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Anastasia Leslie  West Brompton, ENG
What would you do if you were told your life was going to end and there was no treatment or possible cure? 

In 2015 I was diagnosed with stage IIIc ovarian cancer. At the age of 27 it was something that I wasn’t prepared for (not that anyone can ever be prepared for news like this). All the life dreams came crushing down but the hardest of all was the fact that I will never be able to have children of my own. Somehow I learned to cope with this reality.

Since the diagnosis I have had fantastic support from world-renowned professors and consultants at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, but unfortunately after 2 years of standard treatments I am no longer responding to them.

The survival statistics from standard treatments are around 5 out of every 100 women (5%) or in other words hopeless. But what if I told you there was another way and you can be a part of it... I need your can help me to have a normal more pain, no more doctors, no more chemo and with your help we can make it happen.

I have looked everywhere and I have found/was recommended a private clinic in Germany that has amazing results using treatments that for regulatory reasons are not available in the UK. They use the latest research in immunotherapy offering advanced targeted and personalized treatment to your specific cancer. The German doctors said that all of the ovarian cancer patients (approx 20 to 25 per year in the last 15 years) that they had are still alive, doing well and in remission, which gives me and my family hope.

Think about if you were told your life is ending...How much would you pay for another 100 years of life, how much is another decade worth to you? How much would you part with for another year of your life? If you could buy one more month or one more day, what would it be worth to you? A day doesn't seem long but when you don't want to die it's the most priceless thing in the world…

If you are a billionaire you would pay hundreds of millions or maybe even a billion...or if you are homeless you would give your last penny...if you had nothing you would give your clothes or your hair...your two front teeth...

Think about all the people in your lives who have died prematurely, life has been taken from them, what would you pay to bring them back? Whether it is a car accident, ALS or war, none of these people knew they were going to die and you can't bring them back with any amount of money...but you can help me live longer, you can improve my quality of life and you can buy another day, week, month, year, decade...

I want to live until I am 120 and I can't do it without you... )

I need your help...I have a plan and I am recruiting you all as my helpers, my help me overcome this and get my life back.

So, the shopping list is:

- Tumour Biopsy
- TAA Tumour Associated Antigen Screening
- Vaccination Strategy
- Antibody Treatment with anti-CTLA-4
- Antibody Treatment with anti-PD-1/-L1
- Immune Stimulatory Program II
- High-dosed anti-inflammatory infusions 
- Anti-oxidative infusions
- Liver support infusions
- Ozone autohemo-therapy

This works but it cost money...lots of money...I will appreciate any help. I need to raise £120,000 for the first phase of treatment which will start in the next couple of weeks, and then I will need more for sounds a lot but break it into 10 lots and it's £12,000. I need ten people to help me raise this. My nearest and dearest I need you now!

If each of you find 10 more people that's £1,200 each, and those in return find 10 more people then its £120 each....

Please do something amazing me me get my life back...only you can make a difference...

Buy another day in my life.

Love to all,

For offline payments please ask directly
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Update 7
Posted by Anastasia Leslie
9 days ago
A 94% chance of disease free only costs approximately £60,000 what a bargain....we will take that thank you doctor...

So we met with Anastasia's Oncologist (Cancer Doctor) at the clinic today to discuss her personalised immunotherapy program and it was amazing and inspiring....

Her tumour tissue analysis shows HER2 (Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2) protein in elevated levels on her cancer cells. This is more common in breast cancer tumours which is where all the research has focused but in essence it is a protein that is present on the surface of cancer tumour cells which can be identified and targeted using antibody vaccinations...yes that's correct vaccination for cancer....

HER2 vaccination trials are getting exceptional results...In a phase I/II trial of 190 patients with varying HER2 levels, the disease-free survival rate for patients who completed the series was 94%, vs 85% for controls—a 57% reduction in risk.

Why is everyone not doing this I hear you ask...the treatment is very expensive and the FDA approval requires extensive 3 phase testing and therefore is quite a way of becoming main stream.

This is a vaccination that must be taken every three months for 2 years and is an important part of Anastasia's combined treatment regime.

The theory of the treatment program is we use Chemotherapy to attack the tumours directly (effectively poisoning each cell it comes across) and then immunotherapy to boost and focus Anastasia's immune system to attack the cancer cells directly. We amplify these regimes with other complimentary treatments to enhance the effect and aggression of these protocols but its the vaccines where we
have the chance to achieve long lasting disease free remission.

I will explain some of the other protocols in the next few days of posts but this was by far the coolest piece of science I have ever come across so I wanted to share it with you straight away! check out the info graphics, they are so cool!

This is what we are campaigning for, this what we are fundraising for, it is not hopes and dreams, it is logical and proven science that is working in trials and research.

We have met over 10 people in the clinic this week on this treatment who were all given terminal prognosis's varying from 24 hours to 2 years and they are all still here gossiping and sharing stories on each others cancer journeys.

Each time Anastasia gets treatment she has to sign a disclaimer of side effects...lethal side effects, life threatening complications....but not signing them and not getting treatment is simply not worth thinking about.

This is what we are doing to get Anastasia out of danger from her tumours as soon as possible, the main risk from the size of the tumours is complications including bowel obstructions and liquid build up causing her lungs to collapse so time is of the essence and we need to tackle this as a team..

