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Hello :-) My name is Erin Ford and I am a singer/songwriter from Toronto. I'm here to ask for some help recording, releasing and promoting my music and realizing my musical dreams! Normally I am very self-sufficient and historically I have supplemented my income & music life through the noble profession of nursing but that is no longer an option. 2 severe illnesses resulting in a chronic condition, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), has left me unable to nurse nor easily work in just any environment. Exposure to chemical scents & vapors such as cleaning chemicals, alcohol hand rubs, scented soaps & perfumes etc, makes me sick causing neurological problems in varying degrees depending on the chemical. Existing in this scented & chemically filled world is a challenge for me but I am determined to live & succeed the best that I can!

It began in the late 90's with gastrointestinal issues every 4 months then I would feel fine so I didn't think much of it at the time. Towards the end of 2006 things got worse with terrible intermittent flu-like illnesses, skin rashes, painful sinus infections, terrible back pain and then the gastrointestinal problems started again and steadily worsened. Being a nurse armed with too much knowledge, I was convinced I had cancer! I had many of the same symptoms that my ovarian cancer patients described having! At my other hospital I mirrored what my crohns & colitis patients were experiencing. I don't know how I got through those days of looking after others while I myself was so sick! An extreme number of washroom visits a day, big weight loss, many food intolerances & sensitivities, signs of malnutrition etc and not one doctor or specialist could find what was wrong with me. I had many tests & they all came up negative, a complete mystery. People became shocked at my appearance and asked what was wrong with me or did I have anorexia! You do what you have to do to keep life going I guess. Through it all I was still trying to establish a music career. It's been a long-time dream of mine to be a full-time musician releasing and performing my own music! 

In 2007, while symptoms were still manageable, I began recording the songs I had written and polished since the early 90's. My goal of releasing an original album was finally going to be achieved.  Thankfully I was able to engineer most of the recording and editing in my professional home studio lovingly built by my life partner. Between 2007 & 2010 I recorded other players when I felt well enough & sometimes when I did not feel well. I was on a mission to get the record done! 

 By June 2010 I was down 30 pounds and I was close to complete malnutrition yet doctors still had no answers! Then the Universe stepped in to help me! Although close to hospitalization, I got a gut feeling to attend a friends' BBQ. It was there I met a woman who was a medical intuitive, holistic nutritionist and energy medicine practitioner. Within 10 minutes of my arrival she informed me, after hearing some of my story from my friend, looking into my eyes & reading my energy, that I was full of parasites! I was skeptical and told her I tested negative for that. She said that false negatives were common since the labs only test for 5 types of parasites yet there are hundreds! She had worked in a lab. This was never taught to us in nursing. By this point it was either try her treatment suggestion or head to the hospital. My intuition told me to try her treatment. 

From June 2010 to January 2012, with the guidance of this new angel, I treated and cleared the parasite infection using natural antiparasite kits. Within two weeks of starting the first kit I felt immeasurably better and couldn't believe the difference! As the infection and toxins left my body that in turn caused terrible illness & malaise; I had to feel worse to get better. It took 4 boxes and several healing crises to put me back on the road to wellness still unsure of where I picked up this parasite. I continued to record my album when I felt better. I was starting to make musical progress again when on April 5th 2012 I became overwhelmed by the smell of cleaning chemicals while working at the hospital and began experiencing severe neurological symptoms. No one else on the ward smelled it or was having issues, just me! That turned out to be my last nursing shift ever after almost 25 years of employment. I woke up a nurse/musician and came home a very sick person! Everything changed. It was very sudden but looking back there were subtle signs that something was wrong.

For the next 3 months I could not leave my house without wearing a mask, couldn't drive my car due to exhaust, could only tolerate one room in my home due to residues of chemical cleaners previously used, no eating anything from plastic, no reading iPhone or computer without a mask (EMF fields), could not go in my studio due to off-gassing foam on the walls etc etc. I woke up one night unable to speak properly or control limbs the way I wanted. It subsided after about 10 minutes thankfully! My life just stopped & music was again on hold while I dealt with a second severe illness and again doctors had no idea what it was. Shuffled from one specialist to the next, nobody had an answer. One doctor suggested it was all in my head & just wanted to pump me with drugs. I thought I would be the girl in the plastic bubble unable to live in the outside world.

