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Cheryl De Beyer  North Perth, WA
As a number of my family and friends already know, and for those who don’t, in October last year I was diagnosed with Grade 3 invasive breast cancer.

Understandably this came as an acute shock.  A bit like being smacked over the back of the head in the dark with a very heavy mallet!   I was already in a particularly fragile state of mind, reeling over a betrayal of the worst kind by a trusted friend and business associate a short week prior, with whom I had been working with for the bulk of the year on a massive project.  I remember being in a bit of a blue funk coming out of the doctor’s rooms after getting the results of the biopsy.   The big C!!  WHAT?    I had led a pretty healthy existence, well certainly more so in recent years.  How did this happen?  OK, so I've been pretty stressed for the past 30 odd years and I’m no exercise queen (gyms have never held much appeal), but the Fitbit that my son Michael gave me does encourage me to try and walk most days, so how, why, when did this happen?  All these questions were flooding my brain.   This couldn't possibly be happening to me.  The fear and confusion is hard to explain.  But, being a mostly positive person, I soon realized that I had to take positive action.  Feeling sorry for myself wasn’t going to get me anywhere. 

Telling my kids was the hardest part.   They were understandably devastated.  It wasn't easy convincing them that this wasn't the worst news one could receive.  People can and do survive breast cancer.  Some even survive under impossible circumstances.   Miracles do and have happened.  I have friends, and friends of friends, and newly made friends who are living testament to this. 

The upshot of the situation  was that I immediately realized the stark reality that I could not continue running my new business.  While I was passionate about the projects that we were working on and had high hopes for them becoming really successful both here in Australia and across Asia, I simply didn’t have the funds to continue.  I had worked for 8 months with no income.   The loss of the potential income from the profit of these projects was huge.   The impact of the betrayal even more so.  This realisation had a familiar ring to the feeling of being hit over the head in the dark with a heavy mallet!  So now I had cancer.  Very quickly things were put into perspective.   It wasn’t hard to know what I had to focus on.   If I wanted to heal myself I needed to put some things into action and I needed to do so quickly.   As proud as I have always been I had no option but to register for government benefits again and forge ahead with focusing on my health and wellbeing.  The impact of the betrayal had to be locked away for good.  I had to work hard to find a way to forgive her the stress her actions caused and put this behind me.  I had far more important things to put my energy into, but before I did so, I had to eradicate the anger inside of me. 

I joined an amazing organisation called Cancer Support WA  here in Cottesloe, Perth and soon realised that the one thing I wasn't going to do was take things at face value.   In my quest to truly understand this disease and have the best chance of healing myself I needed to research all there is to know about breast cancer.   I needed to take a good look at, and understand, all the various treatment protocols out there and the impact these have on the body and one’s long-term longevity prospects.   I needed to take action.   The wonderful Carol at Cancer Support WA gave me a book to read called Radical Remission by Dr. Kelly Turner.  The library at Cancer Support WA has heaps and heaps of books, CD's and DVD's, all of which have to be evidence based in terms of their message, and all freely available on loan to members.  

Some of the other amazing services offered by Cancer Support WA are free talks by various inspiring and exceptional experts in their specific fields of wellbeing, health and mindfulness etc; classes on Meditation, Thai Chi, Yoga, Nutrition, etc; free counseling by two highly qualified psychologists for members and their immediate family members; 24/7 telephone support by the same wonderful psychologists; and many other wonderful  support services and events.   Some inspiring people who I consider friends have shared their wisdom at Cancer Support WA - Rabia Siddique and David Michie being amongst them.  My friend Suzanne Waldron is due to speak in June on Flourishing.  Something Suzanne does on a daily basis.

Reading Dr. Kelly Turner's incredible book cemented some of what I already had a deep sense of but also made me realise some very important stuff that I hadn't even considered!  I needed to:

I was going to fall into the bracket of "annoying patient." I was going to ask my doctors questions, at times, infuriating questions.   While I am acutely aware of how lucky I am to be living in Australia with it’s national health system and government benefits for people in my position (if I was back in South Africa I would be “up shit stream without a paddle” ….. as the saying goes!) I have discovered to my horror that the western medical system leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to the standard treatment of cancer.   This is a universal thing, not just an Australian thing.  Nutrition doesn't form part of a doctor's studies (surprising but true!) and Big Pharma is dead set on squashing any holistic approach to healing cancer.   An interesting read for those who may be interested to know a little more.

