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$10,140 of $100,000 goal

Raised by 118 people in 19 months
Camp My Way is a residential wilderness program that helps support Veterans, First Responders and their Families who have been affected by PTSD.

Camp My Way is a Not-For-Profit organization founded by Terrance Kosikar.

It his our mission in life to help people who are struggling from PTSD - overcome this terrible injury. Camp My Way will be offering a series of 2 week long introspective nature retreats. These trips will give people who struggle with PTSD – Mental Health and Substance Abuse challenges an opportunity to leave their real world problems behind, and to find themselves in some of the most beautiful all natural terrain in the world. In his experience, this has proven to be an incredibly effective method to help manage his life, and prevent the onset of any future Mental Health struggles.

Our ultimate goal is to help people get their lives back and reconnect with themselves, family and friends through teamwork, meditation, self-discipline, exercise, nutrition and sharing positive experiences in a all natural environment.

We have designed a program of exercises and adventure for our campers to push personal limits, break down barriers, and reestablish a relationship not only with nature, but also with themselves and their families.

These experiences will provide our campers with the proper tools to cope with everyday struggles, and help educate them about problem solving strategies, setting new goals and the importance of daily routines.

Our self sustainability, combined with outdoor Adventure is aimed to help Emergency Service Providers who struggle with an Operational Stress Injury ( PTSD ) get their lives back … Naturally




Camp My Way
needs your help today.

This gofundme campaign was created to help the Camp My Way Not-For-Profit Organization sustain day to day operating costs, to include long term expansion goals.

All donations big or small will be applied 100% to the Not-For-Profit account and will be used and distributed to the organization via vote of the executive board and team members.  This is a long term effort, however the quicker we can reach our goal, the quicker we can grow with the ability to sustain the operation to help First Responders and Veterans who are struggling from PTSD.

All donations are primarily applied but not limited to the following areas:

- Day to Day Operational Costs (Ex: Utilities, Insurances, Vendor Fees)
- Staff (Ex: Camp Counselors, Directors)
- Camp Upkeep (Ex: Repair, Cleanup)
- Supplies (Ex: New Equipment, Food, Campers Gear)
- Travel (Ex: Public Speaking Engagements, Offset Of Campers Travel Expenses, Hotel Expenses)
- Marketing (Ex: Literature For Fundraisers, Media Buys)
- Expansion (Ex: Camp Buildings, Land Expansion)

Please remember that in order to help those whom suffer PTSD, we need your help and support.

Thank you for your donations and kind words of encouragement.


Camp My Way will create additional "short term" gofundme campaigns that will be hyper focused based on immediate needs to the foundation.  (please be sure to follow this page for updates)


- This Page Last Updated Jan 28th, 2019
- Visit Us At www.CampMyWay.com
- You can help by donating today, or by sharing this page to Social Media.
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Happy New Year ,

How quik did this year go by ?

Well, just about as fast as the world seems to be moving today -- all in a blink of an eye.

Greatest news is, our 2018 Camp My Way Wilderness Program was a huge success.

Thanks to your your time, support and generous donation to our program we were able to bring 4 Campers and 3 facilitators up to our Camp for a 6 day retreat.
- purchased new camping gear,
- safey communication GPS data,
- 1 used outboard motor,
- 1 used tin boat,
- 1 used canoe,
- 6 new paddles
- 6 new sleeping bags,
- 2 new tents,
- cabin building materials / structural only
- and covered costs for transporation, accomidations and meals for our Campers and facilitators.

After our year end board meeting, we have set the bar another step higher than last year, and will share our 2019 goals with you at the end of Jan, as we are just confirming few minor details.

In the meantime, here is my own Testimonial from 2018's Camp and the emotional impact, and inspiration it has brought to me, and truly motivates me to keep pushing forward - knowing this will take many many years to fulfil the ultimate goal of being fully operational for 30 - 90 day programs year round.

Thank you again for your support, none of this would be possible with your investment with us.

