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#20for20Campaign - Attitude Fest

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As apart of our #20for20Campaign - Attitude Fest, we're giving away $1,000 to 20 separate Charities. Please help us reach our goal by donating to our #20for20 Campaign here.

Learn more about our charities at

Your donation will help all charities listed on the site and be 100% gifted to these wonderful initiatives.

Please join us at Attitude Fest 2018 in Broad Ripple Park Indianapolis, IN April 14, 2018 from
Noon to 4 pm where you will meet the people behind the charities, enjoy Live Music, Kid Activities, Beer Garden, Yoga in the Park, Boat and Car Show, live competitons and demonstrations in Aiko and Golf Lessons. 

If you want to Boost your Positive Attitude our Festival is where to be! Bring your friends invite your customers and show them your appreciation at the  Attitude Fest!



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Glenn Bill
Indianapolis, IN

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