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Raised by 87 people in 4 months
First Responders, Armed Forces Members, and Veterans are more vulnerable to PTSD than traditional citizens resulting in the 10th leading cause of death by suicide. 

Terrance Joseph Kosikar - Founder - Camp My Way 

I was a First Responder to the tragic death of Georgian Olympic Luge athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili,  who was killed during a training run on opening day of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Although I was well trained in a myriad of life saving techniques, I was not prepared to deal with the emotional impact sustained when those techniques were not enough. As a result of the fatality, I developed an Operational Stress Injury (PTSD) that launched me into a very costly downward spiral.

During several years of severe depression, anxiety,  suicide attempts, and substance abuse, I lost my family, my career, and nearly my life. Pushed to my breaking point, I found salvation within. Escaping into the back-country mountains, I found peace and purpose in mother nature’s beauty and simplicity. Many others who have suffered from PTSD have not been so lucky.

It is my mission in life to help people who are struggling from PTSD - overcome this terrible injury. We will be offering a series of 2 week long introspective nature retreats at Camp My Way. These trips will give people who struggle with  PTSD – Mental Health and Substance Abuse challenges an opportunity to leave their real world problems behind, and to find themselves in some of the most beautiful all natural terrain in the world. In my experience, this has proven to be an incredibly effective method to help manage my life , and prevent the onset of any future Mental Health struggles.

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About Camp My Way / Nodar Kumaritashvili Legacy

Our outdoor adventure based program teaches Campers how to get back to the basics, survive off grid,  and respect our land that Mother Nature has provided all of us the time to heal, reconnect and appreciate our gift of life today.

Our self sustainability, combined with outdoor Adventure is aimed to help Emergency Service Providers who struggle with an Operational Stress Injury ( PTSD ) get their lives back … Naturally


Our Mission

The ultimate goal is to help people get their lives back and reconnect with themselves, family and friends through teamwork, meditation, self-discipline, exercise, nutrition and sharing positive experiences in a all natural environment.

We have designed a program of exercises and adventure for our campers to push personal limits, break down barriers, and reestablish a relationship not only with nature, but also with themselves and their families.

These experiences will provide our campers with the proper tools to cope with everyday struggles, and help educate them about problem solving strategies, setting new goals and the importance of daily routines.



Camp My Way is NOT A VACATION, but a cause for Natural Rehabilitation   

We have a very restrictive selection process to ensure those who want help, get help they need during this important stage of their recovery process.


How Your Donations Help:

Camp My Way is a Not For Profit Organization 

We are proud to announce that 10 acres of land ( off grid ) has just been donated to Camp My Way.

- We are now looking for 2018 Phase 2 Growth & Expansion of Camp My Way via Corporate & Non-Corporate Donations.

All donations will be used for the following:

- Campers: All Expenses FULLY Covered for First Responders and / or Veterans to include Spouse or Significant Other, to attend Camp My Way. 

- Operating Equipment: Cabin Building supplies, Canoes, Boats, Trailers, Backpacks, Camping Gear, First Aid Kits, Tools, Tents, Sleeping Bags & Mats, Life Jackets, Paddles, Fishing Gear, Safety Equipment, Rain Gear, Emergency Satellite Communications, Food, Cooking Utensils and more.

- Operational Expenses: Staff, Facilitators & Guides, Insurance, Licenses, Web Development, Video Production and more.

- 2018 Dates: 2-week programs for the following months ... ( June, July, August and September )

Please remember, that our end goal is to grow and expand, and we can't do this without your help.  Any donation large or small, to including a simple share without a donation is 100%  gratefully appreciated by our foundation and all Campers who will benefit from our program.

We're not able to end Post Traumatic Stress, but we are able to plant the seeds, and give our Campers the Time they need to Grow and Heal themselves ... Naturally

 Today, you can make a difference.

Together, We Can help heal our Emergency Service Providers.

We will update our progress for everyone to follow!

- Terrance Kosikar




( All Proceeds Go To Camp My Way Phase 2 )

Donations of $20.00 or more made by June 3,  2018 are automatically entered into the drawing. 

The winners will be chosen on June 7, 2018 at 12 PM (pst) by random selection LIVE on our Instagram and Facebook pages.


2 night stay at: Luxury Suite at Pan Pacific Mountainside (Value $600.00)

Dinner for two at: Mongolie grill ($100.00 Gift Certificate)

Day Pass for two at: Scandinave Spa (Value $130.00)

Two Single Riders Whistler ATV  (Value $460.00)

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Goodmorning Friends ,

We have bad news , good news and great news.