The holistic angel I met once again stepped in & knew how to help me. I was toxically overloaded from previous parasite toxins, years of exposure to chemicals in hospitals & years of chemical exposure from everyday life. I started a slow & complete detoxification. Eliminated all chemicals in my environment, exercised once stronger, started an all-organic diet, elimination of all chemical products going on or in my body, sauna therapy, reverse osmosis water, herbs & supplements to flush my liver, meditation & inner emotional work. By fall 2012 I relocated my studio to the dining room table and slowly started working again on the album. I learned of an environmental illness clinic in Toronto. From referral to appointment it took 11 months. In that time I followed the guidance of my holistic angel and I was feeling much better as long as I was not exposed to chemical scents. I finally was assessed by the new environmental illness specialist November 2013. The doctor said I indeed had MCS, I was guided correctly how to treat it, people with this problem generally have poor detox genetics and hyper olfactory sense receptors & I was to keep doing what I had been doing. He also said that likely it would be a life-long condition.

MCS is not recognized by Workman's Compensation, places of employment, government disability programs nor most of western medicine really hence it is difficult to get financial assistance. The one hospital I worked at the longest terminated me stating I did not have enough medical evidence to be off work so long! I am over the acute illness but limiting exposure to chemicals remains the most effective treatment. I must be careful of where I go and what I smell so holding a job and performing is tricky.

I did persevere, found a great engineer to help me record my final vocals & help me mix my album at his studio Chess Sound. He just happened to live chemical free as well! Through previous Go Fund Me donations the album was professionally mastered, had CDs printed and digital distribution set up. After 8 long years my album Natural Progression was released in Fall of 2015! The CD release party was held October 3rd at The Duke Live in Toronto on my 50th birthday! The venue, the musicians and crowd catered to my condition! The night was scent free which was awesome! I performed with a 10-piece band with full horn section. A dream come true & a night to remember!

My experiences with illness left me with a new spiritual perspective that has enriched my life and affected my new songwriting. I am now guided by the legacies of John Lennon & Bob Marley to produce songs that inspire people to think and live lives of tolerance, peace, love & oneness; songs that raise the vibration and collective consciousness of the world. My first record Natural Progression also has songs with great messages like never giving up on your dreams, spreading love & compassion and to keep going through adversity. I am all about music with a message with good grooves!

In November 2015 I started recording a new single at Chess Sound called We R One. A new original song about unity, peace & preserving the Earth. I cannot wait to share this with the world and continue my new writing & record when I have the finances. I do need help to get these songs out to the masses as well as promote my first album, make videos & do what is necessary to be an independent musician. I hope one day to not need help & be making my living solely from music!

Working for supplemental income is not yet an easy viable option for me due to my condition so I need financial help. Thank you in advance for any support you are willing & able to give to help me chase my music dream and help bring my inspirational music to the world! I believe all things happen for a reason and I am actually grateful to the Universe for my struggles. My illnesses helped me learn great life lessons, awakened me spiritually and left me no choice but to simply follow my destiny, music.

"When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it" - Paulo Coelho from his book The Alchemist     

If you choose to donate the reward levels are as follows:

$5 receive 1 mp3 song via email. 
$10 receive 2 mp3 songs via email.
$15 receive 3 mp3 songs via email. 
$20 receive 4 mp3 songs via email. 
$30 receive 5 mp3 songs via email.
$50 receive 1 Natural Progression CD.
$75 receive 1 NP CD & 1 signed 11x17 CD Release Party poster. 
$100 receive 1 signed NP CD.
$150 receive 1 signed NP CD & 1 signed 11x17 poster. 
$175 receive 1 signed NP CD & 2 signed 11x17 posters.
$200 receive 1 signed NP CD, 1 Erin Ford & The Good Life T-shirt (M, L, XL) & 1 signed 11x17 poster. 
$250 receive 1 NP CD, 1 signed NP CD, 1 EF & TGL T-shirt & 1 signed 11x17 poster.
$350 receive 2 signed NP CD's & 2 EF & TGL T-shirts.
$500 receive 3 signed NP CD's, 2 EF & TGL T-shirts & 1 signed 11x17 poster. 
$750 receive a private in-home 45 minute solo concert (GTA only), 2 signed NP CD's, 1 EF & TGL T-shirt & 1 signed poster.
$1,000 receive a private in-home 1 hour solo concert (GTA only), 2 signed NP CD's, 1 EF & TGL T-shirt & 1 signed poster.
$1,500 receive a private in-home 90 minute solo concert (GTA only), 2 signed NP CD's, 2 EF & TGL T-shirts & 1 signed poster.
$2,000 receive a private in-home 2 hour solo concert with 20 min break (GTA only), 3 signed NP CD's, 2 EF&TGL T-shirts & 2 signed posters.

