10,000 Notes of Encouragement

There was a Chicago Med episode when a girl was brought in for taking pain meds that are usually perscribed to cancer patients. The girl's mother was convinced that her daughter would not do something to intentionally harm herself because she has lots of friends.

During the investigation into her history the doctors  found out that she was actually the one tormenting others, and eventually got the girl to admit that her drive to be perfect in every photo she shares online stemed from her belief that she had an incurable skin disease which would eventually affect how her face would look.

After watching this scene, I thought of that saying: "Whatever someone does, it's not about you." And how it applies to both the good and the bad people throw out into the world.

I was then transported to a memory during childhood when I was attending a Chuch camp. It was one of those moments where attendees were praying over one another. Then when the time came for my family, the Head Pastor prayed for us while his family (I hung out a lot at their house and were close to their kids).

I had no idea what expression I was wearing the whole time, and was suprised when I sat down, another (slightly older) girl sitting a couple of spots from me remarked that I was a 'smiling ass'.

Clearly after all these years there is still a bit of sting left and my desire for increased privacy could have been driven in part so as not to leave any temptation for others to use information shared in confidence (yes, when someone sends you an email ---- don't forget to ask their permission before sharing it publicly! That also applies when your friends shares something...even if there were other people around. Ask their blessing first!).

By being involved in this project I'm wanting to focus more on the people who have been recipients of such comments. Just to make it easier for them to shrug off the haters, so they could focus more on those who are supportive.


I keep thinking about all those times when I've gotten a surge of energy after receiving a note from someone who geniunely believes in me.

At times I have lost touch with people in my circle and had some days that I felt like my best days were behind me --- and I just had to make do. I found that one of the things that could help me get back to my bright self...is find who I can encourage.

I discovered that it actually didn't have to be: 'Hey! You're awesome!' It could be something as simple as asking someone about a recipe you know they are awesome at.

Simon Sinek mentions in his talk about the amazing things that happen, when we know that someone has our back. If I can communicate to someone that I've found what they said helpful --- that could be a start to a combination of encouragements in the next few weeks!

It's a slightly crazy milestone. Ten thousand notes of encouragement.  Step by step...bit by bit. I'll get there! :)

How about you? Maybe after reading this, a name (or face!) popped up in your head. Write that person a letter, get back in touch. (Go! Don't worry you can get back to this later! Let Mel Robbins spur you on .)

Done it? Good.

If you stuck on what to say --- let me know, and I'll be more than happy to stop by their site (a blog or project) and think up of a way to encourage them...after saying a quick hello.

Seriously...don't underestimate the acts of kindness you've done today. It may be letting someone have your seat in the train during rush hour, helping someone with their shopping...or even going big and offering to spend half an hour weeding someone's yard!

How funds would be used:
- PR and Marketing
- Postage (for physical notes!)
- Additional Items to Include with the Notes (CDs, Books, Various Art...)
- Transaction Fees

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - With a Twist!

Q: I've seen other campaigns through Go Fund Me, and they have posters that have URL tear outs. Where can I find one for the project?

A: The PDF is right here:


Before you put something on a board, kindly double-check the venue/cafe/restaurant to make sure that its the sort of material permitted on that board.

Q: How does this work? You send me a note, and then I give money depending on how much I value the note?

A: If that's how it works for you, I'm okay with that! :)

The idea is to inspire you to have a look at your contact list...and maybe single out 10 to encourage. If you keep an eye on the updates (weekly to fortnightly), there would be some ideas about sending those notes.

Q: Will you check out my books and consider purchasing 20 of them to include with future notes?

A: As long as they are a fit to the recipients, it is definetely possible! Drop me a line with more info.

Q: I've read about something called an avatar (that has to do with finding your ideal customer ). Who do you think this project resonates with the most?

A:  Going with the theme having the note recipient and patron separate people. I would say that it would resonate with these two people:

Person 1 (Note Recipient): Thinks that the world is hopeless and there is no sense in opening up to others.

Person 2 (Patron): Yearns to encourage others --- unfortunately doesn't have much free time to spend as he/she is busy running a company and looking after family.

I'll be more specific in my entries of Alena and Tate, and will put up links once they are up. :)

Q: How can I reach out to you?

A: Best way to reach out is through here .

Q: I need more information before I can decide if you're my kind of person. Can you tell me more about youself?

A: Sure! This page is good place to start.


Leigh Lim
Haymarket NSW

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