The bad news is, our dreams of building our Camp on a 15 acre donated piece of land and offering 2 x 18 day Camp My Way programs this summer has been put on the back burner for now.

These last 3 years have been extremely difficult running and facilitating 3 camps / 47 Campers with having to borrow canoes, paddles, life jackets , no safety or communication equipment, food , fishing gear, tents, back packs, sleeping matts , eating utentsiles, headlamps with not a single penny to work with on top of the 4 months of hard work behind the scenes just to logistacally make these camps possible.

I have to say, with each hug and every smile and sound of laughter from each of our volunteers and Campers, has motivated me to never surrender and keep pushing towards getting our Camp up and running year round.

As of Aug 2017, we finally became a registared Non Profit Organization and I assumed that this years efforts in trying to host a week long fundraiser, along with this Crowd Funding source - would have allowed us the ability to facilitate , build and open the doors for our Veterans / First Responders and their Familes to come up this years 2018 Camp - for 2 x18 day programs without having to run around for months on end trying to beg and borrow all of our equipment and gear that we needed and of coarse - be able to offer our program to our Campers at no charge.

I know from my personal experience , that when I needed a Camp like this - my family was unable to afford a treatment centre or a program like ours that gives us the time we need to heal and the tools we need to be shown and pratice using to help manage our lives - our mental health and our feelings so we can just get back to " breathing" and "living" again.

In order to heal ANY physical / or mental injury - we need support, time, tools, education, knowledge, and a understanding.

Not only to heal, but also to have the tool we must use daily to continue to manage our lives in order not to re open our wounds.

If we have a broken leg - we can not just go see a doctor 1 hr per week and expect to heal, we can not just go to a physio theripist for 1 week and expect to be healed. Healing any injury take TIME.

To heal and manage an injury such a Post Traumatic Stress , Mental Health, or any Substance abuse challeges- we need a minimum of 3 months ( 90 days) to take the small steps one day at a time to work work work on self , and practice using the natural tools such a meditation , excersie and putting the proper nutrition in our bodies along with plenty of REST in a peaceful, all natural enviroment.

My goal of running these 90 day Camps are just going to have to wait a bit longer until we can raise enough funds and take even more years to prove our programs success rates before governemt funding is available and policies are changes and recognize us as a place of healing.

The Good news is - I couldn't be anymore excited to be on this jounrey, mainly because of all the amaizing people we meet every single day who do step up to the plate and help us towards these goals - YOU being one of them - Thank you .

Now here's the GREAT NEWS ,,,

Instead of trying to build 6 cabins / sweat lodges , underground cellars , gardens, horase stables, chicken coops, lodges, indoor healing center and massage therapy cabin or even consider buying all the new equipment we need -- we are just going to go back to our original plan by using my home as our Camp My Way Base Camp.

Here, we already have a 3 bedroom, 3000 square foot cabin, running water, indoor and outdoor shower, gardens, pick nick tables, gazebo, outdoor excercise area, tools, beds, kitchen, 3 refridgerators, rest rooms , beautiful views of the lake, and is within a 4 minute walk.

Everything here is fully operational and is easily able to run our camps year round.

My vision of having a 40 acre piece of raw land to work with - to build from the ground up will just take alot more time, which is perfectly fine for me, I had just envisioned us getting started sooner than later.

More land will come, more funding will come, more lives will be saved but for now , in order to really build a solid foundation we will stay right here on my personal property and continue to learn as we grow.

Are you ready for the GREATEST NEWS ??

We have just confirmed our first 7 day Wilderness Program to begin on June 7 2018.

That gives us 2 months now as a team to come up with some fundraising ideas so we may facilitate, and purchase the safety / communications equipment, cover the costs of fixing old broken down canoes, paddles , ( new ) life jackets, tents , sleeping bags / matts , insurance, and of coarse we will certainly need help finding enough food to feed our Campers.

Thankfully, we have a new Friend , Chris Duquemin, Post Traumatic Stress, Body Engineer flying all the way here from the UK just to volunteer facilitating his time to help our Campers at this Camp, along with Lachlan Zrim who is flying here all the way from Austraillia to help facilitate our Camps this summer also.

We are working very hard behind the scene right now and feel that because we value your investment so much - you derserve to know every single step we take along the way .

( and If we had staff -- these updates would be alot more frequent - haha )

In order to open the doors for our Campers at our June 7 Camp - we still need alot of equipment, gear, food and insurance.

I'd like to ask you for your fundraising idea, suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

We can not do this alone.


Thanks to our sponsors, we have just relaunched our Luxury Getaway package to Whistler , with your investment of $20.00 you will automatically be entered to win again.