With much love, peace & gratitude, Erin xoxo

About Me:  Writing, releasing & performing my own music is a long-time dream! While at university I decided music was what I truly wanted to do. I left science/medicine behind and obtained my Nursing Diploma. Something to pay the rent, subsidize music until I could make a full-time living from it and be of service to others. A win, win, win! Well 25 plus years later after many gigs & performances, nursing shifts, life's ups & downs, cover demos, writing, rewriting, networking, recording, illness etc., I have released my debut all-original album, Natural Progression! I'm especially proud of persevering through illnesses to finish it and achieve my goal!

 About Natural Progression:  A diverse collection of 12 original songs full of love, passion, honesty & positivity. Technically a 10-track album with 2 bonus songs written for each of my parents who have been hugely supportive of me and my music. Top A-list Toronto freelance musicians lent their souls & talents to this record. I feel so fortunate to have met such wonderful people and top-notch players. It was also a gift mixing and recording final lead vocals with Chris Hess at Chess Sound.

The album has a great 70's vibe with real horns and elements of R&B, light rock, reggae, jazz, pop & some say a little country. I call it, inspirational pop/rock with a vintage vibe. Songs to entertain but also mean something which is how I approach music.

Future Plans:  I've started writing my second album and am very excited about it as well! I know my purpose is to make a difference through music. I intend to follow in the footsteps of artists like Bob Marley, John Lennon & Bob Dylan. Getting people dancing & singing is also high on my priority list! Positive, good & happy vibrations, just what the world needs right now!

Join the team & the adventure. Please help me get my music's energy out there.  It's what I was born to do :)

You can visit to listen to all the songs from Natural Progression for free.

Please visit me online :) (new site almost complete)   

Peace & Love! Thank You!
Erin Ford aka ELF :-)
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Update 7
Posted by Erin Ford
35 months ago
Hello Everyone,

Wow my first update in this new year! Time flies when you are busy. I truly hope that 2016 is treating you well!

After many years I finally started a new year feeling very well and hopeful for my health! My mind and spirit feel cured of my condition, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, but my body lets me know that it is not. Venturing into unfamiliar environments with chemical scents still can make symptoms reappear to remind me that my life is not yet completely normal & may never be. I have come a long way from having to wear a mask just to go outside so I am grateful for my progress! I am now open to trying a part-time job to supplement my sporadic indie music income but I need to work in a safe environment for my health. Returning to nursing is not an option for obvious reasons; hospitals & clinics are full of chemicals. Finding the right fit for me may take time but hopefully it is not impossible! The search is on. In the meantime I will keep working on promotion, selling CD's, lining up gigs, growing my fan base & writing songs.

Having my own house concert venue in my home studio and bookings to perform at Humble Beginnings in Toronto are blessings to me providing safe places to play. Humble Beginnings is a restaurant that serves organic food & is conscious of chemicals! Next house concert is March 19th. Next gig at Humble Beginnings is April 15th. I will be doing both shows with guitarist Dave Honan who brilliantly played on my album Natural Progression! The Duke was also a fairly safe venue for me and management kindly catered to my scent issues. I am in talks with the venue to do another show there possibly in the spring. Also I am looking into online concert sites to stream shows on the internet.

My good fortune continues April 13th when I will be a guest with Diva & Don on their morning show on Whistle Radio from Stouffville, Ontario. We will talk music and play tunes right after the 8 am news. In the Stouffville area tune in to 102.7 FM or tune in online at They are also happy to accommodate my scent condition so very cool!

The complete makeover of my website,, is almost finished. My web developer and I have worked hard the last few months putting the content and design together. I will now be able to utilize this awesome new tool with confidence. Eventually I will have direct ecommerce on the site but due to prohibitive set up costs we used links to the ‘buy’ and ‘streaming’ sites for now. Something to work towards in the future! Work is also ongoing updating all social media sites, press kits and promoting the release of Natural Progression. A ton of work for one but rewarding & fulfilling!