We look forward to and hope you will continue to help us build on top of the foundation we have already been working very hard on for 4 years.

We've come a long way, and still have a long way to go, just as the pyramyds we're built over night, to leave a legacy behind that will certainly add more value to the futire of humanity -- this will also take some time and alot of hard work.

Virtually impossible to do without a team.

Have a safe and happy new year.

Your Friend, Our Voice

Terrance Kosikar / President
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Weekly Update
Testimonial by Chris Duquemin, Body Engineer / Camp Facilitator

"My name's Chris Duquemin, I'm a neurotherapist from Jersey in the Channel Islands".

"I was really excited to come to Camp My Way, so a big thank you to the sponsors and everyone who donated to help make that happen".

"I had this theory based on my engineering background that we might have some neurological triggers that we could work with, that could help deactivate the fight or flight syndrome".

"The most pleasing aspect of the camp for me, is that we seem to have quite a degree of success in deactivating those high neural tones, and that basically lays the foundation for people to integrate back into society, interact with friends and family, and have the self help techniques, which I'll work on when I get back home, so that we can continue the momentum for our campers.

Just as exciting for me, in the longer term vision, is trying to be more preventive, proactive, and not wait for that stress cup to overfill, but actually give people simple diagnostic skills and techniques they can use on themselves, friends, family, work colleagues, to reduce and deactivate those stress responses before the cup overflows, and we get major problems.

That's been the most pleasing aspect.

The helicopter and meeting the guys...it's all been phenomenal.

On a personal level, the most pleasing aspect is the theory I had about the neural system seems to work...certainly within the group.

We've had some really positive response.

My own definition of PTS is "an event, or combination of events, both physical or emotional, that left the body locked in a fight or flight state"

Notice I do not use the words PTSD - for me, to consider post traumatic stress a DISORDER is disrespectful.

It is simply the result of over stressing a neurological system. The body has responded in the only way it knew how in order to survive - how can that be a disorder?

It's simply a natural, human response.

My theory was fundamentally straight forward. That people who are
CONTINUOUSLY subjected to stressful situations would, over time, gather stress in their jaw muscles.

These tensions would put pressure on the trigeminal nerve that runs behind the jaw hinge which would in turn tighten the muscles that stabilise the neck and base of the skull.

This structural misalignment would then impinge the vagus nerve, or cranial nerve X along with sister nerves IX and XI.

This is easy to diagnose, and takes a few seconds to confirm ventral vagus dysfunction without even touching the person.

There are 2 vagus nerves, and they help control breathing and heart
functions together. If ventral vagus is compromised, we get reduced
capacity to breathe, and eratic cardiac function.

The ventral vagus also sends a signal to the top third of the esophagus. If compromised, it shortens the esophagus, causing stomach to be elevated up under left rib cage leading to hiatus hernia, or at very least hiatal distortion.

The hiatus is the junction where the esophagus passes through the big band of muscle separating heart and lungs from lower abdomen. Two vagus nerves follow the path of the esophagus through the hiatus, so any distortion of the hiatus often applies pressure to the vagus nerves
which further tightens respiratory diaphragm, further tightens neck and shoulder muscles which puts further pressure on vagus at base of skull.

What we have now is a vicious mechanical cycle the body cannot break itself !!

My theory was by simply reversing the process, we could free off the
nerves, which would enable body to drop back into a relaxed,
parasympathetic state of natural self healing where the body's two vagus nerves - dorsal and ventral - can again work as a team to promote health and wellbeing, both physical and emotional.

Delighted to report that my theory was proven to have solid validity as I was able to deactivate each and every "fight or flight" state back into a balanced state of natural self healing and self repair. Speaking to the guys 1 month on, these benefits appear to have been maintained.

The problem with PTS is it is NOT a medically diagnosable condition.

You don't have a blood test or X ray, and they show PTS!

It is a neurological response to stress, and needs a different approach.

