Megans treatment

Hello everyone my names Michelle i am the mum of my beautiful daughter megan Who is  now 11. 

 our nightmare started in 2018  when after fighting with the drs for nearly a year prior and only when the weight fell off she was falling

All the time and her eye nearly closing I was eventually listened to. Tuesday 4th of December she received her scan at 5.32pm and by Wednesday 5th December at 12.20 I came

Out shower to 22 missed calls of a number I couldn’t call back not even 5 minutes

My phone rings again and the words “can I speak to the parent of megan Mcintosh I couldn’t speak and I  was told I needed to take her straight to hospital because something had been found in her scan fast forward to 2.05pm I was told the words no parent wants to here “I’m so sorry but your daughter has a brain tumour and ur leaving to edinburgh sick kids tomorrow as that’s where they specialise In brain tumours   as a parent that broke me hearing those words. 

Megan was diagnosed with a  posterior fossa tumour which was located in her brain stem  right at the back of her head one or the

Most dangerous places to have a tumour. On the 12th of December the fitted a shunt I’m the right side of her head to remove excess when and if needed. 18/12/18 is a day I’ll never forget “they have a bed in icu and she’s going to theatre. 10 hours in totally passed and they had came and said They managed to remove  around  97% of it leaving a grape size peace  of tumour behind as this was unsaf to remove with it being so deep routed into Her brain stem removing the other part would be completely detrimental to her and her health  Fast forward 2 years to October 2020 megan  went for her annual 6 month scan to find not only has the remaining tumour had grown a further 9-10mm in size, so her scan in July showed it was 18mm its now 27.5mm and it’s continuing to grow with each scan every time there always an increase in size. 

Sadly her scan in October 2021  they have found a suspicious new growth on her spinal  column which we now Know it’s a BRAFF mutation which is cancerous as it has mutated on to the top of her spine. Since 2018 she’s been left with multiple conditions due to something going wrong in her Surgery on 2018.  Not only is she battling everyday. 

  • she is also completely blind in her 
right eye as well as all of this 

  • she lost the  ability to eat and drink so shes is peg-fed all  the time 
  • she has a bulbar Palsy which means she has no gag reflex and and unsafe swallow meaning she needs to remain completely null by mouth. 
  • Megan is on a non invasion ventilator at night time due to her brain stem being damaged she can’t breathe on her own at night time Herself she needs help as the brain can’t remember what to do while she’s asleep 
  • Megan’s also been left with severe lung damage which as well as her brain tumours her lungs don’t work as effective as they should and her lunge are constantly infected. 
  • Megans treatment options are very limited chemo wont and doesn't work normally work with the types of tumour in her brain stem but can shrink the one on her spine but its not something that they would not recommend at this stage  but could well be an option in the future with the type of tumour she has. Normal  radiotherapy kills off cells and healthy cells and can make a child really unwell and the side effects are horrific for an adult so u can Only imagine how it would be for a Child i have researched and have found a 

treatment that specialises in brain and spinal tumours  which is a target treatment called proton beam therapy PBT which is targeted
which only targets the area and 80% of not touching the healthy tissue and spinal cord.  where we live it’s not done In Scotland at all so we would need the money to fund treatment & expenses while we are away as we Would be away for 8-10 weeks this obviously depends on Megan’s Health  so this is the reasons for her go fund me page. Any donation big or small  we would be so grateful. every little helps to get megan where she very much needs to be megan on an unknown adventure a series of unfortunate events I’d go as far to say. She needs tge treatments  kick this clean in the ass and hopefully  become tumour free 

With the remaining money after her treatment  megan would Like to open her own registered charity called Megan’s hopes and dreams which will support parents that’s going threw what we did as we was a family of 5 to being Chucked in at the deep end and being apart so we plan to offer emotional and hopefully financial support to family’s who need it. Information from Megan’s point of view and her journey as a child and mine as a parent & what we have been threw and continuously do so. So with that being said doesn’t matter how big or small every donation counts  

If we are able to smash her target I’m going to

Allow megan to cut off my ponytail and

Donte this to this to the princess Trust

Please if ur able to dig deep and donate if u can 

Thank you for taking ur time to read our story this is our reality

Much love 

Megan & Michelle 

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