Since last November I have worked with Chris Hess at Chess Sound slowly recording my new song ‘We R One’. I am anxious to release this new single so it’s message can be heard and it’s vibe felt. This tune has great energy! So far with the help of my parents, Go Fund Me donors and some gig revenue, drums, bass, acoustic rhythm guitar, the horn section and keys (piano & organ) have been recorded. It sounds great but there is still lead guitar, final lead vocals, backup vocals and percussion to be recorded. After that final mixing & mastering. Song artwork needs designing as well. Lots to be accomplished yet! This is a high priority for me getting this feel-good song to the world! Peace, love, unity and preserving our Earth are the themes put to a catchy melody and beat. I am so fortunate to have been given this song!

My creative juices have been flowing as well. Another new song with a great message is taking shape! One more gift from the Universe to be recorded and much more writing to be done for my second album.

I am grateful for the journey, the lessons and the previous donations that have helped me achieve what I have so far. Thank you for your support of independent music & your support of me!

With much love, peace & gratitude,
Erin xoxo

Reward levels for donations are as follows:
$5 receive 1 mp3 song via email.
$10 receive 2 mp3 songs via email.
$15 receive 3 mp3 songs via email.
$20 receive 4 mp3 songs via email.
$30 receive 5 mp3 songs via email.
$50 receive 1 Natural Progression CD.
$75 receive 1 NP CD & 1 signed 11x17 CD Release Party poster.
$100 receive 1 signed NP CD.
$150 receive 1 signed NP CD & 1 signed 11x17 poster.
$175 receive 1 signed NP CD & 2 signed 11x17 posters.
$200 receive 1 signed NP CD, 1 Erin Ford & The Good Life T-shirt (M, L, XL) & 1 signed 11x17 poster.
$250 receive 1 NP CD, 1 signed NP CD, 1 EF & TGL T-shirt & 1 signed 11x17 poster.
$350 receive 2 signed NP CD's & 2 EF & TGL T-shirts.
$500 receive 3 signed NP CD's, 2 EF & TGL T-shirts & 1 signed 11x17 poster.
$750 receive a private in-home 45 minute solo concert (GTA only), 2 signed NP CD's, 1 EF & TGL T-shirt & 1 signed poster.
$1,000 receive a private in-home 1 hour solo concert (GTA only), 2 signed NP CD's, 1 EF & TGL T-shirt & 1 signed poster.
$1,500 receive a private in-home 90 minute solo concert (GTA only), 2 signed NP CD's, 2 EF & TGL T-shirts & 1 signed poster.
$2,000 receive a private in-home 2 hour solo concert with 20 min break (GTA only), 3 signed NP CD's, 2 EF&TGL T-shirts & 2 signed posters.

Thank You!

In Studio with the Horn Section We R One
With Horn Players Post Session We R One
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Update 6
Posted by Erin Ford
38 months ago
Hi Friends & Fans : )

I can't believe we will be celebrating the holiday season in just a few short weeks! Time has flown since my CD launch party Oct 3rd! Since then I have performed solo at a lovely spot in The Junction but mostly I've been focusing on fully updating my online presence which is essential. My other priority has been beginning the recording process for my new song We R One with Chris Hess at Chess Sound. Drums (Tony Nesbitt-Larking) and bass (David Tonelli) are now complete and sound great! A wonderful foundation for the instruments to come. We record my rhythm guitar on Nov 30th then a full horn section when I am able to do so. Lead guitar, keys and backup vocals also need to be recorded as well. We R One is all about peace, love and unity with a catchy, happy melody. I am anxious for all to hear and feel this song especially in light of what's been happening in our world lately. I've performed It live now numerous times since last March and people are loving it :) I am getting requests for We R One all the time so I would love to release it as a single as soon as I can to get its positive message & vibration out there. Would also be great to use it to raise money for charity.

I have chosen my new website template and my new designer Sandra has begun work on the first draft. My job is ongoing providing her with all files necessary to put the site together. I am excited about this new contemporary look! I also have been slowly updating social media sites and promoting my current album release Natural Progression.