That's worth a share and a donation isn't it? Let's keep Anastasia's treatment going together and we can beat her cancer:

donate, share, click and like please

#donate #fundraising #givemoretogether
#socialgood #philanthropy #charity #dogood

Winning war of cancer and immunotherapy
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Update 6
Posted by Anastasia Leslie
10 days ago
Join our fight to win the war on saving Anastasia's life and help us kick this tumour into touch now! You can make a big difference today!

Please share again if you have shared, please spread the word further if you have already spread it.

Anastasia has so far had 7 litres of Aesites drained from her abdomen and chest at the clinic this week and the response for the most recent drain from her Doctor was "hmmmm...."

The drain revealed Anastasia's main tumor which is close to the size of a rugby ball in her abdomen.

The doctor said to me we can beat this, but we must be more aggressive with the treatment to reduce the tumor burden (size) quickly now and it will cost more.

I asked him as anyone would please do what it takes to help Anastasia, and now I am asking you all to do the same please.

Anastasia's friends and family have so far raised £93,750 from the target of £120,000 an amazing effort. I have contributed what I can aside from our travel and day to day costs over hear, £10,000 early in the campaign, £7,000 last week and just paid £25,000 extra to the clinic today.

We now need your support to raise the funds required to continue the treatment to help Anastasia get control of this tumor. We need to raise an additional £75,000 to cover the extra procedures, drugs and infusions to attack the tumour and shrink it now.

We are at the local hospital now getting a port fitted into her main artery, we will then go back to the clinic for her to receive chemotherapy, imunotherapy, vaccinations, Avastin (blood vessel inhibitor) and a range of other infusions designed to reduce the size of her tumor. These treatments have worked on previous patients that we have spoken to at the clinic this week and she needs this treatment now, we need to stop the rugby ball getting to a basketball size asap!

All our friends have been working hard to raise funds from sponsored dog walks to sharing offline networks through workplaces and some people even giving the cost of their coffees daily to the campaign, we have people sourcing corporate charitable donations and invaluable support for the PR and spreading this cause.

Help now, do what you can to make a difference please, share, donate, fundraise and ask others to do the same. We got Anastasia to the clinic and started her treatment but we need to do more to help her overcome this disease and to give her hope.

The first target still stands of £120,000 let's smash it together and make it happen!

Anastasia and I are very very grateful for the support received so far but we are raising the bar and going all out to do what needs to be done to win the war together!

Lots of love,

Stuart and Anastasia


Winning war of cancer and immunotherapy
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Update 5
Posted by Anastasia Leslie
13 days ago
The fund raising campaign is very important but there is nothing more important than Anastasia getting the care she needs right now!

Hello from Hallwang Clinic everyone....yes we are here a bit early...

There have been lots of messages so thought it was easier to update everyone.

Anastasia has had a difficult few days been in a lot of pain and discomfort. We had a few quick trips to the hospital to get her more comfortable and she has been sleeping and resting a lot.

We received the results two days ago from the biopsy last week. The tumor markers they were hoping for did not appear in the test results so the doctors discussed her specific Tumor characteristics and from there they have made an adapted personalisedtreatment plan and remain focused on getting her into long term remission using immunotherapy treatment.

We decided to come to the Hallwang Clinic as soon as we got the results so that she can be made more comfortable, taken care of properly and start treatment as soon as possible.

The care has been really brilliant since we arrived this morning they did more blood tests than you can imagine, ultrasounds and now she is on IV infusions to get her back up to full strength.

She is resting now and they are doing lots of procedures and things to make her more comfortable and then they will start the immunotherapy treatment tomorrow.

She will be here for 1-3 weeks depending on how she responds to treatment and then hopefully she will continue with regular trips every few weeks to the clinic.

If there is anything more you can do to help hit the 1st target it would be a great relief and milestone for Anastasia.

Anastasia has asked for happy pictures and she wants love and encouragement so please post your pictures with Anastasia to the page

I thought this picture sums up my wife perfectly, full of smiles, love and great enthusiasm for every day!

Thank you all for your continued support, messages, donations and spreading the word, we are very confident she is in the right care and looking forward to bringing you updates on Anastasia's road to recovery!

Lots of love,

Stuart and Anastasia

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Update 4
Posted by Anastasia Leslie
27 days ago
Hi everyone! Today my cause hit the papers....check out the amazing article and thank you to you all of you for your support, this is a big challenge but I can't do it without you all... I love you all x
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Jennifer Watson
27 days ago

Keep fighting! So much love to family Leslie and hope you reach your goal xx

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£104,126 of £120k goal

Raised by 852 people in 1 month
Created February 17, 2017
Heather Lockley
3 hours ago
Tyree Glenn Jr.
6 hours ago

I wish you all the best and get well soon as I know you will!! :-)

Elena Cereceda
10 hours ago
Alina Funk
11 hours ago

#greenjuicechallenge. Go girl!

Ekaterina Bigdan
13 hours ago
Dmitry Amelin
13 hours ago
Elly Hawtree
14 hours ago

You don't know me, but I'm a friend of Didi and wanted to show my support for what you're going through. I hope this small contribution helps you along your journey and little further x

Yulia Tyumeneva
16 hours ago

green juice dues;)

17 hours ago
Irina Dublin
17 hours ago

Dear Anastasia, wishing you strength, courage and hope

Jennifer Watson
27 days ago

Keep fighting! So much love to family Leslie and hope you reach your goal xx

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