I switched to a 95% raw, organic vegan, regular juicing diet, which has resulted in me dropping 20kgs (they needed to go) and to be honest, I have never felt better!   On the advice of one of the many experts I have been speaking to, I have recently introduced grass fed beef and/or organic, free range chicken once or twice a week.  I drink only filtered water which I get for free from the wonderful John at Power Labs in Fremantle.  I also gave up alcohol.  As most of my family and friends know, I do enjoy a good wine, but with cancer, this is a total no-no.  Cancer thrives on sugar, so all refined sugar has been eliminated.  Was it difficult?  For sure.  But with finances being what they were, any money I was getting from CentreLink was only going to be spent on getting my body into prime condition by good, wholesome nutrition and healing supplements etc.   And while wine would have certainly come in handy at those times when I have just wanted to drown my sorrows, it sadly had to go.  I have also got rid of all toxic substances in my laundry, kitchen and bathroom cupboards and now only use all natural products.  There are some incredible all natural cosmetics and skincare products made here in Australia.  My sister Gill introduced me to a wonderful brand called Modere that I hope to start promoting in due course.    Its also pretty amazing what one can make from normal household products to clean grout!!  Its not only about what one puts into one’s body, but also what one puts onto ones body that needs to be considered.   After all our skin is the largest organ in our body and toxic substances are quickly absorbed into our blood stream.  Amazing – at the tender age of 63, almost 64, I am learning things that are should be so glaringly obvious.  Duh!!!  Did I say almost 64?  Yikes, how did that  happen?  Last time I looked I was about the same age as my eldest son.  Whew life sure flies by in a flash!  I'm determined to make the next 20 years sooooo much better than the last 20!  The raw, organic food is going to contribute in a massive way to making this a reality.  

There have been many serendipitous moments that have led me to meeting some amazing people with heaps of experience in dealing with cancer and the mound of tried and tested, alternative treatments available.  Their willingness to freely give me their time and to sharing their knowledge and expertise with me has been overwhelming.

I have held onto this in moments of fear and confusion, and there have been many!  It is also vital to go with one's gut feelings when challenged by people with the best of intentions, but perhaps without a smidegoen of research.  The key here is to to be grateful for the care and advice, but to stand firm.  Not always easy to do but essential to one's feeling of wellbeing.

Having lost my faith in traditional religion a long time ago, I have spent the past 4 months working hard on getting back in touch with nature, meditation, prayer etc.   I have by no means mastered this.  I still have a long way to go, but its been an enriching experience and I am utterly convinced that this forms a key element of healing. 

Once and for all I had to make sure that any grudges that I may still be holding onto needed to go.  I needed to focus on love and forgiveness …… love and forgiveness of anyone who has done me harm, hurt me and/or caused me pain.  There have been many.  And also to love and forgive myself for any bad choices I have made in my life, and again, there have been many!  This realisation has been truly empowering.  Again, it takes effort but is well worth doing.  Amazing how wonderful it feels to rid oneself of all those useless emotions.  Only way is forward - no need to carry any baggage from the past on my back.

While this is often easier said than done, I’ve been working hard at not sweating the small stuff and flicking those moments where perhaps I feel just a wee bit sorry for myself.   Not being judgemental, eliminating any guilt one may carry around (often for all the wrong reasons) and living a life with no expectations truly helps!

This is not about not fearing death, but rather having truly good reasons for wanting to live.  And I have many, many reasons for wanting to live for at least another 20 years!  I have dreams to fulfil, goals to reach and important things to do.  Yes kids, your mother is going to be around for a long time still.  No need to start planning my funeral any time soon.

I am blessed with a wonderful, wonderful family and incredible friends who have all been amazingly supportive and encouraging.  I thank God every day for each and every one of you.  You are my richest blessings.   Even those of you who are separated from my life purely by distance are precious to me and thought of regularly .  Not much can replace lifelong friendships that span decades even if we're not in regular contact.

