internal bleeding so they did emergency surgery removing her spleen as soon as she arrived at the hospital leaving her with a scar from her chest to her pelvic bone with about 50 staples. They put her on a ventilator because she was in so much pain and it would be easier for her to heal. She has 10 broken ribs that caused punctures in her lungs so she has chest tubes in. She also has 2 stable spinal fractures they aren’t currently doing surgery on because they aren’t at risk of paralyzing her or damaging the spinal cord. She has a broken arm they did surgery on leaving her with 12 screws and a plate. She’s currently off the ventilator now and working on becoming stable enough to be transferred to a hospital in Macon so she can be closer to home and family. 

A huge thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to share their story or donate to their fund!

**Update 4/1/21

It has officially came back the guy did not have any insurance on his vehicle.

The Halifax Health Center was nothing short of amazing & did all they could to help my step mom, unfortunately her real road to recovery starts at a rehabilitation center where they could not get into in Florida due to not having health insurance and being out of state. So their only option was to make the journey back home to Georgia to try to find the proper care she needs. They were going to send her home with just my dad in his car in a back brace and the gentleman who let my dad stay in his condo kindly offered to pay for medical transport so she could be as comfortable as possible on the long 6 hour drive home. We can NOT thank this man & her medical team enough! We will forever be so grateful. 

They are now currently at home in Georgia, they have met with a doctor and got a referral for an orthopedic doctor so we are waiting to hear from them. We are trying to find affordable in home private care and taking turns throughout our family going over there and helping out. Steph is in no shape or form right now getting the adequate care needed to recover given the extent of her injuries because we simply can not afford it without insurance. My dad has to go back to work in just a couple of weeks to be able to start paying for not only medical bills but every day living expenses and child expenses for my little sister.  We have a long road of recovery and I’m trying to do everything in my power to help make sure they get proper care to be able to eventually live a normal life again and aren’t drowned in bills. 

They are both being very optimistic & are just happy to be alive and with Paiton again. 

Please help me continue to share their story! 

Thank you again to everyone who has already donated or shared and to everyone who continues to do so, y’all are so amazing & we appreciate you so much 

**Update 4/20/2021

We have had a few setbacks. Steph’s right arm that was shattered and has plates and screws got badly infected causing an abscess to form and rupture over the weekend while we were waiting to get her into the doctor on Monday. Still actively in therapy and seeing many specialists but daily functions still require a lot of assistance. My dad had to go back to work to start bringing in some kind of money to pay the bills and put food on the table and I am leaving on the 21st so now having round the clock care for Steph is our main focus. Bills from hospital are coming in faster than we can keep up so any help would go a long way. I am raising the price of the amount needed because the hospital bills are already over $200,000 and that’s just from Halifax. Steph has already ended up in the ER since being back home in Georgia as well. All proceeds are going to past, current & future medical bills, as well as caregivers, and any necessity’s. Even though my dad has gone back to work, he still has to miss some because of taking care of Steph as well as their daughter and himself. He has also had to start seeing a chiropractor for his neck and back injuries which is taking time away from work. 

**Update 5/19 

Steph had to endure another intense surgery to open her arm back up and drain the infection surrounding the metal in her arm. After a week or so in the hospital they are back home, having to administer IV antibiotics throughout the day to try to get her back on track. This is a huge set back in her physical therapy, but she’s trying to stay positive through all of the pain. 

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