Once my online presence is updated I can create digital press kits and submit to venues, radio, showcases, festivals, contests etc. I look forward to gigging a lot more in the future as well!

There is still so much to do and so much to accomplish but I am grateful for the journey, the lessons and the donations so far that have helped me achieve what I've achieved so far. Thank you! If anyone has the desire to help me release music with great energy to the world it would be most appreciated! I wish you all a peaceful holiday season full of love :-)

New Donation Levels & Rewards:
$5 receive 1 mp3 digital song from Natural Progression or a work in progress of my new song We R One.
$10 receive 2 mp3 digital songs.
$15 receive 3 mp3 digital songs.
$20 receive 4 mp3 digital songs.
$30 receive 4 mp3 digital songs & a signed CD Release Poster.
$50 receive a Natural Progression CD & a signed poster.
$75 receive a NP CD & 2 signed posters.
$100 receive a signed NP CD.
$150 receive a signed NP CD & a signed poster.
$175 receive a signed CD & an Erin Ford & The Good Life T-shirt (M, L, XL)
$200 receive a signed CD, an EF&TGL T-shirt & a signed poster.
$250 receive 2 signed CD's, a T-shirt & a signed poster.
$350 receive 2 signed CD's & 2 T-shirts.
$500 receive 3 signed CD's, 2 T-shirts & a signed poster.
$750 receive a private in-home 45 minute solo concert (GTA only), 2 signed CD's, a T-shirt & a signed poster.
$1,000 receive a 1 hour solo concert in-home, 2 signed CD's, a T-shirt & a signed poster.
$1,500 receive a 90 minute solo concert in-home, 2 signed CD's, 2 T-shirts & a signed poster.
$2,000 receive a 2 hour solo concert in-home (20 minute break), 3 signed CD's, 2 T-shirts & 2 signed posters.

Wishing you Peace, Love & Music and a Beautiful Holiday Season : )
Erin xo
Chess Sound Recording Drums & Bass
Erin Ford and The Good Life T-shirts
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Update 5
Posted by Erin Ford
39 months ago
Hi Friends & Fans :-)

Well I am happy to report that the Natural Progression CD Release Party & my 50th birthday Oct 3rd was a big success! Erin Ford & The Good Life played to a packed house at The Duke on Queen St. East in Toronto with tons of friends old & new, family, family friends, music colleagues, former nursing colleagues, public patrons and many high school peeps! Not an empty seat in the place! I am so grateful to all who came out to the show! Your presence & support meant the world to me :) The band was awesome and my voice was strong! All comments were that we rocked the venue, people were blown away by the calibre of the band and the dance floor was crowded all night!

Now that the CD has been released & the album is on iTunes the real work begins! Lol! Promotion is key but can be costly. My website needs an overhaul and I have hired a lovely & capable web designer Sandra Eamor. Through Cd sales and this Crowdfunding Campaign I have been able to pay the first of three instalments so thank you! I also need lyric videos through Indie Pool & proper professional music videos for YouTube & other social media sites in order to really compete with the major label artists.

Nov 2nd I begin recording my new single We R One with Chris Hess engineering at Chess Sound Studios. We will do the basic rhythm tracks first. All seem to agree this could be my break out song that would also bring attention to my newly released album Natural Progression. The response to We R One live has been phenomenal! I can't wait to record & mix it hopefully before Christmas if I can get all the funds together to pay for recording engineer and the musicians.

I also have intentions to submit to showcase at Canadian Music Week (CMW) which takes place in Toronto in May 2016. Deadline for submission is Dec 29th. CMW is the premier event to showcase for top music industry people. They only accept submissions via EPK (electronic press kit) and of course there is a cost for this. I would also like to submit to North By Northeast , another showcase festival in Toronto in June and to prestigious songwriting contests. Again there is a cost for each submission :( I also have it on my list to start submitting my music to Toronto's Indie 88 radio station and college radio as well. So much to do for one person! Someday I hope to hire people for these tasks!

I truly am so grateful for all the donations to this campaign so far! The generosity has been mind blowing and without it I would not have accomplished what I have so far so thank you from the bottom of my heart! If anyone wishes to help me continue to chase my music dreams it would be so appreciated! You would be helping the world hear positive music full of peace, love & inspiration :-)

Good news! I now have T-shirts available for donation rewards! They are cool black shirts with the gold Erin Ford & The Good Life band logo & gold screened elf character from my biz logo! Medium, Large & Extra Large available.

