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Anastasia Leslie  West Brompton, ENG
What would you do if you were told your life was going to end and there was no treatment or possible cure? 

In 2015 I was diagnosed with stage IIIc ovarian cancer. At the age of 27 it was something that I wasn’t prepared for (not that anyone can ever be prepared for news like this). All the life dreams came crushing down but the hardest of all was the fact that I will never be able to have children of my own. Somehow I learned to cope with this reality.

Since the diagnosis I have had fantastic support from world-renowned professors and consultants at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, but unfortunately after 2 years of standard treatments I am no longer responding to them.

The survival statistics from standard treatments are around 5 out of every 100 women (5%) or in other words hopeless. But what if I told you there was another way and you can be a part of it... I need your can help me to have a normal more pain, no more doctors, no more chemo and with your help we can make it happen.

I have looked everywhere and I have found/was recommended a private clinic in Germany that has amazing results using treatments that for regulatory reasons are not available in the UK. They use the latest research in immunotherapy offering advanced targeted and personalized treatment to your specific cancer. The German doctors said that all of the ovarian cancer patients (approx 20 to 25 per year in the last 15 years) that they had are still alive, doing well and in remission, which gives me and my family hope.

Think about if you were told your life is ending...How much would you pay for another 100 years of life, how much is another decade worth to you? How much would you part with for another year of your life? If you could buy one more month or one more day, what would it be worth to you? A day doesn't seem long but when you don't want to die it's the most priceless thing in the world…

If you are a billionaire you would pay hundreds of millions or maybe even a billion...or if you are homeless you would give your last penny...if you had nothing you would give your clothes or your hair...your two front teeth...

Think about all the people in your lives who have died prematurely, life has been taken from them, what would you pay to bring them back? Whether it is a car accident, ALS or war, none of these people knew they were going to die and you can't bring them back with any amount of money...but you can help me live longer, you can improve my quality of life and you can buy another day, week, month, year, decade...

I want to live until I am 120 and I can't do it without you... )

I need your help...I have a plan and I am recruiting you all as my helpers, my help me overcome this and get my life back.

So, the shopping list is:

- Tumour Biopsy
- TAA Tumour Associated Antigen Screening
- Vaccination Strategy
- Antibody Treatment with anti-CTLA-4
- Antibody Treatment with anti-PD-1/-L1
- Immune Stimulatory Program II
- High-dosed anti-inflammatory infusions 
- Anti-oxidative infusions
- Liver support infusions
- Ozone autohemo-therapy

This works but it cost money...lots of money...I will appreciate any help. I need to raise £120,000 for the first phase of treatment which will start in the next couple of weeks, and then I will need more for sounds a lot but break it into 10 lots and it's £12,000. I need ten people to help me raise this. My nearest and dearest I need you now!

If each of you find 10 more people that's £1,200 each, and those in return find 10 more people then its £120 each....

Please do something amazing me me get my life back...only you can make a difference...

Buy another day in my life.

Love to all,

For offline payments please ask directly
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Update 11
Posted by Anastasia Leslie
10 days ago
You are single handedly saving my life with your donations and I want to tell you everything your generosity has made possible in the last three weeks and what you still need to do to help me live!

After the first round of treatment in Germany four weeks ago, we returned to London and following a few days at home, I was scheduled to go to the Royal Marsden for a routine drain of Ascites (the cancerous liquid in my stomach). It was late on Friday night so we had to fight for them to put the drains in “I am not leaving this hospital until you put these in” were the words I used: thankfully the radiologist agreed but they kept me in overnight. They noticed elevated liver enzymes and I had severe vomiting with my general health heading downhill very quickly.

I didn’t want to be there and I begged Stuart not to let me die in a hospital ward, I hit rock bottom and was so miserable. After being moved to another ward and a further scan, I was told a week later that the oncology team advised no more treatment and I will get palliative care and then go home to die with hospice support and they would give me no pain killer aside from paracetamol' I could not believe my ears...palliative freaking way! Stuart and I decided that I was not going to die in a hospital bed and I wanted to return to Germany and swim in the lake, we really didn't know if this was going to be possible...

We asked the Royal Marsden team if they could they help me with a port that I had never been offered despite 100’s of needles, canula’s and procedures that could have been saved, they refused(I now have it and it is life changing, no more needles!) we asked them to put pleura (permanent drains for the aesites) the radiologists who drained me on the Friday night had suggested these but my consultant said no. We asked them to give me some nutrition by IV and they refused. I was getting quite frustrated

The consultant came to see me and told me I was going to die in a matter of weeks but they strongly advised against going to Germany. With 7 people standing around my bed pitying me and condemning me I said..."so you say you can't do anything, and your professional medical opinion is I should give up hope, lie here take paracetamol and die...I’m not doing that!

They begged me to stay I had made up my mind and we demanded the discharge papers. I asked for some nutrition by IV they refused, they had given up but I hadn’t. We went home, I was so weak I couldn't move and I had to sleep on the sofa sitting up to stop vomitting all night (didn't completely work) we packed, booked flights, we got a safe-to fly certificate from Germany as I was so weak and frail we were worried the airline would not let me fly...we left the next morning at 5am.