This truly has been the most incredible journey.  Daunting but incredibly enriching and dare I say it, pretty shocking.   While I have only touched the tip of the iceberg, the past 4 months research has opened my eyes wide.  I have listened to hundreds of podcasts, read dozens of articles and books, and watched a huge number of videos, films and DVD's - all by various experts in the field of health, wellbeing and more specifically cancer.   What I have learned has been gob-smacking.   

I have recently had a further ultrasound which has shown that the tumour is contained, and that the size is exactly the same as when it was first discovered.   I am told that this indicates that what I have been doing has stopped the cancer growth.   This is good news!  Knowing that tumours can almost double in size in a few months, I feel that what I am doing is working well.  But the tumour now needs to be removed before I can embark on the next stage of my treatment.  

While I really have only opened up the tip of the iceberg, what it has also made me to realise is that this cancer thing may truly be a gift.  I have often heard cancer survivors say this and honestly never quite understood where they were coming from.  I get it now.  My dream, once I have healed myself, is to help other cancer sufferers realise that they have choices;  not to tell them what to do, but to point them in the direction of some amazing people (a whole lot more informed than I am) and information that they can read, listen to and/or watch to help them reach a decision that sits well with them.   I would never ever dare tell anyone that there is only one way.  There isn't.  Decisions have to be made by what resonates, not by what anyone tells you to do.  

It also made me realize that my initial fear of, and reluctance to, undergo chemotherapy and/or radiation has very real substance - for me.   I totally respect and admire anyone who chooses this route, and I also know that many have survived cancer choosing this option.  For me, however, I am simply not prepared to opt for this as my treatment protocol.  While the immediate side effects are absolutely awful, and I salute all who have  bravely gone through this, for me it’s the long-term impact to my immune system and other deeply concerning ramifications of putting such toxic chemicals into my body that has me reeling away from this option.

So, next Thursday (25th February) I have a follow up appointment with one of Perth’s top breast surgeons to discuss what surgery I need to undergo.  The two options are lumpectomy or mastectomy.  I will discuss the pros and cons of both and make a decision as to which way I want to go.   There were two opposing opinions by two previous surgeons I saw before Christmas, which led me to seeking a further opinion from this highly regarded surgeon.   Over and above having her own private practice, she operates at Royal Perth (a public hospital for those of my friends who don’t live in Perth), which is a huge win for me.  Yes she would prefer me to agree to chemotherapy.   This is what all doctors recommend.  It is the only treatment they know.   But this is my body and my life we're talking about and I have come across too many horror stories about the effects of chemotherapy.  So one of the really important things I have realized is that I do have a choice.  My decision may not resonate with, or be understood by everyone but, after all my research, I firmly believe that it’s the right one for me.  I pray that you can all respect this decision of mine.

Whereto from here and why this crowd funding campaign?

My surgery is likely to take place within the next three weeks or so.

There are some incredible cancer hospitals and clinics throughout the world, all doing some wonderful work with more holistic approaches to treating cancer.  Obviously these are all very, very expensive and mostly far away somewhere in Europe or China.  

I have looked at a lot of these clinics as well as the treatments they offer and the related costs.   One which stands out is a lot closer to Australia and fits well with me, both from the treatment protocols they offer, cost and flexibility in terms of being able to continue some of the treatments at home.  It is Immuno Biotech  in Auckland, New Zealand.    The treatment includes following the Ketogenic diet.

My friends and family in South Africa have also offered for me to spend some time with them for a few months to focus fully on my healing after I finish my treatment in Auckland.   This is particularly appealing to me as it releases any pressure from my three children who all have very demanding careers and as much as they are willing and keen, caring for me while I heal would be extremely difficult for them.   It is also the far cheaper option - the favourable exchange rate has the Aussie dollar going a lot further when it comes to food and supplements in South Africa.

The big issue I have is that I simply don’t have the funds to do any of this.  Hence this Go Fund Me crowd funding campaign that many of my friends have urged me to initiate.