Using accepted medical knowledge with an engineering mindset, we can DIAGNOSE very quickly and accurately if there is a mechanical restriction within the body that is having an effect on the body's ability to relax after being subjected to stress. Once diagnosed, forget medication or counselling - these approaches are very powerful, but if the body is neurologically compromised, there is simply no foundation for self healing.

Once that foundation is restored - and this is often achieved very quickly as we proved at the - these other modalities will simply speed up recovery even more. Ideally, without need for medication.

The exciting thing about these simple diagnostic tests is their capacity within seconds to determine who may be at risk of PTS, because their nervous systems cannot relax after stressful stimulations. This enables
us to have the tools to be pro active and preventative, and offer early intervention BEFORE someones system crashes, and they get a PTS diagnosis. Prevention has to be better than a cure !

Terrance's concept of combining physical exercise, with hands on therapy and in a natural healing environment is a very powerful one.

His own personal story will resonate with every single person who has PTS.

I hope that my mechanical theory to treat the root cause as to why body loses ability to self heal, can be taught far and wide and this is our next challenge. Get the message out there that guys with PTS have hope for the future that themselves and their families do not have to live their lives full of #fear, #anxiety, #depression and #anger.

Terrance, myself and the other Camp My Way facilitators will continue to spread these messages of hope to everyone with PTS in the hope that one day, similar camps can spring up wherever they are needed.

Treating the root cause has to be the viable long term solution - not just suppressing the symptoms with long term medication that has its own side effects and issues.

Camp My Way concepts are simple, cost effective and offer hope of a long term resolution to PTS for the thousands that suffer worldwide.

I hope my Body Engineering approach to PTS has made some kind of sense, and look forward to building stronger relationships with Terrance and the other facilitators in the future.

Many thanks for taking the time to read and share this

Take care
Chris Duquemin
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Merry Christmas Friends , here's your weekly update.

Captain Dale Lundy of Salt Spring Island Fire Department - TESTIMONIAL.

What I experienced at this Camp for 1 week was pretty impactful and it really has changed my life.

I wish this Camp was here 20 years ago for people in my position. It would have been a different day for a lot of people if the opportunity came much earlier.

My name is Dale Lundy, I'm with the Salt Spring Fire Department on my 27th year ... rank of Captain.

I came to Camp My Way with no expectations, just have a open mind and the willingness to learn.

Not only about me, but also tools I can take back with me to my family and give me a better understanding of the shit that i'm going through, and a better understanding of what I see others going through.

Not just at work, but everyday day life.

I learned some things that I will never foget, and are now a part of my daily routine.

Meditation / Mindfulness
Breathing exercises
Body scan

I also think about 3 things every morning I wake up. I do this everyday.

1) I try to forgive and forgive myself.

2) I think about everybody in my life that I am "grateful" for that are in my life weather they are past or still here.

3) I ask myself, "what can I do today that will help make somebody elses life better"?

This is very powerful.

I said to Terrance Kosikar, "to think a thug from the east side would be able to teach a Captain from the Fire Dept so much about life, I mean that".

The advice I would have given myself on day 1 ?

"Your in for a hell of a adventure, keep your hands in the ride at all times".

I'd like to Thank all of the sponsors and people who donated to the Go Fund Me for allowing me this opportunity to experience Camp My Way.

Donate today, or please share this with everyone you know, so we are able to continue building Camp My Way Wilderness Therapy Program for future First Responders and their families who need your support.
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My Friend , ( hug )

Very excited to share this next video testimonial with you.

It's been a very long, but successful journey since my operation in late Aug.

In case your wondering , why there has been such a massive stretch between Aug until now is because I had undergone a major, life thretening , recontructive surgery back in late Aug.

As with any major surgery, the amount of pain managment medication ( opiates ) that was prescribed to me I am most humbly and certainly grateful for.

Toughest part about todays pain managment , is it can be a double edged sword for people like me , who have a very high tolerance towards opiates.

