Allie's Rally Against Breast Cancer

PLEASE NOTE: we have now raised around $22,000 towards our $40,000 NOT $30k. We are currently working to get GoFundMe to update our numbers to not reflect money we raised back in 2019 for the $75k we needed then.

So, we still have $18k to go in our current fundraiser. Sorry for any confusion and thank you so much for praying for our family and supporting our goals toward treatment asap to beat Allie's cancer.**

First, watch our latest "Allie Update" video: released Monday, June 22, 2020.

Second, watch our full story here and learn how God has been faithful to us for four years of this cancer journey.
*Video by our good friends Drew Davis and Jim Nichols of Half Machine - a strategic film agency in Woodstock, GA.

Update from the Chambers: 6/16/20:

Hey friends,
We received results yesterday from my recent CT scan, (strangely on the 4-year anniversary of my first diagnosis!), and the results were not exactly what we were hoping to hear. While most areas were still clear and my bones have stabilized (probably meaning the spots they see are dead cancer), there are some small spots on my liver. I will be having a specific blood test this week and the results will help us craft our treatment plan moving forward, as far as which drugs to use. We are hoping to add in an immunotherapy drug to work with the chemo. We are going to jump on this quickly and hopefully knock it out completely this time!! We’ve made so much progress!! We are disappointed that there is anything left to fight, but nevertheless we are ready to FIGHT!! I have no doubt that we will get it this time! We had a clean PET scan in December so these spots on my liver are caught very early. In addition to chemo and possibly immunotherapy, we are going to double down on our diets and exercise (WE means Jonathan and my mom, who are doing this alongside me!), and I will be adding a lot more stress reduction techniques to my daily routine. Ultimately it’s God who heals and He has given us the power to heal if we are in Christ! We know that He loves us and hears our prayers. Will you join us in prayer? We know that the prayers of so many have been lifted up on our behalf these past 4 years and they have sustained us. We have another battle ahead but we’re going to win this war!!

In this time of COVID and so much financial strain on so many, it’s very hard to ask, but if you feel so inclined, and if it doesn’t place a burden on your family, here is our GoFundMe page. The 4-week cycle of chemo is going to be around $40,000. We HOPE AND PRAY, there won’t be any more needed after that!
Thank you all so much for your love, support, kind words, prayers, meals, donations, cards.... more blessings than we can count. Y’all don’t know how much it has carried our family through these difficult 4 years. ❤️❤️❤️

March 2019:
Our family began this fight with cancer back in the Summer of 2016 with Stage 2 breast cancer. Then it sent our family into an earth-shattering whirlwind of emotions, challenges, and wiped out most of our personal savings. But it also led us into the surprising depths of God’s grace like we had never before experienced with new friends, new faith, and a renewed hope in God’s varied goodness.

Fast forward to May 6, 2019, and cancer has fought its way back into our lives again. Allison (Allie) got the news that her breast cancer has spread to her pelvis, spine, ribs and a few places on her lungs (potentially) which all upgrade her to Stage 4 cancer. After three years of fighting and believing we were in the clear including the gift of our miracle rainbow baby, Maggie (born April 7, 2018), we are back in the ring. We are sticking with our trusted doctor, Dr. Jonathan Stegall, an integrative oncologist out of Alpharetta who is taking a cocktail approach to throw everything we can at her cancer. This approach will include a mixture of the best of conventional (chemo, hormone drugs, bone supporting drugs) and alternative methods (nutrition, exercise, supplements, IV Vitamin-C, and many other treatment modalities) but also comes with a high price tag as it’s not covered by insurance. After a necessary biopsy and most likely hysterectomy, our treatments will last 12 weeks and cost $75,000. Treatments in the office will be every day and several hours each day for 4 weeks straight, then 4 weeks doing treatments at home, then 4 in the office again. The hysterectomy will put Allie in early menopause, further adding to the physical challenge and emotional stress of this situation. After the 12-week treatment is done, we will stay in close contact with her doctor for updates and monitoring her health. We will continue to fight and the costs will continue to add up, including expensive supplements, a new whole-food plant-based diet (Lord help us!), removing toxic elements from our home (chemicals, air, water, cleaners, materials), stress reduction methods, regular labwork and imaging, as well as lots and lots of positive thoughts and spirituality.

As you can guess, we do not have $75,000 for her treatments nor the money to sustain the ongoing cost her new lifestyle will require. So, against our normal desire, we are asking for your help both in prayers and funding.

Cancer’s will to survive is great, but ours is greater. Our fight is bigger, stronger, and has an even better arsenal to wage war against it. We, along with her doctor, believe that her cancer is treatable and are in full faith that our God and Father will “provide for all of our needs according to His riches in glory”. We refuse to be bound by fear, held captive by doubt, or limited by the physical realities of this broken world. We know our God is with us, for us, in us and going to do great and mighty things.

We love each and every one of you and thank God for your friendship in our lives!