The $25,000 that I need to raise will cover my treatment for two weeks at the clinic in New Zealand, my ongoing treatment for the next couple of months at home after leaving the clinic, return flights to Auckland, and accommodation as this is not a live-in clinic (I have sourced a reasonable AirBnB room close to the clinic), return flights to South Africa, my continued organic food and supplement costs for the next  6 months.   Unfortunately CentreLink stop all payments for the duration that one is out of Australia.  

I have always found asking anyone for help extremely difficult.  Perhaps it is because I am an intensely proud person.  However, this is my life I'm talking about and this surely is no time to be proud.   So while I am super embarrassed to have to ask for help, I truly have no option.

My plan is to hopefully be in a position to stick to the plan!  So if you could spare any amount to help me reach my goal, I would be ever so grateful. 

As already mentioned my bigger plan is to come back to Perth in the second half of this year and to offer my services to anyone on a similar journey who may be confused by all the information that is out there with regard to cancer.   This fills me with excitement, and while there is still a long, tough road to travel, and no guarantees, I am determined that as soon as I am healed, I want to give back in a way that has meaning and which hopefully can help people find their way to making the right decisions about their cancer and journey back to full health.  There is no right or wrong way, but it sure helps when someone is there to shine a light on some helpful info, to encourage when decisions need to be made, to lend an ear when they need someone to listen, to provide a shoulder when they need to cry and to hold their hand whenever they need holding.  

My beautiful daughter Jessica gets married in December and while I am gutted that I am not in a position to contribute financially to her special day, my gift to her will be to be at her wedding in full health and with the promise to be around for a long time as a lively and healthy grandmother to her hopefully many children.   She has been at every doctor's appointment with me, and while initially was more than a little confused and very concerned about my choices, she has taken the time to read some of the articles and watch some of the videos and seems to be a lot more respectful and supportive of my choices.  

My two gorgeous sons are clearly going to be taking a little longer to make this dream of mine of becoming a grandmother come true, but I am equally determined to be around for when they eventually decide to settle down and reproduce their own little ankle-biters.  I cannot wait!  I want to be surrounded by dozens of grandchildren.    I would love them all to call me Goggo (that's Zulu for Granny and is pronounced GawGaw for all my non-South African friends.) 
Back to the money I am trying to raise.  
A big chunk of the funds I am hoping to raise is required within the next month to secure my place at the clinic.  As we all know its little steps that lead to the end goal.  So any amount that you can spare will help and, believe me, will be very, very much appreciated.   More so than any of you can begin to imagine.   I will have you to thank for giving me the chance to hopefully live for another 20 years and to do everything I can to  help others facing this frightening journey.   That's the serious part of my plan! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this.   If you can donate to my campaign I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


PS:  If anyone would like more info on some of the research, books, videos, podcasts that have formed the basis of my research, please let me know.  I would be more than happy to share.   

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Update 7
Posted by Cheryl De Beyer
30 months ago
I have now been in South Africa for almost 11 weeks. What a wonderful time I have had so far! My trip started with a few fabulous days in Johannesburg with my brother Guy, catching up with friends that I hadn’t seen in years, and then a few quick days in Durban to see my sisters Moira and Judy and their families.

I then headed to my dearest friend Jennifer Duncan, in her glorious country village Greyton in the Overberg in the Western Cape. The next four weeks would be spent in joyful serenity managing my GcMAF and other treatments.

The big challenge was getting the GcMAF to arrive in Durban in good time before I left for Greyton. It had to be couriered in dry-ice from the UK and needed to clear customs asap so as to not lose its efficacy, all the while remaining refrigerated! Thankfully this all happened smoothly.

Fortunately I have not had any side effects and my blood tests so far are all looking very good. I attribute this to my immune system being in peak condition thanks to my new lifestyle, new way of eating and the heap of supplements taken daily since my diagnosis.

Greyton was absolutely wonderful - I rested, walked Jess the dog daily, prepared healthy food and attended a few delightful country events – a fabulous Classics Festival, a “pop-up” lunch in the forest (I took my own food) and spent hours reminiscing and laughing with Jen. Having been friends for well over 40 years we are never at a loss for conversation or laughs.

The next stage of my trip was going to be very different from the solitude of Greyton, but equally soulful. While my treatments would remain my main focus, laughing, reminiscing with family and friends and a family wedding would do my heart and soul good. My research indicated what a vital ingredient joy and happiness is to one’s recovery and longevity.