Here's our luckey winner from our last draw - Scott Mercer

Due to a high demand for our Camp My Way T- shirts and hoodies , we are happy to annouce that they are ready. I think the best way we can help , i when your hoodie arrives, take a small piece of paper - write the hashtag #campmyway and #yourcountry or #city - and email us your photo with the reason why you proudly support our camp, and we will post it on our social media and website.Sound like fun ?

Camp My Way Store - https://teespring.com/stores/camp-my-way-store

All proceeds go towards continuing to build a solid foundation for this summers Programs, along with the gear and safety equipmemt thats needed to run our Camps.

We look forward to sharing this summers plan of Events / Fundraisers / Gear drives / Workshops / Camps / Mental Health Awareness Programs next week,

Thank you for your time, and your investment with us.

Respectfully ,

Terrance Kosikar

Founder / Executive Director Camp My Way
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Goodmorning Friends ..

Here's your update from our Feb 2018 Camp My Way Fundraiser / PTSD Awareness Events.

We successfully flipped our tire nearly 30 kms over 7 days and raised $189.00

* 24 kms in 24 hrs

* Whistler Village 1 km ( in memory Nodar Kumaritashvili

* up 7th Heaven Glacier / Blackcomb Mountain 4 days - to 6,400 feet.

* Busted - Vancouver Police Dept -

* Shaw TV - teaser -

* Lynda Steele Show - CKNW 980 am

* Exclusive, Part 1: Trying to find light within the darkness of the 2010 Olympics luge tragedy -

* Exclusive, Part 2: Olympic medic’s journey from despair to recovery -

* CTV News -

* TSN - Radio Vancouver -

* Global News -

Mountian Fm -
Roundhouse Radio -
CBC Vancouver -
Global BC -

It's been a very busy few months leading up to these events - and must say - our entire team is extremely proud of how far we have come and eternally grateful for all those who came out to meet us in person and help flip our tire.

Very Special Thank you -

Stacy Wilson - Executive Director - Together We Can
Tony Medd - GM Summit Lodge
Ralf Slossarek - Financial Director Camp My Way
Dennis Vincent - Coast to Coast Helicopters
Shane Simpson - Cabinet Minister - BC NDP
Doug Mac - Director Operations Whistler Blackcomb
Joern Rohde Photograpghy
Shurman E - Mountain Shack Media
Ian Dunsbury - Shaw TV
Bob Mackin - the Breaker.new
Jeff Waters - CEO Camp My Way
Daniel Johnson - Director of Operations Camp My Way
Claire Hanbury - Vice Principle - Whistler Secondary
Chris Duquemin - New Vision Therapy
Ioana Aboumitri - Kelani International Inc.

Much Respect - to all the warriors in their early stages of Recovery from the Together We Can Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center who came out and walked the walk at each event.

Your Friend , Our Voice

Terrance Kosikar

Post Traumatic Strength - Our way
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Solar Powered Well Pump - Installed
1st Roof Beams - Cut

CEO Jeff Waters, and Director of Operations Daniel Johnson have been digging for weeks preparing for todays installation of our New Solar Powered Well Pump.

Very Special Thank you, to all of you who have helped support us as we take the first few steps in building the Foundation to Camp My Way .

Step 1 - Fresh Water - ( check ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-cOl-MaXQg

Step 2 - Cutting Roof Beams - Long House - ( check )

We still have many years ahead of us as we continue to build our Camp from the ground up.

This is only possible, because of your generous support.

On behalf of all of us here at Camp My Way, and from our future Campers -- Thank you for believeing in our Program and for helping share our campagne with your Friends, Family, and Co Workers today.

Extra Special Love n Hugs from the Natorious P.I.G.

Solar Powered Well Pump - Installed
Historical Moment - Roof Beams Cut
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Goodmorning and Happy New Year Friends and Family.

Just wanted to give you a quik update, and reminder that today Jan 2 at 12 noon ( pst) we will be going LIVE on Facebook @Terrance Kosikar Offical Page to draw the winner of our Whistler Weekand Getaway Package.

Everyone who has made a $20.00 donation automatically entered for this draw today.

If you can not make it LIVE today, we will be sure to keep the vid replay up on our page for you to view later.

The winner will have 24 hours to claim your prize.

Also today, we will be giving a LIVE update as to our up comming Operations for 2018 .

On behalf of all of us here at Camp My Way - we wish you, and your Family a safe and happy New Year.

Thank you again for your helping support us in building the Foundation for our Camp My Way Program.
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$7,073 of $100,000 goal

Raised by 87 people in 4 months
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