New Reward Levels:
Donate $25 receive a signed CD Release Poster.
Donate $50 receive a Natural Progression CD.
Donate $100 receive a signed Nat Prog CD.
Donate $150 receive a signed Nat Prog CD & a signed CD Release Poster.
Donate $200 receive a signed Nat Prog CD & Erin Ford & The Good Life T-shirt.
Donate $250 receive a signed CD, 1 T-shirt & a signed CD Release Poster.
Donate $300 receive 2 signed CD's & 1 T-shirt.
Donate $500 receive 3 signed CD's, 1 T-shirt & a signed CD Release Poster.
Donate $750 receive a private in-home 45 min solo concert (GTA only), 1 signed CD, 1 T-shirt & a signed CD Release Poster.
Donate $1,000 receive a private in-home 1 hour solo concert (GTA only), 1 signed CD, 1 T-Shirt & a signed CD Release Poster.
Donate $1,500 receive a private in-home 90 min solo concert (GTA only), 2 signed CD's, 1 T-shirt & a signed CD Release Poster.
Donate $2,000 receive a private in-home 2 hour solo concert, 2 signed CD's, 2 T-shirts & 2 signed CD Release Posters.

Wishing you Peace, Love & Music,
Erin xoxo
Erin Ford & The Good Life Oct 3rd!
Band T-shirt :)
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Update 4
Posted by Erin Ford
40 months ago
Hi Friends & Fans,

So happy to say that the Natural Progression CD's are now in my possession and I'm thrilled with how it looks and sounds! I could not have accomplished this without the help of family, friends & donors! Thank you so very much :-)
The official release party is only 5 days away! Rehearsals with my 10-piece band with full horns are sounding great :) We will be rocking The Duke Live (1225 Queen St. East, Toronto) this Saturday October 3rd at 7:30 pm sharp doing 3 sets of originals from the CD and awesome horn-driven covers! There are still some tickets available. $25 in advance, $35 on show day at the venue or online at (link closes 7:30 am on show day). If you're free come out, help us celebrate, see a great show with some of the best freelance players in Toronto and help support local indie music.

Going forward post CD Release this Saturday, I will need to create music videos, book a tour, continue promotion, completely update web design & continue to record to release new singles. Just a few of the things I will require to continue building a music career. Any help & support people are willing & able to give would be so appreciated! Please see reward levels for donations in the campaign description. I have updated them.

I am so blessed to be able to create, record and perform my music! I thank those who have helped me so far! You have been instrumental in helping me to achieve my goals moving me closer to all of my music dreams :-)

Wishing you peace, love and music,
Erin xo
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$4,760 of $30,000 goal

Raised by 19 people in 44 months
Created June 5, 2015
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Karen Roony
37 months ago

Erin, so sorry i couldn't make the release party and for being so late to the party in getting this support done on line for you. You have a great dream & goal, amazing talent and unwavering perseverance and a fantastic support group. Wishing you nothing but the best of success. It will happen for you my friend.

Cathy Ciccolini
39 months ago

To my beautifull MPSJ friend Erin. I was super bummed I couldn't make your launch. I was out of town with friends but truly wanted to share my support and love for what's not only your wonderful talent, but your spirit and character, especially in friendship!! and as we ALL celebrate our 1965 year of birth - here's to the power of great women, great friends and a great highschool that has kept us together!! muah! luv your friend . Cathy ciccolini

Jennifer Agnew
40 months ago
Jim Ronan
40 months ago

Sorry I cannot be there for your big night, wishing you all the best my dear.

Ruth Ann Luciano
40 months ago

Do Sant and I get royalties from the sales for my wedding song?

Lisa Siciliano
40 months ago

You're proof to NEVER give up on your dreams! Continue to enjoy the ride because you deserve all the good things coming your way!

40 months ago
40 months ago
Daryll de Souza
41 months ago

Hi Erin and Congrats. Can't wait to hear it, i was planning on coming for release party, but we just bought a house and can't make it now. I will have to imagine the band, and live through the inevitable posts that will follow.

Tessie Wait
41 months ago

Sorry to miss Oct. 3rd. Have a wedding to go to. Good luck with your CD & I want one!

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