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Debra Gowin' Brothwell

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Here at Christmas time, many know I would be putting together the " Christmas Giving. Train " drive. However, this year I am going to ask that you give your Holiday spirit, your Holiday giving and Holiday donations to this year's "Giving Train" 

Please read my story of my friend Debra 'Gowin' Brothwell.
Please read my post to the end.

Many of you on my Facebook wall are friends with her Miss Deb as I am.  Many of us all work with Miss Deb and know what a wonderful lady she is and of her struggles.
She is a little lady that when we all came into work each day,  her smile greeted us every single day!  She's a little lady that in the last few years has struggled with her health
She's a little lady that has offered so much friendship and kindness to all that she meets.

Miss Deb life took a horrible , unimaginable turn a few days ago. The murder of two of her Grandbabies.

First off, Miss Deb has met some unfortunate times these last few years she's had to fight through her  health issues, and move in with family . A couple years ago she was attacked by a pack of dogs when going to the garbage and suffered great yet more medical issues. Which she continues to fight with today.

But with all of this said,  none of it has taken the turn that has happened to her and her family this week.

Over the last few years, I have watched Miss Deb make a public plea for any information leading to her grandchildren. I have seen her post about them.  Her post contain her hurt at the loss of not being in their lives. She had spoke to me personally about being taken from their lives by a controlling son-in-law. She has made pleas  for any information,  any knowledge, any information that she could find to know that her grandchildren were okay.

But two days ago Miss Deb got the news that none of us  would ever want to have to wake up to. Two of her beautiful grandchildren were murdered and taken from this Earth.
I cannot even begin to tell you how this breaks my heart. Her son-in-law did the unthinkable and took two of his four children to their death.
She and her family are trying to come to grips with what is happening in theirs lives at this time, learning what has happened to her grandbabies and where her life will go from here.
Her family is surrounded by a huge wall of how to process what has happened. As you can only  imagine there is nothing but shock right now. 
Here at Christmas time "The Given Train" usually is promoting and wanting to help many families. But this year our focus is on Miss Deb, her family and her two remaining grandchildren.
I would like for each and every one of you to reach out and help my dear friend and amazing woman this year at Christmas.
I cannot think of a person more greater in need or more greater to help at this time. 
Miss  Deb and her family will be fighting for her other two grandchildren,  to get them out of foster care and bring them home. She now knows where they are and needs our help to save these two that are left. 

I am posting a link to the related news article of the tragic passing out her Grandbabies.
I ask, and plea for your touching spirit to donate to this year's "Christmas Giving Train.

Thank you all.
Lynn Mulleneaux
The Giving Train


Lynn Mulleneaux
Grand Junction, CO

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