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Created May 16, 2018
Hi everyone! Thank you for considering donating to Corey’s Go Fund Me Campaign. Corey was diagnosed about a month ago with a very aggressive breast cancer and 2 nodules in her right axila that came back positive for cancer. Corey is a young, vivacious, dedicated, big hearted, and kind person. As she was getting tests and meeting with doctors, she was also finishing her dissertation and preparing to graduate with her doctorate, which she did May 5th. Unfortunately, she had to move promptly into treatment (right after graduation), given how quickly and unexpectedly the cancer had grown.

Corey is approaching this process with faith, trust, gratitude, and love. To her, the cancer is a teacher and she’s more determined than ever to deeply learn self-love and to live it daily. She is most definitely keeping her spirits up, yet she will need your continued encouragement and support. 

We also need your help to raise money for Corey, as quickly as possible, since she has had to immediately reduce her work hours to 8 hrs/week max. 

Corey received her first round of chemotherapy on May 10th, and she will receive 15 more rounds over the next 20 weeks. The end of chemotherapy will be followed by 4 weeks of restoration to prepare her for surgery, which may vary between a lumpectomy to a double mastectomy with reconstruction.  Once the surgery takes place, Corey will require a 4-8 week post-op recovery period depending on the surgery, then 5-6 weeks of radiation therapy, and up to 10 years of integrative hormone treatments that started along with the chemo. We hope she will be able to return to her work fully after radiation.

During these 8-12 months of treatment and significantly reduced work hours, Corey will need financial assistance to pay her: mortgage, home/car insurance, private practice rent, health insurance policy, any medical and medicine bills not covered by insurance, phone bill, food, gasoline, utilities, credit card payments, etc. You can also help by donating airline miles to her mom, Claudia, as it’s getting expensive to fly regularly between CT and TN. Other ways to contribute can include: Kroeger, Publix, Walmart, Walgreens, or Whole Foods gift cards. Also, taking over some of her monthly payments, can be very helpful. A big and grateful shout out goes to her Aunt Linda for taking over her car payments!

Corey is an entrepreneur in the field of mental health counseling, especially: eating disorders, personality disorders, trauma, yoga therapy, and clinician supervision. She has given so much to help her clients, colleagues, and the mental health profession.  Additionally, her post-PhD plan was to begin volunteering in the arenas of public policy and advocacy, to help foster better access, greater compassion, and more effective treatment for those with mental health challenges. 

The funds you contribute to Corey’s healing process will be of great benefit and will allow Corey to fully concentrate on her recovery, and return next year to the path she was on before this life changing detour. Any and all help you can contribute is greatly welcomed. You can help in many ways...contributing financially, sharing this GOFUNDME campaign with people you know, or even contacting us to see if there is anything else she needs. 

Your time, donations, and re-posts are deeply appreciated. Thank you for loving Corey and supporting her through her healing journey! If you’d like to stay connected, up to date on her progress, or leave her a message, please visit Corey's Go Fund Me campaign as many time as you'd like, we will be sure to keep it current.

Deepest Gratitudes,

Corey’s Tribe (and Corey)
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Hi Dear Ones,

I wish to share 3 things today: deep gratitude, a fantastic treatment update, and the 2nd to last go fund me help request.

First and foremost, I thank you deeply, sincerely, and wholeheartedly, for all the love, support, donations, mileage, hospitality, meals, scholarships/gifts, encouragement, and all the other ways you all have helped me. I’m alive and healing very well for many reasons, a lot of those are due to how each of you showed up for me. From here to infinity...THANK YOU <3 <3 <3!

Now for the fantastic treatment update...wait for it...yes, Yes, YES...I have now successfully completed chemo (2 types), double mastectomy with temporary reconstruction, and almost 6 weeks of radiation. Whohoooo and Wow!!!! To quote the impressive Jerry Garcia...”what a long, strange trip it’s been.”

As far as go fund me, so many of you have helped so much already, it is hard for me to ask for more help...yet, I know I need it, and I need to trust my Inner Wisdom...instead of listening to the voice of conditioned fear that wants to minimize my needs, judge me, and tell me the many ways I’m doing it wrong. This healing journey continues to grow me, teaching me at deeper and deeper levels that shining the light on & exposing these untruths that challenge me internally, brings me much needed healing, and opens the doors (and windows) of freedom and joy even wider.

A main reason I need some more financial support is that after 28 radiation treatments, I’m still working through side effects that limit my ability to return to work fully and hinder some activities of daily living. These side effects are predicted to last another 3-4 weeks. For me, these include, physical exhaustion and excruciating pain from radiation burnt skin, especially on my arm pit and neck :(

Any financial support offered will continue to go toward paying many life-affirming bills (mortgage, health insurance, medications, groceries, utilities, etc). If you can help, any amount is gratefully welcomed <3

Your kind offerings, small, medium, large, extra-large, 2X, 3x, have gotten me through this last year in sooooo many ways, including the financial peace of mind you gifted me, affording me the ability to focus fully on my own healing...thank you again so very, very much...and yes...wow, it really has been almost a year.

