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Created June 15, 2017
Hello everyone,

Dad was recently diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Despite that sudden and brutal gut punch, we're fighting back! The cancer is fortunately not metastasizing and remains localized--however, treatment is needed as soon possible to nip this in bud and get Coach White back on the field.

That means we're looking for good Samaritans to help Mom and Dad raise the funds needed to see the specialists out at MD Anderson Medical Center in Houston.  This will ensure dad will be able to get in front of the best cancer doctors in the world and receive the best possible care. 

Initial cost for getting accepted into MD Anderson is around $28,500. Funds will go to lodging, medical consultations, travel, and most importantly, timely treatment. 

This is an urgent matter, so if you can give and feel led to donate, the sooner the better! If you're not in a place to donate, please pass this along to as many of your friends and family members as possible.

He's been approved for a consultation, but the funds HAVE to be raised on the front end before we can get him down to Houston.

Thank y'all for reading and sharing. Now let's help Coach White win this one!


Me and Dad at my wedding in January.
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In the last update Vicki gave you a glimpse of what was happening on the outside, I will try to give you an idea of what was going on inside, as God allowed me to see Ephesians 6:12 (For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places) come alive.
As Vicki was telling me about the glow radiating off my face and the joy I was experiencing I had this overwhelming sense that I had been somewhere wonderful, but I could not dredge it up from the recesses of my mind. The only thing I could remember was this soft voice ringing in my ear saying" You are healed". I wish I could tell you how beautiful heaven is and who is there, but if I,indeed, visited there God has chosen to erase it from my memory for His purposes.

I am sure you have heard of out-of-body experiences where someone is looking down on their dead body observing the chaos below. Well, my experience was different. I was on the inside, aware of my surroundings, but, with this innate sense of what was happening in the spiritual world.
As I was lying in the recovery room, I realized I couldn't breath. Panic began to set in as I tried, in vain, to draw a breath. I saw a nurse dressed in white scrubs walk over to me and place her hand on my throat and I immediately began breathing again. I looked around the room and saw that everyone was dressed in either white or brown scrubs. Instinctively I knew that those dressed in white were Christians and those in brown scrubs were not. A man in brown scrubs neared my bed causing the nurse in white to remove her hand and move away. As soon as she removed her hand I stopped breathing again. I somehow understood that this was a spiritual battle and that someone or something was trying to kill me. I looked to my left and saw another nurse dressed in white. I grabbed her hand and placed it on my throat and normal breathing resumed. I now knew I was in the middle of a spiritual battle and I began to call out to the one person in the room that would understand, Vicki. There was only one problem, while I was calm, cool, and in control on the inside, evidently I was anything but on the outside. My speech was garbled and the only time they could understand me was when I yelled at anyone in brown scrubs to get out. Thankfully, by this time, Vicki had walked over and placed her hand on my shoulder. From this point on I had no more breathing problems. Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. I don't remember anything else from this point. It is like I went to sleep and woke up the next morning. Vicki said this was not the case on the outside. I remained extremely agitated through the CT scan and until they put me in my room.
The next morning when I woke up there was two people in my room, Vicki and a nurse who I recognized as the one whose hand I had placed on my throat the night before. I began to relay some of the things I remembered from the night before. When I got to the part about the white and brown scrubs they both looked at me funny so I asked them what was wrong. They both said everyone was dressed in MDA scrubs which are all black. At this point I asked the nurse if she was a Christian, she said yes she was. I then said there was another nurse who had blond hair and blue eyes that was in the room the night before. She said yes, her name is Terry and she is outside at the nurses station. I felt strongly that I needed to tell her the story so I asked for her to come in. When Terry entered the room I said "you are a Christian" more as a statement than a question. She said that yes she was and I told her the story just as I told it above. When I finished she was crying and thanking me for telling her. She said, "you have no idea how bad I needed to hear this". Now I have no idea what was going on in Terry's life but I do know God tells us all things work together for good for them that love the Lord and sometimes things that happen to us may not be all about us at all.
We spent 7 days in the hospital and we shared this story with doctors and nurses each day. They all listened, some skeptically others enthusiastically.It was exciting times for us as we realized we were living one of God's miracles. There were still decisions to be made. Protocol called for me to take six weeks to rest after the surgery and then four months of chemo before having the reattachment surgery. We decided to forego the chemo after the pathology report came back stating that the tumor had less than 1% viability and all margins were clear. They had also removed 34 lymph nodes from the area and none were affected. I had not told anyone prior to the report that I had already decided not to do the chemo because God had already told me I was healed. I would be lying if I said I haven't had doubts. What if that wasn't God? What if? What if? My sister, Jeanie gave me the best advice, She asked," will you regret your decision if the cancer comes back in a few years?" Nope. I know the voice I heard was God's and I am healed. None of us are getting out alive unless Jesus comes back first so I am good with whatever time he has reserved for me.

