2022 Midterm VOTE Posters

New 2022 VOTE posters  for the midterms are here by Bay Area artist Lena Wolff in collaboration with multi-disciplinary designer Hope Meng.

With your support, 30,000 new posters will be sent and given away for free in key cities ahead of the critical midterms as a public art and community engagement project.  As with past series, the new variations will also be offered as downloadable files for independent printing and to share on social media.
Note: this is a fundraiser and not a poster sale. We cannot guarantee that every donor will receive a poster. Your generous donation goes to printing and shipping costs to make the posters available for free across the country.

As with our past projects, the posters are essentially non-partisan, but they urge citizens to vote for meaningful reasons related to social and environmental justice.  Because we don't name candidates or a party on our posters, they are easy to place in public and commercial spaces. 

This year, the six variations our posters will read: 

VOTE ! for Democracy
VOTE ! for Reproductive Freedom
VOTE ! for Trans Rights
VOTE ! for the Planet
Tu VOTO Ez Tu Voz
Your VOTE Matters

Thank you for participating! Democracy is a collective effort. We couldn’t do this without you.

How the Project Works:

After fundraising, we send posters to volunteers all over the country who distribute them for free in their communities -in libraries, shops, community centers, and to GOTV organizations. The posters end up in windows across the country, from storefronts to people's homes. People also utilize our free downloadable images to print and use in their own creative ways.  In 2020, we received hundreds of images of the posters in use! (See past project images here: https://www.yourvotecampaign.com/about)

Visit our VOTE poster website for more info.