I travelled back to Durban in time to attend my niece Amy-Jane’s Hen’s Party. How wonderful to be part of her fun-filled day. My daughter Jessica and her fiancé Arin had arrived from Perth (Jessica along with her 4 girl cousins, was going to be one of Amy’s bridesmaids). Jess and Arin always bring heaps of laughs. My sister Gillian and her family also arrived from Brisbane – they also laugh a lot! What a fabulous family reunion this was (in spite of the monkeys trying to steal the cake!)

The next four weeks were only possible thanks to the generosity of my friend Helen Tinelli who was joining me from Perth for her first ever trip to South Africa. Her joie de vivre and enthusiasm for everything she experienced, was a sheer delight. She will never quite understand just how much her joy contributed to my well being!

Helen and I stayed with my wonderful friend Rose Buttery in her magnificent home in Umhlanga Rocks. Spending time with the Buttery’s is always filled with thigh slapping laughter. We laughed from morning to night and had THE most amazing time!

Amy-Jane and Dave’s wedding was held on a beautiful farm in the Natal Midlands and was one of the most special weddings I have ever attended. Again, love and laughter was the order of the day.

After the wedding my sisters, their families, my brother Guy, the bridal couple, Jess and Arin, Helen and I headed off to Fernwood Lodge, a private resort situated in the Champagne Valley in the Drakensberg – I spent many holidays there over the years when the kids were much younger. Lots of great memories. It was such a blessing to be back. Our days were spent walking, hiking, eating, playing games, riding horses (well, the kids not me), visiting the Nelson Mandela Capture Site (very emotional), wandering around the gorgeous Piggly Wiggly country farm stalls and just enjoying being with my family again. The weather was glorious – sunny, warm days and chilly nights, so lots of log fires!

We headed back to Durban where we spent the next three nights with my gorgeous friends Denys and Helen Botha.. Again, much laughter and incredible hospitality!

Helen and I then flew to Cape Town to spend a week with my cousin Graham Kelroe-Cooke and his wife Melanie in Hout Bay. We had a wonderful time together. After not seeing them for over 20 years there was much reminiscing recalling the antics we used to get up to as kids! My brother from another mother, Malcolm Barendse, and his beautiful wife Rose joined us on a few occasions, which made things even more special. We discussed everything from politics to our ancestry (still a few gaps that need filling) and laughed till our sides ached. Seeing my dear friend Heila Frieslich again and sharing a day in Kalk Bay with her was another highlight.

I also caught up with my ex boss from Thomson Publication days, Paul Tomes, and his lovely wife Mary-Clare. Paul took us for a divine lunch at a beautiful winery in Hout Bay and to top off my excitement at spending time with them both, they discussed two business opportunities for me in Australia which are now well on their way to becoming a reality. I am super excited about this.

Being Helen’s first visit to South Africa it was important that she experience our wildlife, so we headed to a unique game reserve called Aquila a short 2 hour drive from Cape Town. Our overnight stay included two game drives. We absolutely froze but seeing lion, elephant, white rhino, giraffe, wildebeest and hippos amongst others made it worthwhile, A magical experience that we will never forget.

Next stop was to spend a night with my very dear friend Suzanne Glynn Topzand and her husband Peter who live in the most beautiful wine estate called Zevenwacht near Kuilsrivier a short hours drive from Cape Town. It was yet another wonderful time spent with wonderfully hospitable friends.

We then set off for Franschhoek. I have always wanted to spend time experiencing this exquisite little town and thanks to Helen, it happened. We had an AMAZING time! We were overwhelmed by all the beautiful art galleries (and the price of the wine!) The incredible creativity that is seen everywhere in this country constantly blew us away. Another bucket-list item was also ticked - lunch at the sensational Haute Cabriere winery where the view, wine and food were sublime!

We then headed back to Greyton for Helen’s final week in South Africa. A complete change of pace was what we needed after the previous three jam-packed, but fabulous weeks. She flew back to Perth two days ago in the worst possible weather – so I was very pleased to hear that she had arrived safely yesterday. Everyone she met here fell madly in love with her – she has made new friends for life! Thank you Helen, from the bottom of my heart, for giving me four weeks of sheer and utter joy.