I am going to close with a story that deals with God's glory and His desire to show us that He is real and intentional.We have told you about the "glow" and there is no doubt in our mind that this was God's glory shining down. What we did not know until days later was what happened to Lance and LeAnn Hester. Lance, better known to many of you as Skeet, was my roommate in college and he and LeAnn are two of our closest friends. They were driving home on the night of my surgery and LeAnn began praying for me. As she was praying she stopped and asked Skeet if he felt something, He said," I saw the glory of God falling on Jim in the operating room".A week Lance told us this without knowing what had happened.God is bigger than we can imagine.

Well, that is our story. We are doing well. I was released to begin regular activities and am starting a math tutoring service. Know that all this was made possible by you guys and we are forever grateful.
We love you all.
Jim, Vicki, Drew, and Rachel.
To God be the Glory,Great things He has done.

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I am going to do this update a little differently because of the different dynamics that took place in the recovery room. There was one scenario that took place outside in the worldly realm and there was another scenario taking place inside in the spiritual realm. Since I was coming out from under sedation and unaware of much of what was taking place on the outside I will tell this portion of the story from Vicki's perspective and then try to tie things together from what was going on inside.

As Sergio finished talking to us about the surgery two things struck me, one, the deep lines around his eyes made by the googles he wore during surgery that stood to remind me that it had been almost 13 hours since Jim had been wheeled back for surgery, and two, although he was exhausted, there was also a sense of awe and respect at the determination that had been displayed by Dr. Bednarski. It occurred to me that this experience would serve this young man well as he continued his surgical career.

Sergio then informed us that Jim had been taken to recovery and we could go down to his room. It will be almost impossible to clearly describe what we saw when we walked in, but I will try.
As Drew and I walked in recovery we were literally stopped in our tracks. There was a golden glow emanating from Jim's face and extending up to the ceiling. He was staring straight up, his eyes were sparkling and bluer than I had ever seen them. He had a huge smile on his face and tears were trickling out of the corner of his eyes. He had the most serene look on his face and he kept repeating "it's beautiful, it's awesome." I heard Drew behind me say "Mom!" We were trying to process what we were seeing. The only other person in the room was Terry, the recovery room nurse. She looked at me with eyes as wide as saucers and said " I have never seen a patient glow like this." I responded that I thought he was seeing a vision and she nodded in agreement. Jim must have felt our presence because he turned his head slightly toward me and exclaimed excitedly "I'm healed, I'm healed." This was said so emphatically , as a statement of absolute fact. I knew this was God's truth coming out of Jim's mouth and I quickly spoke in agreement "yes you are!" This feeling of excitement and euphoria was about to turn on it's ear and spin wildly and horribly out of control.

As this was happening the room suddenly began buzzing with activity. I noticed a nurse began to put three syringes full of fluid into Jim's IV. I asked her what she was injecting and she replied "fentanyl".
Immediately Jim's demeanor changed. He became agitated and all of the sudden his body began to tense up his head arched back and he stopped breathing. Nurse Terry ran to the door and called for a doctor and then came back over to Jim's bedside and placed her hand on his throat. Jim immediately calmed slightly, his muscles relaxed and he began breathing again. The doctor came in and Terry backed away as he approached. Jim became agitated again. He began screaming, his muscles locked up and he stopped breathing again. There was another nurse standing at the head of Jim's bed and he quickly reached over and grabbed her hand and placed it in his throat. Once again he calmed down and began breathing. At this point I walked over and placed my hand on his shoulder and as I think back this was the last time he had breathing issues. More on this later, from Jim.
Jim had calmed some when another doctor walked in. As he approached the bed Jim began screaming at him. It was so out of character for his personality that it was scaring me. He ran the doctor off and also ran off a lab tech who was trying to draw blood as he screamed over and over "get out, get out." His original doctor came up to me and said he was taking Jim to have at CT scan because he was exhibiting classic signs of a stroke. I told him he was not having a stroke but was reacting to the fentanyl and if they would turn the lights out and let him rest he would be fine.He informed me that he had no choice and so Jim was wheeled kicking and screaming to have a CT scan. The CT scan came back clear or as Jim says"" It showed nothing." They took him to his room, turned off the lights and he immediately fell asleep. I'm not one to say "I told you so, But I told you so."
The next morning Jim woke up as the doctor came in the room. He said, "well Mr. White you had a wild night, luckily you don't remember it." Jim responded," I remember it all", and he began reciting conversations verbatim.We were all stunned. What he revealed to us next was even more stunning, but I will let Jim tell you the rest of the story.Until next time.

