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Isla Animals Rancho Viejo Spay & Neuter 2019-2021

PLEASE help support a healthy community -- a safe place where children can grow and learn. Where examples are set and everyday life clarifies the value of a “Healthy Community”.  Sadly, this is not possible with sick, starving and homeless cats and dogs in the streets. We can change this with your help.

  By lowering the population of unwanted cats and dogs we improve the lives of animals already in the area - more care and food for smaller numbers. The constant presence of dogs and puppies in poor health and therefor with a short life span decreases their value and discourages any long term commitment. Also there are no vets in the area which gives little hope to pet owners.

  Isla animals does a large spay and neuter clinic in the continental section of Isla Mujeres called Rancho Viejo.  This year our dates are November 14 to November 20. Each year when we arrive to set up our field hospital we get more and more cooperation from the residents. On the first morning of surgery there are people already lined up, waiting with their animals.

Animals are eagerly transported in anything that makes it possible.

Owners are encouraged to stay in recovery with their animals, where they learn how to better care for their pets by removing ticks and fleas, cleaning ears, tending to skin problems and cutting nails. We encourage loving homes and respect for “man’s best friend”. Imagined a school yard of children and a puppy.

Imagine a school yard of children and a puppy. Every child would want to hold it. But in Rancho Viejo the children simply ignore it. Puppies are everywhere and so many of them don’t make it. Why invest your heart into something as plentiful as grass and disposable as litter.

Wherever we are for this event, we make a huge effort to show how much we care for each cat and dog. We lead by example and show that animals are important members of the community and must be cared for.

We are changing things but it takes years of clinics to catch up with the population and change attitudes. To show we CAN make a difference, control the situation, and make things better. Last year with your help we spay and neutered 1,124 cats and dogs in five days. This year, we would like to do 1,300. We work hard to improve every year - encouraging more local participation, respect and education for pet owners, and out-reach for those who care and want to work within their community to improve it. Isla Animals, has been making a difference for twenty years and is a 501(c)3 non–profit organization. With all expenses considered, each surgery costs approximately $20. Please sponsor an animal or many, we can do this.

Help us reach our goal so we can help the community and the animals! The dogs and cats of Mexico thank you!

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