Therefore, it wasnt long before I was back up to 6 times the leathal dose , just to get out of bed each day to try and even breath without being in unbarably, excrutiating pain .

This is where I want to take a second to Thank YOU, for helping save my life today.

In late Sept, I noticed my actions, my thoughts, my feeling, sadness, depression, anxiety, nightmares and, dependance to the pain meds I was on becomming increasingly dangerous.

I saw a very slippery slope ahead of me, and had to make a descion.

Do I allow my EGO ( Edging God Out ) to take over ?

I thought to myself, ohh it's ok, I am in pain, the meds i'm taking I have good reason, a good excuse, I have a team of friends, a board of directors , we're on the news, newspapers, we have a ton of sponsors, inverstors, social media following, we are in teh best shape of our lives, ect ect ect.

As I say this while tooting my own horn, I thought, wait a minute, theres nothing humble about all this , whats the problem here , why am I thinking or feeling this way ?

"The " PROBLEM" is , I was NOT THINKING clearly due to the amount of pain killers I was consuming. I was more focused on trying to numb the pain, and just keep my sanity for one more day , pill after pill , night after night, many tears shed ( at the fact that surgery wasnt quite as succesful as we had hoped, dealing with disfiguration and a massive infection, nearly haveing to back for plastic surgery .. ugggg - grouling )

I didnt even realize or even think for a minute the entire month of Sept just how much my mind had become altared from these opiates.

At that moment, I also asked myself, what happens when CBC calls me again for an interview, what would happen if I got a call from a university or a treatment centre to come in as a guest speaker, what happens if I was to run another Camp right now all jacked up on these meds ?

As much pain as I was in, the pharasuticle managament goes against everything we stand for - there is nothing natural about this way of life, no matter the pain ( was my thoughts) and quite frankly, they made me very heartbroken and I wish words could describe the amount of Guilt and Shame that came over me.

I thought, am I willing to risk everything we have built over the last 4 years and just see how far I can go before I get off these pain killers?

The answer came to me immediatly, absolutly not willing to loose what we have built, and right now is the perfect time to put everything thing we have learned over the years to the truest of tests.

"FLUSH", down the toillet they all went, and quit right there cold turkey.

I DO NOT advise anyone out there to ever try and quit opiates cold turkey like this. I will admit now that this in itself was a very bad descion also, please , seek medical help and be sure to check into a detox centre and taper your self off slowly - not just because of the insanity that comes with opiate withdrawl, but also the mental , and physical things that can and will happen when comming off these pain KILLERS.

Today, I am proud to say I am 77 days opiate free , and yes, still in pain, but certainly have all the proper natural tools to help manage not only the mental but also the physical ( Post Traumatic Stress ) , and all the symptoms / side effects that comes with a life threatening event, on top of opiate addiction.

Clearly, yet again, by continuing to use the natural tools in our daily routine, as we share with our Campers at Camp My Way , recovery is evidentally possible , no matter the event that injured us, or the amount of drenilyn / energy that gets trapped in our nervous system when faced with these events.

I'm happy to say we are back up to speed, and we as a team have been working round the clock to make sure your weekly updates are on time , and easily viewed and understood as to what your donations have helped us build at Camp My Way 2018.

I feel this post is long enough, and will sign off on a great note with your next testimonail from Harley James Dundas, At- Risk Youth Heals PTSD at Camp My Way.

Thanks to your donation, time, and support, most importantly believing is our program - You have helped save my life today.

Thank you , for continuing to support Camp My Way.

Follow on instagram - @Camp My Way
Facebook - Camp My Way

Respectfully , Your Friend, Our Voice

Terrance J. Kosikar

PS.. Be sure the withdrawl process these last 77 days has been written out in my diary , you will be able to read this and learn more when my autobiograpghy is edited and book ready we hope by this Aug 2019.
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$10,140 of $100,000 goal

Raised by 118 people in 19 months
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