If there is one more go fund request, it will likely occur in 6-8 months, should I need help when I go through the final reconstruction surgery. Hopefully by then my finances are flowing abundantly.

Throughout 2019, I’ll be sharing lessons learned, reflections, blessings, and insights, from my healing journey, on social media, along with new directions I’m embarking on as a facilitator for healing in our world...stay tuned.

May many joyous new beginnings blossom for us all this Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere), and may much abundance find its way to you during this Autumn’s harvest (in the Southern Hemisphere).

From the bottom of my heart <3...I THANK YOU...for all the amazing ways you’ve supported and continue to support me, for reading through my posts, and for sharing them when possible. I’m sending lots of extra gratitude sprinkles on the already giant gratitude sundae you’ve all created for me :)

With Love, Faith, Reverence, and Soulfulness, I bow to you for seeing me and healing me. There’s a portion of a song some of us have sung in the Sweat Lodge that I offer to you today: “...you are my family and you are healing me...”


<3 Corey

Latest photo by the lovely and talented Renata Moraes de Almeida :) <3
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Deep thanks to all of you who donated, prayed, shared posts, and helped however you could <3. We raised another 30-45 days of financial blessings for my healing...wow & yay...and...many many Thank You’s. Each of you continues to gift me with love, peace, faith, means, and healing...thank you Earth angels; ‘tis what you are. Each contribution, prayer, act of kindness, and any way you were able to show up for me, has helped me get to where I am. I bow to you deeply with gratitude and respect.

I will likely have a medical update, re: radiation start date, by the end of this coming week, as that treatment plan is currently being developed/finalized. I will share more once I know more.

I receive these Divine Blessings, offered through your kindness and generosity, with all of my Being. I also send to each of you: Big Hugs, Big Love, and Heartfelt Prayers for You and your Loved ones’ Needs to be Tended and Healed <3.

With Love,

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Greetings my amazing friends and family (long but important post & medical update at end),

I feel immense gratitude for the many ways each of you have shown up for me...THANK YOU SO MUCH! Asking for help is already a lesson I continue to learn, asking for money is a giant lesson and practice in vulnerability, trust, and self-care...highly uncomfortable but here I am asking, alongside great hope and gratitude in advance of you reading through this post.

I need to raise approximately $25-$30K (US Dollars), in addition to what we already raised, to cover the rest of 2018 and the upcoming early 2019 expenses for treatment that my insurance policy didn’t/won’t cover, and to help me with my living expenses. If we can share this post with my gofundme link gf.me/u/pihj5k enough times that 1,000 people donate $30 each or 1,500 people donate $20 each, we can reach that $30K goal without it being too much on any one person. Please help me if you can, it is totally ok if you can’t, and a giant Thank You for the donations that recently came in and reaffirmed my faith and hope. I also ask that you share this post with as many people as possible to help increase the chances of reaching this financial blessing goal ♥️.

Also, checks or money orders can be mailed directly to me, should that be your preference (Corey Emerick, 4001 Murphy Road, #B, Nashville, TN, 37209, USA). Thank You .

Most of you have journeyed with me since April/May, in case you haven’t, here’s the synopsis, and if you have, here are some updates:

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2018 (with 2 lymph nodes also positive for cancer). I graduated with my PhD (finally and yay) in early May and within a few days started chemo. Early on, I was hospitalized for 6 days because of a dog bite (totally accidental, yet extremely painful) and became fully dependent on friends/family to help me do everything. This taught me to receive help and surrender at a degree completely foreign to me. Both chemos (16 infusions total) led to significant physical challenges, with extreme nausea being a biggie. Somewhere toward the end of chemo I turned 40 (another yay, truly ).

Before my surgery (next treatment step), I spent 3 weeks with my beloved at a friends’ place in FL...resting, still trying to reduce nausea, snuggling, having fun when possible, and dreaming about what we would do once healed, including the likelihood of marriage. My sweetheart passed away unexpectedly 2 days after we got home from our trip. We were together for 8 years. Words cannot explain the sorrow, the grief, and the love, that live with me, as I learn how to begin again, without him by my side.

I postponed my surgery for about three weeks so I could attend Craig’s services, be with his family, and get my heart and soul a little more steadied for the procedure. I’m beyond lucky to have truly incredible friends/family, strong faith, innate resilience, a deep connection to God/Love and Light, and angels surrounding me, helping me find my way.

