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While malaria is not very prevalent in the US, there is a high risk of transmitting this dangerous mosquito-borne disease while traveling to and from tropical countries. While malaria can be fatal, it is important to know that it is also preventable and treatable. Malaria can take a huge toll on your body and we know the cost of malaria treatment can be steep. That said, we want to help you get back to good health as quickly as possible. Below, we’ve come up with a few ways you can cover malaria costs, as well as ways you can help protect others from this disease. Rest assured, if you’re looking for ways to cover anti-malaria pill costs or malaria treatment, financial help is available.

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Three ways to cover malaria treatment cost

1. Utilize health insurance coverage

First and foremost, not all insurance plans will cover malaria medication costs. Do your research on your current insurance policy to see if it offers coverage for the cost of malaria treatment and for emergencies that happen internationally. If your health insurance doesn’t include these things, consider purchasing short-term travel health insurance. In the event that you get malaria and need to go to a hospital while you’re traveling abroad, you’ll likely have to pay any services on your own, which could be costly. With travel health insurance, you can get medical coverage while you’re overseas. 

2. Start a fundraiser

An easy and quick way to receive financial help is by creating a medical fundraiser. Many people use GoFundMe every day to pay for medical bills and to get help with out of pocket medical expenses. When other means of financial assistance aren’t enough, turn to crowdfunding and let your friends, family, and community both near and far offer support. You may be surprised as to how much those closest to you want to help, and also how far the kindness of strangers can go. By fundraising for malaria on GoFundMe, you’ll be able to raise funds to pay for medication costs and get the treatment you need right when you need it. With an insurance company, you may wait anywhere from weeks to days to be reimbursed for any out of pocket costs you incur.

3. Consider prescription drug discount programs

Without a doubt, prescription drugs can be pricey. However, there are free or discounted prescription drug programs out there that offer help to low-income or uninsured individuals and families. Nonprofits such as NeedyMeds and the HealthWell Foundation lend a hand to those who need financial assistance for prescription drugs. These organizations can be helpful resources to help pay for malaria medication costs. Additionally, AARP and Walgreens offer programs to save money on prescription pills, while GoodRx offers free coupons. Bonus tip: Whenever you can, ask for generic prescription drugs as they’ll cost significantly less than the branded versions.

How can malaria be prevented?

There are many people around the world, especially children and pregnant women, who are affected by malaria each day. Many families don’t have the resources or money to prevent or treat malaria. You can join the fight to end malaria and help protect vulnerable, at-risk groups from malarial mosquitoes. 

A simple way you can make an impact is by starting your own fundraiser for a charity that works to defeat malaria and safeguard people from this difficult disease. Consider fundraising or donating to the charities listed below that are doing great work. By coming together and spreading compassion, we can save lives and defeat malaria for good.

Three charities working to eradicate malaria

1. Against Malaria Foundation

This charity uses 100% of public donations to fund long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) and makes sure that they are being distributed and used. Since an LLIN only costs $2 per net, starting a fundraiser or making a donation to the Against Malaria Foundation can make a huge difference in providing nets to protect people against malaria.

2. Malaria No More

Malaria No More is a nonprofit that works to align agendas and leaders on a national and global scale, ensure funding, and inspire action to end malaria. In collaboration with their partners, they are finding ways to universally accelerate progress against this disease. The economic impact of malaria puts families in poverty. Just $1 towards regulating malaria in Africa provides as much as $40 in economic growth.

3. Nothing But Nets

Nothing But Nets is the biggest grassroots campaign in the world that is working in conjunction with UN partners, organizations, and advocates to protect families that are susceptible to malaria. The long-lasting insecticidal nets are an easy and inexpensive fix to protect families at night. Your donation grants a bed net to a family in need, which is administered by partners of the United Nations and local governments.

Real people who have used GoFundMe for malaria treatment

GoFundMe has helped numerous individuals raise money to cover the cost of malaria treatment. Asking for help with money is no easy feat, but online fundraising alleviates some of the fear by using social networks and the internet to reach people far and wide. Here are just a couple of people who have successfully used GoFundMe for malaria treatment:

Valery’s fight against malaria

Valery is currently hospitalized for malaria in Bali. The infection has reached her brain and she’s beginning to experience organ failure. Her hospital stay costs $900 per day, and she’s also in need of blood transfusions. Since Valery doesn’t have health insurance, this is an enormous financial hardship. Her friend Daniel turned to GoFundMe to raise money on her behalf, and so far, the fundraiser has raised more than double the amount of its goal.

Malaria medication for Shadrach

Shadrach became ill with Tropical Splenomegaly Syndrome (TSS) which was caused by malaria. Sadly, it impacted his liver, spleen, and blood cells. Treatment included taking long-term medication, and the anti-malaria pills cost $10 a day. The doctor said he would need to take it for at least six months. His friend Fern created a GoFundMe to raise funds to pay for his malaria pill costs. Their community came together and raised over $1,800 to cover the cost of Shadrach’s anti-malaria medication for the necessary six months.

Together we can beat malaria

Financial support for malaria costs is within reach. Whether you need treatment but can’t afford it or you simply want to join the fight against malaria, consider starting an online fundraiser. Before you start, check out our easy fundraising ideas for inspiration and tips. Then, sign up on GoFundMe and begin fundraising for yourself or a charity working to end malaria that you care about.

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