Emma Is 19, Paying For College Out of Pocket.

Hello everyone! My name is Emma. I moved out the day after I turned 18 due to an unfortunate home life situation, and now I am currently paying for college out of pocket. 

With how unstable my environment was as a teenager, I knew I would likely have to pay for college out of pocket, so I hunkered down during my teen years, working multiple full time jobs exceeding 50 hours per week at time, and saved up. 

I was still in Highschool when I moved out, and started renting from a friend from highschools family, and then this year finally went after my dream- tackling College.

My father passed away when I was an infant due to prostate cancer. He was an amazing man, and this has been confirmed by everything I’ve heard and seen from him. He didn’t have a college degree, yet he pushed himself and created his own business making movie trailers and renting film equipment.

I am pursuing a business degree in hopes I can finish what he started, and I have that same entrepreneurial drive that he had. Partly because I have had to my whole life. The memory of my father is my biggest inspiration.

All money donated would go to a bill I owe at the end of this semester-$2200. Currently, I am also working a full time job, taking 19 credits, doing everything I can to SUCCEED. Because it’s took my blood, sweat and tears to SURVIVE over these years, any donation would go far and long, and is very very appreciated. :) 


Emma Jones
Minneapolis, MN

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