We're All Queer As A D3

Gaming is for everyone.

And yet, take a look at the video above. You don't have to watch the whole thing (although if games and queerness are you're thing, you'll probably dig it). Notice anything?

That's right, we're a pretty white group. In fact, at one point someone asks us why there aren't any queer people of color on our panel, and frankly, we don't have a very good answer.

The truth is, an event like Gen Con is expensive. LGBTQ people are already more likely to be economically disadvantaged in our culture, but queer people of color are, on average, hit doubly as hard. Sometimes it's a struggle just to get by...going to something like Gen Con is simply not in the cards.

One of the ways queer poc eke out a living is in the game industry. They write and design and create art and provide editorial services. They do everything anyone else in the industry does, and yet many never get the opportunity to attend big industry events like Gen Con because the costs are so prohibitive. This, in and of itself, is an unfair tax on their livelihood; anyone who's worked in the industry knows that just being at the big cons can be a boon to one's career.

But even more importantly, shouldn't they be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor? Shouldn't they be able to share the stage with their peers?

The Queer As A 3-Sided Die Team – Steve Kenson, Jeremy Crawford, F. Wesley Schneider, Renee Knipe, Joseph Carriker, Crystal Frasier, and Tim Mottishaw – sure thinks so. We've come together with a number of other game publishers to create scholarships for industry vets who also happen to be queer people of color so we can bring them to Gen Con 2016, where they will join us on the Queer As A 3-Sided Die panel and add their voices to our important message.

Gaming is for everyone. We really believe that. And the best way for that to happen is for diverse creators to keep on creating things. Let's show our appreciation for those folks who give us something we love so much!

Our goal is $1500. That'll be enough to ensure at least one scholarship to Gen Con 2016. A single scholarship includes travel, hotel, and food for four days while in Indianapolis. 

Of course, we hope to raise funds well beyond that; additional monies will be earmarked for future Gen Cons. 

For you, our amazing donors, we have a ton of great rewards. Thank you for your help! All rewards will be delivered at the conclusion of this fundraiser (date TBD, but 30 days after its official launch).

$15 – Tier 1: PDF copies of Magical Fury from Yaruki Zero Games, Strict Machine by Kira Magrann, The Fate Codex issues 1-3 from Magpie Games, the WaRP system document and a pair of adventures from Atlas Games, The Bones from Gameplaywright, Play Dirty from John Wick Presents, and Conventions for Aspiring Game Professionals from FR Press. Plus, a special discount on one GaymerX 2016 ticket if you or someone you know plans on attending this year!

$30 – Tier 2: Everything at Tier 1 plus PDF copies of Spark from Genesis of Legend Publishing, Serial Homicide Unit from Incarnadine Press, The Starlit Kingdom from Peach Pants Press, Hot Guys Making Out from TAO Games, Questlandia from Hannah Shaffer and Evan Rowland, Magicians from Samjoko Publishing, and ICONS: The Assembled Edition from Ad Infinitum Adventures. 

$50 – Tier 3: Everything at Tiers 1 and 2 plus PDF copies of the True20 Blue Rose line (Blue Rose, Blue Rose Companion, Blue Rose Narrator's Journal, and The World of Aldea), Eclipse Phase  from Posthuman Studios, and WITCH: Fated Souls from Angry Hamster Publishing.

Also at the $50 tier (and higher), you automatically get a chance to win one of two original pieces of artwork by Christianne Benedict, originally featured in Rafael Chandler's World of the Lost.

$70 – The Gen Con Badge Tier: The first five donors at this level or higher who are also already planning on attending Gen Con this year will receive a special code to redeem a four-day badge for themselves. Please indicate in your pledge that you'll be attending and this reward is yours (if you're one of the first five)!

$75 – The Gen Con Game Tier: Every PDF at the first three tiers, a Gen Con badge, plus Tim Mottishaw will run a special D&D 5th Edition game at Gen Con 2016 for you. When you donate $75 or greater, please indicate your interest in this reward; the first seven to claim it will be awarded seats at Tim's special Gen Con session. More details to follow!

Plus, the highest single donor will receive a special piece of custom art, created by Crystal Frasier (of Green Ronin and Paizo fame). This piece will be a single body illustration – a favorite character, a new monster, etc. You'll describe to Crystal what you want and she'll make it for you!

Thanks and love,
The Queer As A 3-Sided Die Team
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