It has now been 3 weeks since my double mastectomy with reconstruction, and removal of 11 lymph nodes. Although this phase is another deep practice in surrender, I’m healing well and have an incredible medical team caring for me, and a wonderful mom who has been by my side as often as possible and offering as much love as possible.

The pathology report from the surgery reported a lot more cancer in the right breast than previously indicated by multiple exams, and detected some micro cells in a blood vessel in that same breast. This new information indicated that the cancer was even more aggressive than originally determined and the recurrence rate increased from 0-5% to potentially 25%. This scared me a lot, and I have slowly been coming out from my cave, reaching out to friends and family, and connecting with God as often as I can, thankfully that last part is quite a bit.

One of my docs continues to work weekly on the reconstruction portion and will soon start coordinating with the radiation doctor for radiation treatment; supposed to start in about a month and last approximately 30 treatments (daily on every weekday). Once radiation is complete, and my skin healed, we will finalize the breast reconstruction, sometime in the next 6-8 months. The final part of the medical plan is that I continue taking the two hormone blockers I’m already on for the next ten years.

I had hoped to start working again during radiation. But, since the passing of my darling and the scarier pathology findings, I have had to take a longer break from work to allow for grieving and centering of myself: mind, body, emotions, and spirit. I also have some reinventing and reinvigorating to do regarding the focus and delivery of my work. Due to all of that, I’m now aiming to return more fully to work in mid to late March, and I need all the support and financial assistance possible to help me get there.

I will be connecting with other non-profits and breast cancer or cancer focused agencies that offer financial aid, as well as collaborating with my social worker to hopefully find other avenues that might offer help with medical expenses. I will most definitely be taking care of my well-being with all my might, dedication, and faith. Your virtual and personal love, and prayers, go a very long way for/with my healing, please keep them coming. I need my tribe. I have always needed and will always need you, tribe/family/friends...you all continue to raise me, in the many meanings of the word raise. May you all feel loved, be safe, and blessed with health and abundance during this Holiday Season and everyday of this coming year ✨.

With Deep Love and Deep Gratitude,


#LoveWins #Healing #AskingForHelp
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Portuguese Version (English Version being posted right after this one):

Olá meus incríveis amigos/as e família (longo mas importante, e update médico no fim),

Sinto imensa gratidão por todas as maneiras que cada um de vocês já me ajudaram...MUITO MUITO OBRIGADA ! E, por mais difícil que seja, e para mim é difícil, estou aqui pedindo mais um pouco de ajuda. Para mim pedir dinheiro é uma lição em humildade gigantesca e uma séria prática em vulnerabilidade, confiança, e autocuidado; altamente desconfortável, mas aqui vai, junto com uma enorme esperança e gratidão que começam já por vc estar lendo e/ou repassando este post.

Preciso levantar de US$25 a US$30 mil (além do que já foi levantado) para cobrir o restante das despesas médicas de 2018 e as que foram previstas para o começo de 2019 (tem despesas que a minha apólice de seguro não cobre, certos medicamentos que não são cobertos por seguro de saúde, além de ajuda com minhas despesas mensais que necessito para viver). Se compartilharmos suficientemente este post com o link para a minha campanha no gofundme, gf.me/u/pihj5k e 1.000 pessoas doarem US$30 cada, ou 1.500 pessoas doarem US$20 cada, podemos atingir esse gol de US$30,000 sem que seja muita imposição para uma pessoa só. Por favor me ajude se puder, totalmente ok se não puder, e muitíssimo obrigada pelas novas doações recentes que reafirmaram minha fé e esperança. Peço também que repassem este post para o maior número de pessoas possíveis para aumentarmos as chances de alcançarmos este gol de bênçãos financeiras ♥️.

Outra maneira de enviar dinheiro é através do PayPal, use meu e-mail corey.emerick@gmail.com e selecione amigos/familiares (não bens/serviços) para evitar cobranças extras do site.

A maioria de vocês estão caminhando comigo desde abril/maio, caso você está começando a me conhecer ou a acompanhar a minha jornada, aqui está uma sinopse, e se você já tá juntinho aqui comigo à algum tempo, aqui estão alguns updates:

Eu fui diagnosticada com câncer de mama em abril de 2018 (com 2 nódulos linfáticos também positivos com câncer). Eu me formei com o meu PhD (finalmente e oba) no início de maio e dentro de alguns dias comecei a quimioterapia. Logo no início eu fui hospitalizada por 6 dias por causa de uma mordida de cachorro (totalmente acidental, mas extremamente dolorosa) e fiquei totalmente dependente de amigos/família para me ajudarem a fazer tudo. Isso me ensinou a realmente receber ajuda e a me render totalmente à fé. Ambas as quimios que fiz (16 infusões totais) causaram desafios físicos muito grandes para mim, com náusea extrema sendo um desses grandes problemas. Perto do final da quimioterapia eu completei 40 anos (outro oba).