I am now continuing my healing journey in Greyton until late August, before heading back to Durban for two weeks with family and friends and then back to Perth and my new business venture.

So a heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who helped make this special time for me a reality; your incredible generosity, both financial and spiritual, your love and support has contributed not only to my ongoing physical healing but to a wonderful new peace of mind and stringent belief that only positive things lie ahead for me. According to my research this mindset is paramount to healing.

With much love and a heart bursting with gratitude,

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Update 6
Posted by Cheryl De Beyer
32 months ago
Hi Everyone,

The last few weeks have been a bit of a challenge. As per my previous update, the clinic I was hoping to attend in Auckland had closed its doors. All hope wasn't lost as they informed that they could still provide some of the treatments that I could self-administer, mainly the GcMAF.

I was advised by John my health professional at Power Labs in Fremantle to make contact with the the UK company who has been researching, testing and producing the GcMAF protein for the past 20 years, to establish if in fact the product in Auckland was the real deal. I hadn't considered this as the company in Auckland had the same name as the original laboratory in the UK. But, as John has been dealing with chronically ill people for over 20 years, and really knows his stuff, I decided that it made sense to follow his advice. Low and behold, the UK people told me that the clinic in Auckland had been set up by an ex-employee,who had registered the company using the UK company's same good name. They went on to explain that rather than fight them they had in fact started supplying the NZ clinic with product but that they had ceased doing this over a year ago, and that what the clinic in NZ were now selling was NOT the real deal! They provided evidence that this was in fact the case.

So after many telephone and email consultations with them, I have ordered the treatments directly from them which will be sent directly to South Africa by express courier (it has to because it has to be sent frozen) in time for my arrival early in May.

The laboratory in the UK will track my blood test results every couple of months, so I am in very good hands.

Isn't the universe amazing?! Had the clinic not been closed (my thinking is that perhaps the UK organisation had something to do with this, although I didn't go into this with them) I would have gone and started treatments that weren't authentic. Just shows how careful one has to be. I thought I had really done my homework!

Anyhow, all the stars are finally aligning and I am feeling fabulous. I cannot wait to get on that plane and focus on what I believe is the right treatment protocol for me.

In the meantime I have been continuing with my raw, organic eating regime plus taking all the other natural supplements that I have been taking for the past 6 months. I have however, on good advice, added some grass-fed beef or fish once a week. I must say, I am enjoying the taste again.

I have recovered incredibly well from the surgery and as I said, am feeling really, really good.

So, I leave on Monday 9th after spending the weekend with my son Jonathan (known to almost everyone on the planet as Jay) in Sydney. He has lived there for about 8 years and this is the very first visit I will be making to Sydney to see him! I'm beyond excited as I don't get to see him very often, and for him, being far away from us, his family, is tough for him, so I think he's pretty excited as well. He asked just one thing of me, and that is that I cook him and his friends a slap up home-cooked meal. What a pleasure that's going to be!

Thank you all so, so much for your incredible support, encouragement and love. This would not be possible without each and every one of you. I am so very, very grateful to you all.

I look forward to keeping you posted on my progress.

With much love,

Cheryl xxx

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Update 5
Posted by Cheryl De Beyer
33 months ago
Hi Everyone,

I am happy to let you all know that I have recovered really well from my surgery - which I am convinced can be attributed solely to the healthy nutritional state of my body. I have had a few issues with swelling, which seems to be subsiding, as well as sharp shooting pains down the inside of my arm, which I am told is due to the lymph node removal. This too seems to be easing up slowly although the numbness is still very much there. Putting on deodrant is rather amusing!

I was devastated to hear from the clinic in New Zealand that it has had to close its doors indefinitely while they conducts some clinic trials in Vanuatu. This came about due to legal pressure from local doctors - a frightening global issue with Big Pharma and doctors (because they are in big pharma's pockets) putting enormous pressure on holistic doctors. I'm not sure if any of you have seen some of my Facebook posts about the now almost 30 holistic doctors in the US who have died under mysterious circumstances in the past 12 - 18 months. It's outrageous and believe me its no conspiracy theory. These doctors were world renowned and highly regarded for their work on alternative cancer treatments - one of which is GcMAF, one of the treatments that initially drew me to the clinic in Auckland. Fortunately this is available from them for me to purchase. It's very, very expensive but from the positive results already achieved I am hopeful that this, alongside a number of other protocols available from them for me to buy, plus the other supplements I am already taking together with my focus on what I eat will all go a long way to getting me back to full health.

