Let's criminalize organized torture

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Created May 12, 2018
Dr. Tomo Shibata
To read the official proposed bill text of the Organized Torture Act, please click HERE.
To read the background and the explanation of the bill, please click HERE.

My name is Dr. Tomo Shibata (Doctor of the School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences), an Advisory Board Member of Freedom For Targeted Individuals. As a resident of California, I’m asking for donations and California organizations’ endorsements to help me lobby legislative sponsorship for a bill proposal criminalizing “organized covert torture,” by principally amending the penal code, to the California State Legislature.

I. What Is Organized Covert Torture?

"Organized covert torture" is defined as a multitude of conspiring individuals' knowing and willful course of conduct that inflicts extreme or cruel pain or suffering by non-impulsively and clandestinely inflicting grave bodily injury, centrally coordinated by a corrupt organization. These injuries are mostly invisible or often seem to have naturally occurred, and are inflicted in such sophisticated methods as to render the victim's torture complaint perceived as delusional or paranoid. A device or weapon, from which an electrical current, pulse or beam, wave, or sound wave may be directed to incapacitate temporarily, injure, torture or kill, namely, an "electronic weapon" including a “microwave weapon” used to invisibly maim the brains of the U.S. diplomats in Cuba, is often deployed to cause such invisible torturous injuries.

The purposes of organized torture include discrediting the victim who filed a civil or criminal complaint against a member or an associate of the torture organization, discrediting a whistle-blower or a non-consensual human experimentation subject, punishing the victim for the act the victim committed, coercing the victim, gaining sadistic pleasure, and for any reason based on discrimination of any kind. In lieu of abducting the victim, which results in the sudden disappearance of the victim and naturally raises law enforcement's suspicion, the torture organization centrally coordinates the systematic, organized surveillance and harassment of the victim by a multitude of conspirators, i.e., "organized stalking" (a/k/a, “gang-stalking,” “contract stalking”) in order to keep the victim under the control of the torture organization. Nadar v. General Motors Corp at the NY Court of Appeals in 1970 marks the seminal case of organized stalking by establishing the tort of "invasion of privacy." The defendant paid security company agents to stalk the plaintiff in an organized fashion, in order to coerce the plaintiff not to publish a book criticizing the defendant’s products’ safety-design defects.

The police have summarily dismissed the organized stalking and covert torture victims' complaints assuming that the victims are delusional or paranoid, and wrongfully detained the victims in psychiatric institutions for observation. The major media, such as the New York Times, have superficially portrayed organized stalking victims as delusional/paranoid in a ridiculing tone, thereby socially objectifying the victims. The superficial derision and the social objectification of organized stalking complainants by the media reporters ironically prompt these reporters to fail to seek truth, which ought to be the objective of journalism in the outset.

Mike McPhate’s article on organized stalking, "The United States of Paranoia," in the New York Times cites Lorraine Sheridan’s article on gang-stalking published in the Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology as impeccable authority. Sheridan’s article concludes that the gang-stalking complainants are delusional by most negligently failing to conduct research on the cutting-edge technologies of militarized neuroscience, about the abuse of which all the gang-stalking complainants claim in the study. Such cutting-edge militarized neuroscience technologies include the microwave auditory effect, introduced by Allan Frey in Journal of Applied Physiology, and a brain-computer interface introduced by Norbert Weiner in his book, Cybernetics. Sheridan’s failure to take into account the existence of these neuroscience technologies in diagnosing gang-stalking complainants proximately causes Sheridan to blindly conclude that the gang-stalking complaints indicating the abuse of the said technologies are “impossible and thus delusional.” A former high ranking officer from the Security Industries Specialists, Inc., Bryan Kofron, testified in 2017 that his company, as well other security companies, routinely used such “total individual control technology” of neuroscience against the company’s organized stalking targets.

Organized covert torture is a sophisticated crime against humanity motivated by desires for domination and control. The torturers gain a manic sense of power, self-confidence, and sadistic pleasure by controlling and destroying the victim whom the torturers discriminatorily perceive as less in human worth. Organized torture serves the purpose of extra-judicially punishing the target for attempting to disturb the wrongfully assumed (by the torturer) hierarchy of human worth (between the torturer and the target) in order to reinstate such hierarchy.

Every human is equal in human worth. Human worth is not a “zero-sum game.” One cannot “gain” one’s human worth by destroying another human’s life through organized covert torture. It is this metal state of a lust for subjugation while committing a violent criminal action that shall be categorized as the guiltiest mental state in determining judicial punishment.

If you are not yet an organized covert torture target, let's criminalize organized torture before you become the next target.

II. How Does the Organized Torture Act Undo the System of Organized Covert Torture?

The proposed bill titled the Organized Torture Act declares that organized covert torture is a crime against humanity.