The Chambers Family
Jonathan, Allison, Grace (11), Natalie (8), and Maggie (13 months)

My name is Kristi Beasley and I am Allie's sister in law.  I have been married to her brother Jeff Beasley for almost 12 years now and a part of this family for a total of 16 years.  It is with a heavy heart that we are creating this page for such an amazing woman who happens to be fighting breast cancer for a second time. They will have many medical bills that their insuance will not cover and will need as much help as they can get. 
Jeff and I are hoping that this will help relieve them both of as much financial stress that they may have.  They would never come and ask for this and I don't want them to have to.  They have given so much to people that there is no doubt that others will help them out as well.  The smallest amount helps and will be very much appreciated.  Please help us help them with their medical bills.  All of the money raised will be help to cover those expenses.  We love you all and appreciate anything that you can give.  This family is so very dear to us and I know to many of you.  

Here is Allie's story: 

Allie is a wonderful wife to her husband Jonathan Chambers.  Jonathan and Allie have been married for almost 15 years and compliment each other so well.  They both have big hearts for the church and for everyone that they encouter.  They have been involved with helpling establish and build churches and are some of the most selfless people that I know.  They are always there for people rather it is somone needing prayers, their time, financial or physical help.  

Allie and Jonathan have two beautiful and loving little girls, Gracie (8 y.o) and Natalie (6 y.o) who posses many of the great qualities that their parents have.  Gracie is like a little Mommy, so loving and caring.  Sweet Natalie absolutely loves animals of all kinds and shows such compassion toward them.  

Allie is a stay at home Mom to these wonderful little girls and homes schools them as well.  Jonathan works very hard to provide for his family so Allie is able to provide this for her daughters.  She does a fantastic job teaching them in acedemics, socially, and is able to incorporate the Bible and love of Christ into all of this.  

Recently after much praying and as  a family,
they decided to leave their home in Statesboro Georgia and make the move to Canton Georgia.  They felt like it was finally God's timing and they obediently did what was necessary to fufill this. They began the processes of selling their home (not once but twice) and Jonathan's business. 

Around this time was when my husband Jeff (Allie's brother) was diagnosed with Pancreatitis and gall stones, which meant he needed surgery to remove his gall bladder.  He ended up being in the hospital for 6 days.  During this time Allie made the drive up to visit him and the day she left (on a Friday) she debated turning around and coming back because he possibly had sepsis.  Allie decided to go on home but thought she would come back up on Saturday and made arrangements for someone to cover a video job she was supposed to do on Sunday.  However, on Saturday she just felt like God told her it would be okay and she needed to stay home.  He was right.  We called her that morning and told her his symptoms for sepsis had gone away.  Allie decided that since things were okay that she would indeed perform this video job that Sunday.  It was the best decision of her life.  On Sunday Allie was running around, very busy, trying to get undressed from church and redressed for this event.  She was brushing her teeth in the middle of this and that is when she saw it.  Something was wrong with her nipple.  Upon further investigation she noticed dimpling as well and knew this was not good.  She was able to get a mammogram that Monday a biopsy on Tuesday and by the end of the week she had a diagnosis.  

She had breast cancer.  Not words that any of us wanted to hear...especially her and Jonathan.  At this point their house was under contract and Jonathan had sold his business and would be jobless very soon.  However, they continued to pray and never lost faith that God would provide and show them what their next step would be.  Allie ended up moving up to Canton about a month before Jonathan and their kids so she could get everything lined up and figure out what stage and what all she needed to do to beat this cancer.  During that month that Allie was figuring out what layed ahead, Jonathan submitted tons of resumes and had countless interviews, all while packing and getting ready for the move.  Allie learned that she had Stage 1A breast cancer and that her type responded to estrogen which meant she did not have to have Chemo which was great news.  Allie had to now decide if she wanted to move foward with a masectomy, double masectomy or lumpectomy with radiation.  She had an MRI at a later date where the doctor told her that he would be removing a good bit of tissue.  Allie decided at this point to go ahead with a Double Masectomy b/c of the amount of breast tissue he would have to take. This is not a quick processs however.  They have to remove the breast tissue and then place a pouch behind her pectoralis muscles.  This procedure will take about 5 to 5 1/2 hours and recover about 2 hours.  After this she will have to return every month or two in order to inflate the pouch that was placed behind her muscles.  This process will continue until she is at the size she wants.  Once this happend then they can place the implants in.  They told her that she might be done by Christmas. Allie has been fortunate and has received good news, as good as one can, about her breast cancer.  

She has for the most part been extremely strong and positive in this process and I'm sure she has had her bad times or doubts, as would anyone, but she never let it show to us and always welcomed prayers, bible verses and positive advice.  God was faithful with Jonathan as well and provided a temp job in downtown Atlanta.  As great as this is, it still leaves them with an unknown after the 90 days.  Will they hire him?  Will he get insurance? Jonathan has not complained about this at all and is so thankful for this job that he loves.  It is a long commute to and from work (1.5 to 2 hours) and the car that he is using guzzles gas. They are not sure of their long term plans with his job or all of the bills that will be coming in for the long treatment process for breast cancer but they are depending on God to provide and show them the way.  Allie and Jonathan are surrounded by lots of family and friends who love them and are here to battle this with them and to help keep spirits up and lots of positivity. 

 You've got this Allie!  God has this! 


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