Antes da minha cirurgia (próximo passo do tratamento após a quimio), passei três semanas com meu amor, Craig na Flórida, na casa de amigas. Descansamos, trocamos muitos carinhos e chamegos, continuamos a tentar reduzir a náusea, nos divertimos quando possível, e planejamos o que faríamos depois de curada, incluindo a probabilidade de casamento. Esse mesmo amor meu, junto comigo a 8 anos, faleceu inesperadamente dois dias depois que voltamos da nossa viagem. Palavras não podem explicar a dor, a falta que sinto, o amor que só se aprofunda, e a tristeza que vive comigo enquanto eu aprendo a começar de novo, sem ele ao meu lado. Adiei a cirurgia por três semanas para que eu pudesse participar dos serviços funerários, estar com a família dele e fortalecer um pouco mais meu coração e minha alma para essa cirurgia.

Eu sou muito abençoada de ter amigas/os e familiares realmente incríveis, uma fé forte, uma resiliência que vem do fundinho do coração, uma conexão profunda com Deus/Amor e com a Luz, e anjos ao meu redor constantemente, ou eu estaria verdadeiramente perdida.

Hoje fazem três semanas desde a cirurgia: uma mastectomia dupla com reconstrução e remoção de 11 nódulos linfáticos do lado direito. Graças a Deus, estou me recuperando bem e tenho uma equipe médica incrível cuidando de mim, além de uma mãe maravilhosa que está ao meu lado com a maior frequência possível e cheia de amor para me dar.

Através da patologia da cirurgia, os médicos descobriram muito mais câncer no seio direito do que todos os testes feitos indicaram, incluindo algumas microcélulas em um vaso sanguíneo. Esta nova informação indicou que o câncer era ainda mais agressivo do que inicialmente determinado e a chance de recorrência aumentou de 0-5% para mais ou menos 25%. Isso mexeu comigo muito, e tenho saído lentamente de um tempinho de isolação e luto, aonde passei o tempo em conversas e choros profundos com Deus. Tenho a gratidão de saber durante todos esses meses e com todas as células do meu ser, que Deus esteve comigo a cada passo meu, e vai continuar assim comigo, bem juntinho.

Um dos meus médicos continuará trabalhando semanalmente na reconstrução dos meus seios, e logo começará a coordenar com o oncologista da radiação para começarem os tratamentos de radiação em aproximadamente um mês. Vou receber uns 30 tratamentos de radiação, um todo dia da semana (de Segunda à Sexta) por 6 semanas. Uma vez que a radiação esteja completa e minha pele cicatrizada/curada, finalizaremos a reconstrução plástica (nos próximos 6-8 meses). Para completar o plano de cura, eu continuarei por dez anos nos dois bloqueadores hormonais que já estou tomando.

Eu esperava voltar a trabalhar novamente durante a radiação. Mas, desde a morte do Craig e das descobertas patológicas pós-cirúrgicas, tive que tirar mais tempo fora do trabalho para me dar a permissão e a liberdade de sentir tudo o que tinha que, e tudo que tenho que sentir para realmente tomar conta completa de mim mesma, corpo, coração, mente, e alma. Eu estou aprendendo através dessas experiências de vida inesperadas e reconhecendo que preciso revigorar e reinventar meu foco de trabalho. Devido a tudo isso, planejo retornar ao trabalho em Março e preciso de todo o apoio emocional, espiritual, e assistência financeira, para me ajudar a chegar lá firme, forte, e com boa saúde.

Estarei também me conectando com organizações que oferecem ajuda financeira à pessoas com câncer de mama ou com câncer, e colaborando com minha assistente social para tentar encontrar outras maneiras de ajudar com as despesas médicas se possível. Naturalmente, vou cuidar do meu bem-estar com toda a minha força de vontade, toda a minha dedicação, e toda a minha fé. O amor e as orações que vocês me oferecem, são uma grande parte da minha cura, por favor, mantenham elas vindo, eu preciso da minha tribo ao meu redor. Eu sempre precisei e sempre precisarei da minha família e amigos ... todos vocês continuam a me erguer e a me ensinar. Neste final de ano e Ano Novo, desejo que todos vocês se sintam amados, seguros, e abençoados com saúde e abundância hoje e todos os dias do próximo ano ✨.

Com muito amor e profunda gratidão,


#LoveWins #Healing #Curando #PedindoAjuda
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$20,539 of $40,000 goal

Raised by 196 people in 11 months
Created May 16, 2018
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