Under the existing law, the police have discretion as to whether to investigate an organized covert torture complaint. The instant bill establishes the police’s ministerial duty, under the Penal Code, to investigate an organized covert torture complaint, even if the complaint seems prima facie delusional or paranoid.
The instant bill expressly punishes any police officer who conspires in organized stalking and organized covert torture.

A police officer is civilly and criminally liable for an injury suffered by an organized torture victim who belongs to such classes of people intentionally selected for victimization, if the officer’s act or omission, where the act or omission was the result of the exercise of the discretion vested in the officer, causes such an injury. The police officer shall not be entitled to be indemnified. It is not the taxpayer but the police officer her/himself who shall be held responsible for her/his abusive actions.

The bill requires the California’s Racial and Identity Profiling Advisory Board to establish guidelines concerning how to prevent local criminal law enforcement from employing those with a desire for domination and control, because police officers with such desire tent to abuse, lethally or non-lethally, the discriminated classes of people.

The bill includes organized covert torture committed by a police officer as one of the specified crimes qualified for the interception of wire or electronic communications, authorized by the court.

The bill expressly make the offense of a mental health professional or medical doctor who purposefully or knowingly facilitates, conceals or legitimizes organized covert torture or organized stalking.

The bill establishes enhanced sentences for persons who lead (centrally coordinate) organized covert torture.

III. How You Can Help Realizing This Legislation to End Organized Covert Torture

Early in 2018, upon the request of Assembly Member Shirley Weber, Ph.D.(UCLA), from San Diego, the California Office of Legislative Council converted Dr. Tomo’s proposal into “bill text language,” and the proposal was assigned Reference Number 18 07462. Unfortunately, the bill proposal needs sponsorship by one or more CA Assembly Members or State Senators, as well as organizations and other concerned groups of CA state residents.

The endorsements of California organizations are critical in securing a legislator’s sponsorship. If you are a California organization (of any kind) endorsing the proposed bill, please email the organization’s one-page letter explaining why the organization endorses the bill to Dr. Tomo through this Go Fund Me page. 

Further, to receive the bill sponsorship will require many weeks of lobbying on the part of me and other volunteers. Positive strides in CA to counteract the crimes of organized stalking and organized covert torture through legislation will be a model for other states to follow. Donations of any size will contribute to the ongoing efforts to criminalize and to end this sophisticated crime against humanity.
Because the legislators are closely reading the list of donors on this GoFundMe page, which functions as the evidence of the public’s strong support for this proposed bill, please display your name when you donate, instead of donating anonymously--if at all possible. It is not how much being donated, but how many people donated, that matters in encouraging legislators to act.

Thank you very much for helping.

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TO SACRAMENTO RALLY ATTENDANTS: Please go visit legislators' offices in the Cal capitol building to testify and demand the introduction of the proposed bill this Friday, 4/26

I plead with the Sacramento rally attendants to physically visit Cal state legislators' offices in the capitol building which is right in front of the rally place (the Capitol Park), this Friday, 4/26. Please testify, to the legislative staffers at the offices, organized covert torture victimization (to the extent one feels comfortable with), show any evidence of torture and organized stalking (if available), and demand legislation, i.e., the introduction/sponsorship of the proposed bill. If you have any organized covert torture and/or organized stalking evidence, please consider bringing the evidence with you, only if it is secure to do so, and show your evidence to the Cal state legislators staffers when you visit them. I apologize for the short notice. I have just came up with this idea.

Regretfully, no legislator or legislative staffer has yet agreed to join the rally. Yet, the more people show up at the legislators' offices testifying and demanding legislation, the more likely that our legislation demand is taken seriously by the legislators and their staffers.

On one hand, it is impossible to talk directly to the legislators without any approved appointment, even if you show up at their offices. On the other hand, you can still talk directly to the legislative staffers at the legislators' offices if they are available and in the office, without any prior approved appointment.

Each legislator has the following titled "legislative staffers" (this is a not a complete list):

1) one "chief of staff," who supervises all the staffers of a legislator,
2) one "legislative director," who supervises the entire legislation work of each legislator,
3) a number of "legislative aides" who work under the legislative director and who have assigned legislative specialties (such as human rights and public safety),
4) some legislators have "policy consultants," who also have assigned legislative specialties like legislative aides, but are more experienced than legislative aides, and tend to have J.D.s.
5) a "scheduler" who schedules appointments for a legislator's event attendance, etc.
6) "fellows" who receive paid fellowships to do either the work identical to legislative aides or the work identical to interns (see below).
7) "interns" (often college students) who do clerical work and often sit at the front desk as receptionists in their legislator's offices. So you will probably encounter these intern receptionists first when you walk into a legislator's office (some receptionists are not interns). You may not want to start testifying or demanding legislation to the receptionists at length, because they don't seem to make legislative decisions.

When you go to the legislators' offices, please ask the receptionists if you can speak to "legislative aides" or "policy consultants," who work on legislative fields relative to organized covert torture and surveillance. At a legislator's office, please also ask to speak to the legislative director and the chief of staff, who supervise legislation processes in their legislator's office.