I did find another clinic in Bangkok who also offers Immunology treatments, much the same as the clinic in NZ. I had a long chat with their doctors on Skype who, after perusing my medical reports, sent me a treatment plan. Total cost was $90,000!!! Well that's completely out of my reach, hence my decision to self-administer.

With the Rand / Dollar exchange rate being extremely favourable I am taking up my friend Jenny Duncan's offer to head to South Africa for about 4 months to spend time with my family and friends which, I am sure, will all contribute to my healing.

I will be splitting my time between Durban and Greyton in the Cape where Jenny lives. Greyton is the most exquisite small country village - the perfect environment for me to focus on my healing. And of course spending time with my family and other life-long friends in Durban and the Cape will go a long way to helping me remain focused and positive.

It is Jessica's 30th birthday tomorrow and as I missed her 21st (she was living in the UK that year) I didnt want to leave before celebrating this milestone with her. I also feel that I need to make sure that I have given myself enough time to completely recover from the surgery, so I plan to leave for South Africa towards the end of April/beginning May.

So on the whole, in spite of me feeling terribly despondent when the clinic in NZ advised me of their situation, I'm looking forward to the next few months.

I am well aware that there are no guarantees with the choices I have made, but then neither are there any guarantees with going the normal chemotherapy route either. So while this is a very scary time, I have to believe that how I am approaching this is right for me.

Without all of your incredibly generous donations none of this would be possible.

To say I am indebted to you all and unbelievably grateful would be putting it mildly.

I look forward to keeping you updated of my progress from South Africa.

Till next time,

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Update 4
Posted by Cheryl De Beyer
34 months ago
Quick update ........ lymph node biopsis shows that all three lymph nodes tested are clear! Zilch cancer cells in those babies! This is VERY good news indeed. Happy dance. Happy dance. Happy dance.
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Joel N Jandreau
35 months ago

I am a outreach volunteer for Patient Airlift Services (PALS) we offer free air transportation for patients in need of medical diagnosis and treatment. We fly mainly on the East Coast. If you would like to go to Boston or Philadelphia for treatment we might be able to help you. there is no charge to any of our passengers for any of the services we provide. We will fly the patient and a care giver or spouse. for more information please call us at 1-888-818-1231 and you can visit us at changeing lives one flight at a time

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Wendy Casey
30 months ago

Glad to heat you're in a good spaceand the treatment arrived safely in SA. All my love Wendy xx

Christine Cuningham
32 months ago

Keep strong Cheryl! You are an inspiration. We both turn 64 in June, and as you say, hard to believe because we are both so young

Tanya Marshall
33 months ago
Alison Shadbolt
34 months ago
Paul Castling
34 months ago

Legend of a lady, beautiful nature. Smash this thing.

James, Margaux, MacKenzie and Harrison Gray
34 months ago

Cheering you on as you fight this fight Cheryl!

Alison Cooper
34 months ago

Go Cheryl! You can do this. Lots of love. Xox

34 months ago
Aprilla Quayle
34 months ago
Maria Odlum
34 months ago

Dear Cheryl, Read your posts tonight, darling lady. Very sorry to hear your news. My dear friend of 40 years has just finished her radiation therapy. Like you she has stayed positive and has come through it all remarkably well. Love and sincere wishes for the very best are sent your way. Kind regards, Maria x

Joel N Jandreau
35 months ago

I am a outreach volunteer for Patient Airlift Services (PALS) we offer free air transportation for patients in need of medical diagnosis and treatment. We fly mainly on the East Coast. If you would like to go to Boston or Philadelphia for treatment we might be able to help you. there is no charge to any of our passengers for any of the services we provide. We will fly the patient and a care giver or spouse. for more information please call us at 1-888-818-1231 and you can visit us at changeing lives one flight at a time

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