Five Unique Ways to Donate Your Stimulus Check

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Under the CARES Act, the US government has issued one-time cash payments of $1,200 to millions of Americans earning $75,000 or less across the country. While these stimulus checks come as lifelines to many Americans, helping them cover pressing expenses like rent payments and groceries, that’s not the case for all stimulus check recipients. Consequently,  those who don’t urgently need the money from their stimulus checks are choosing to donate their stimulus money to help people  in need. In this article, we’ll explore some of the many ways in which you can also donate your stimulus check to make a positive impact during this time of crisis.

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Where to donate stimulus checks

For the many people who have been financially impacted by the coronavirus, your stimulus check donation could mean the world to them, perhaps allowing them to put food on the table or make rent for another month. Browse through the following list to gain inspiration on where to donate your stimulus check and make a difference.

1. Donate to a local restaurant

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many local restaurants have been struggling to make ends meet. When federal aid isn’t enough to keep them afloat, it’s up to caring community members like you to step up and help them through these difficult times. You can use your stimulus money to support local restaurants in the following ways:

  • Purchase meals, gift cards, or merchandise from them
  • Donate to them directly
  • Create a crowdfunding fundraiser on their behalf, or contribute to an existing fundraiser that they have set up
  • Sponsor a shift meal at your local hospital and treat the entire ER staff their meals
  • Donate to one of the following restaurant relief funds:

2. Donate to a small business

Local restaurants aren’t the only businesses that are struggling through these tough times. Many small businesses that rely on in-person experiences such as hair salons and retail stores are also suffering. Here are a few ways that you can help small businesses affected by the coronavirus:

  • Buy gift cards or merchandise from them
  • Make an advance payment on their services
  • Make direct donations to them
  • Crowdfund for them by creating online fundraisers, or contribute to existing small business relief fundraisers
  • Donate to the Small Business Relief Fund, which helps small businesses that have been negatively impacted by COVID-19

3. Donate to your favorite artists

In times of crisis, people often turn to art to find meaning and comfort. Now, it’s time to return the favor and support artists that have carried you through hard times. If you’re wondering where to donate during the coronavirus, consider using your stimulus check to provide coronavirus relief for your favorite artists in the following ways:

4. Donate to a coronavirus-related fundraiser 

In these uncertain times, crowdfunding offers a great way for compassionate people like you to fundraise for coronavirus causes. Check out the following fundraisers to gain ideas on where you can donate your stimulus check:

5. Donate to a cause you care about

Whether it’s to a local charity that you admire or an international movement that you’re a part of, you can use your stimulus money to help the causes you care about. Check out this list of organizations that are making a positive impact in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

If you want to do more than just donate… 

If you know of a person or organization that’s in need of financial support during this time of crisis, consider starting an online fundraiser on their behalf. With a GoFundMe, you can start raising money within minutes on our fundraising platform and use the donations to support folks you know who are financially struggling due to the coronavirus crisis. Turn your compassion into action by starting a GoFundMe fundraiser today.

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