20th of September Action Funding

Have you recently checked outside?
Did you notice it?
The winds are changing, the people are rising to demand action, to demand justice, to demand a climate policy that will give our kids a future and not take it away.

For too long have the EU and the Luxembourgish government stalled any discussion around the climate breakdown.

It is time for a change!
Time for a change of mindsets,
time for a change of economy,
time for a change in politics!

Experts & scientists have been warning them for decades. They didn’t listen. While our country has been able to develop without taking any notice of the damage it is doing to the Earth we so truly rely upon, other parts of the world are already suffering right now. Since the youth has been taking the discussion to the streets, everybody is starting to notice.

We can not keep watching the older generations run and ruin the world we and our children have to live on. It is our duty, not only to each other but to the generations that will follow us, to stand up for our survival. Our movement has seen how effective activism is and how our message has started to be understood by the European Union and the Luxembourgish government. Nevertheless, only minimal improvements have been implemented, which are not sufficient to guarantee our survival. We need bold moves, we need consequent actions to stop the global average temperature rise stay under 1.5°C.

We demand more because we know we can do more!

*Who we are and how you can help us*
Although the Youth for Climate Movement has a long history, the Luxembourgish branch was created in early 2019 and started off its campaign on the 15th of March with 15,000 student protesters taking part in the action. In the entire world, this was the highest number of youth protesters per students in a country (15%). Following this successful action, Youth for Climate Luxembourg blocked the Red Bridge on the 24th of May, an action that disturbed the status quo of everyone living in the city.

Now, it is time for us to start again! Soon, we will be back on the streets with marches and other actions. Back to be heard, back to be listened to, until the international demands are met.

In order to have actions like the ones we did before, we need your support. Not only by people joining the movement, but also financial support. Our actions come with a cost and in order to continue our movement, we need your help. The simple cost of a morning coffee by a few thousand people would help us fund our next action that will be even bigger than anything we have ever planned before.

What do we use the money for?
Most stages into the organization of a protest are expensive. For instance, a section of the funds collected here will go into the printing of posters, stickers and flyers. Another part will go into the funding of the logistics, for example to rent a stage and an audio system.

Please, support us now to hopefully see the results in the future. And if you don’t do it for you, do it for your kids. If you aren’t able to help with money yourself, please tell your friends and family!

To find out more go to our FacebookInstagram or twitter page.
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    • €55 
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    • €75 
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    • 34 mos
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    • €50 
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