So legislative directors; legislative aides and policy consultants specialized in the fields relevant to organized covert torture and surveillance; and the chiefs of staff are key legislative staffers to talk to. It is because they can refuse to present certain bill proposals to their legislators if they so decide. When they recommend a particular bill proposal to their legislator, the legislator is most likely to author/sponsor that proposed bill.

The legislative staffers are more available in the morning and get busier later in the day. So please try to visit them earlier in the day this Friday, 4/26, even before the rally start time at 11:00 a.m. if at all possible. The following is the detail rally schedule for reference: https://www.tispringtimerally.com/event-schedule.html The public can enter into the capitol building (at least in the past when I visited there) from the south entrance of the building (not the east entrance which the rally's location, the Capitol Park, faces).

The following URLs have the lists of assembly members and senators and their capitol office/room numbers at the capitol building:
Please feel free to talk not just the assembly members and senators listed in the second previous update message but other assembly members and senators as well. If you read their bios and prior bills they authored, which are available on the above URLs, you will have a good idea as to which legislators would be interested in introducing the proposed bill.

It may be a good idea for rally attendants to visit legislators' offices in a group. Yet, please feel free to visit legislators' offices on one's own as well. If there are, say, more than 20 rally attendants willing to go visit legislators' offices collectively, it is probably better to form separate groups---about 10 people in each group--each visiting different legislators' offices at one given time. The police won't form suspicion if each group is not too large. Further, assuming that each TI or TI supporter could speak for a few minutes at each legislator's office, those who visit the legislators' offices will save time waiting for other rally attendants to finish speaking in each legislator's office. So each group of 10 people could spend about 30 minutes in each legislator's office.

So far, the main rally organizer, Lewis Scott Rowe, and a Cal resident TI, Scott King, are willing to lead rally attendants to the legislators' offices. I am asking Dr. Mathew Aaron also to lead a group of TIs to speak to the legislators' offices this Friday.
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If any of the legislators or their legislative staffers (legislative directors, policy consultants and legislative aides) promises to join the rally, please email me through GoFundMe or at revival@hush.com, preferably by the noon of this Tuesday (4/23) PST. Please write, in the email, who is joining the rally (the title, such as Assembly Member XYZ's legislative director, and the name) and when s/he will join the rally (time/date).

On one hand, in order to invite a legislator (a senator or an assembly member) to the rally, you will need to ask the legislator's scheduler. On the other hand, you can talk to a legislative director, a policy consultant or an legislative aide directly on the phone at the phone number listed in the previous update message.

Thank you for your courage and effort in advance.
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The following list includes the names and phone numbers of the Sacramento offices of the Cal state legislators, who are more likely than others to introduce the proposed bill (the Organized Torture Act) next legislative year.

This coming Monday (4/22) between 9 a.m and 5 p.m. (especially in the morning) PST, please call the numbers below and ask these legislators and their legislative staffers to attend the rally at the Capitol Park (in front of the East Entrance of the legislature building) between 11:00 a.m. and 2 p.m. (or until 5:15 p.m.) on 4/26, Friday (and if possible 4/27, Saturday). "Legislative staffers" herein include legislative directors, policy consultants and legislative aides, who have backgrounds relevant to organized covert torture. 200 people are expected to attend the rally. More info on the rally is found at https://www.tispringtimerally.com/sacramento.html

Assembly Member Shirley Weber (916)319-2079
Senator Jerry Hill (916)651-4013
Assembly Member Ed Chau (916)319-2049
Assembly Member Chris Holden (916)319-2041
Senator Nancy Skinner (916)651-4009
Senator Steven Bradford (916)651-4035
Senator Holly Mitchell (916)651-4030

It is very important to raise the legislators' and their staffers' awareness of organized covert torture at the rally. So the legislators will recognize how urgent and important it is to introduce the proposed bill.

Thomas Fontanez-McFarlan's inspiring article on the forthcoming TI springtime rally, titled "Global Targeted Individual Spring Rally Planned for Late April," is available at:
Please copy and paste this article URL onto your address bar since the hyperlink does not seem to work.

I thank Thomas for his continuous journalism on our cause.

If you are a Cal resident, please ask your own assembly member and state senator to attend the rally as well.

Thank you for your help in advance.
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Berkeley City Council members** have promised to investigate the phenomenon of organized covert torture upon the request of Targeted Individual Activist Amy Anderson from Richmond, CA, which is adjacent to Berkeley, CA. Amy and I are trying to realize the local legislation in Berkeley.

However, the Richmond city council member who had been working with Amy was dissuaded from working on the local legislation there.

I appreciate Amy for her wonderful local lobbying efforts and progress.

**I am asking Amy to clarify whether the entire Berkeley City Council or some members of the Berkeley City Council promised to investigate organized covert torture.
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$10,935 of $10,000 goal

Raised by 135 people in 11 months
Created May 12, 2018
Dr. Tomo Shibata
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