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Hey everyone,Coach White here.I just want to give everyone an update and thank you for all the prayers and support.First of all,Vicki and I will never be able to express what your support has meant to us.From the Lee-Scott family,our Trinity Church family,my Phi Tau fraternity brothers,many of whom I haven't seen in 40 years,friends,Drew and Rachel's friends,many who have never met me,and last,but certainly not least, our extended family, the Whites,Dawsons,Sharpes,and Tuckers thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

It has been unbelievable what God has done through this whole ordeal.I am going to try to tell the story without it becoming a book.That being said,I will do it in installments,otherwise most of you will go TLDR(too long didn't read).

The journey began the 1st week of June ,when I had a colonoscopy that showed a tumor in the rectal area.This was coming one week after I had been informed by Lee-Scott that after 19 years my contract would not be renewed.It was a lot to take in,but Vicki and I were confident that God was in control.Thanks to your provision we were able to go to MD Anderson in Houston where we were provided with what I believe is the best cancer treatment center in the world.After 6 weeks of Chemo and radiation and 6 weeks of rest to let my body recover we went back to Houston for the surgery. My surgeon,Dr. Brian Bednarski(more on him later), said the surgery would be robotic with 4 small incisions and should last 4 hours.I was taken back for surgery at 12 PM but it did not begin until 4 PM. This was the beginning of an extremely long night for Vicki and Drew.Around 8:30 Dr. Bednarski entered the waiting room to inform them that there was a problem.Evidently I was born with an abnormality in which I had insufficient blood flow to my lower colon.He told them that he had a theory on finding a blood vessel that could reach,but it would involve opening me up and searching behind the pancreas.They gave him the go-ahead and he proceeded.Four hours later Sergio, the doctor that assisted Dr. Bednarski, came out to talk to them. The surgery was successful,they had found a blood vessel behind the pancreas that had an "odd horseshoe shape" (I formed you in your mother's womb Jer.1:5)that allowed them to connect to the lower colon. Sergio had been in surgery since 6 AM and had been with me for nearly 9 hours and he was exhausted but also extremely affected by what had taken place in the operating room.He told Vicki and Drew that Dr. Bednarski had gone above and beyond to make sure your husband and father did not have to live with a bag the rest of his life.He told them he had assisted lots of surgeons and if it had been any other doctor at any other hospital they would have walked away saying they had done all they could do and no one would have faulted them,but Dr. Bednarski was not willing to walk away.How do you thank someone for that?As I thought through what had happened up to this point I was amazed at how our God works.He knew all of this was going to happen and had laid a plan in place that cannot be attributed to chance.I have to admit that I was bitter about being let go by Lee-Scott and even asked Vicki if I had wasted those 19 years.That question was answered with a resounding no when over 250 former students responded to this page.You have no idea what it meant to me and I love you guys.
We tend to look at things through the lens of now while God has the overall picture.If I had kept my job it would have put a tremendous hardship on me and the school.God knew all of this was going to happen and he prepared everything as only he can.From the blood vessel to you guys to the job and to the hospital and doctor,He had everything planned out.I am going to stop here for now but this story only gets more incredible.I will pick up with what happened in the recovery room next time. Again thank you all and God bless you.
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Good morning everyone,

Dad is heading back for surgery at this moment to begin the process of reconnecting his colon and putting him back together again!

Follow up tests showed none of his surrounding lymph nodes had cancer and the tumor was over 99% removed. Therefore, Dad opted to skip four months of grueling post-surgery chemo in the firm belief that the Lord has healed his body.

We believe it too!

Please pray for the surgeon, the surgical team, and Dad as the procedure is carried out and he recovers this week.

Many thanks to all of y'all who have encouraged, supported, and blessed our family through this entire fight. It's been overwhelming and words are incapable of describing how grateful we've been for all of you.

We'll continue to keep people updated as things develop.

God bless, Happy Hanukkah, and Merry Christmas!

-Drew and Rachel White
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$43,136 of $28,500 goal

Raised by 273 people in 26 months
Created June 15, 2017
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