We drove through the blackforest with the windows down and the music blaring, I managed a smile...we almost got to the clinic and Stuart suggested a the was more beautiful than I imagined, I paddled in the lake and smiled...That was a dream come true, we have since then (this week) been to see waterfalls, castles and churches.

My blood results were off the chart, liver enzymes GGT and Alkaline Phosphotase both over 2000 (normal level is below 40) and my bilirubin went from 4 to 18 in 5 days. (normal level should be below 1.2) liver was in big trouble and we were told by the oncologist we are very much in life critical territory.....

I was still vomiting and constipated so I went for a scan to identify blockages then we went to a consultant who said I couldn't get a stent in my liver because of my stomach issues and the endoscope couldn't go German clinic team jumped into action again…

They found a consultant at a university hospital who would see me tomorrow and try to put a drain directly into my liver from my side...He warned me he may not be able to do it and even if it is possible to try he may not do it because I was so weak and frail...we set off the next morning at 7am and blasted up the autoban 3 hours to Frankfurt (one of the advantages of Germany you can drive at 220km an hour to the hospital!)

Professor Dr Thomas Vogl is a miracle worker he is a highly accredited and internationally recognized interventionist radiologist, renowned for 100% patient survival and amazing results with the liver. He did specialist MRI and agreed to try to put the drain in. He again said he couldn't guarantee anything but he would try his best. After nearly 2 hours of procedure which was hell under only local anesthetic he had managed to get a drain in although much smaller than he wanted but he was relieved he could do something for me.

I now have the drains, my blood tests are normalizing rapidly and I had an hour and a half consultation with my oncologist yesterday to come up with a treatment plan. He advised me the drains are only symptomatic but have no doubt saved my life in the short term and opened up a window we can use for treatment.

We started today with my targeted immunotherapy and avastin done, I’m feeling a bit tired.I now have no pain and my liver is recovering...I am up and about every day, smiling.
We had a bbq outside on Saturday night with some friends, I did exercises this morning and handed out Chocolate Easter chicks to everyone who came to our room this weekend. We went to a church service last night and we are planning the next adventures...we do not give up, surrounded by love hope and in my experience some of the best cancer care in the world.

The most important thing is I want to live and your support and donations allow me to keep fighting. I have no doubt if I hadn’t had the chance to come to Germany I would be dead by now and instead I have hope, a treatment plan and many many more things to take on to fight my cancer.

I have to say a very special thank you to Sergei one of my friends in Russia and the Cambels in USA who have gone above and beyond and donated hugely and massively allowing me to get these life saving treatments but without you all I cannot keep fighting.

We already have a further debt of £15,000 following this round of treatment and the emergency additional liver procedures and scans and we will have the next round of treatment in three weeks time of around £50,000.

We are eternally grateful every day for all the support and donations we receive and you should all know that it doesn't matter if it is £50 or £50,000 each of you have saved my life!

I need your strength, your support and I need your help to spread the word and raise funds for my treatment, I believe in it, the results from the blood results, the tumor markers and my symptoms are showing that something is working.
We are fully focused on reducing my tumor load at the moment with Chemotherapy, immunotherapy and vaccines. We are building a plan for on going vaccinations and long term treatment because I plan around for a long time to come!

The doctors told me I would be dead by now but I didn’t accept it and because of all of your generous support and donations I can keep fighting with some of the best oncologists money can buy, please keep supporting me, spread the word and help me get my life saving treatments, I promise I will keep fighting!

Lots of love, Happy Easter all my easter bunny friends!

Alive and kicking in the gym thanks to u
You all make my dreams come true
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Update 10
Posted by Anastasia Leslie
20 days ago
How will you feel when we pass the £250,000 mark, what will you do to celebrate with Anastasia that we saved her life together?

We are in crisis mode in Germany with Anastasia's liver under attack from the cancer that is spreading through her body.

We are hoping for a response of the immunotherapy very soon but in the meantime we have to attack the tumours with chemotherapy to keep Anastasia healthy and able to fight this cruel and powerful disease.

She is having real trouble eating and is on pretty much a liquid only diet, she has sleepless nights, her legs are swollen and her liver needs constant support, she has her stomach drained every day.

On a positive note she got a port fitted this week which is a great step forward...she doesn't need to have any more needles in her arms that have suffered so much over the last 2 years.

She had visitors from Russia, Germany, France and England this week and she has been up painting a new masterpiece as you can see!

The fight must go on inside and out of her body. We have raised the target to £250,000 which will get Anastasia vital treatment for the next six weeks including new chemotherapy, immunotherapy and essential supporting blood work, therapies and nursing care. This is the only thing that has the potential to save her life!

Be an active part of Anastasia's team to help her beat this nasty disease.

Spread the word proudly as founders and supporters of her treatment campaign, it is because of you all that Anastasia gets the chance to fight for another day of life.

Join us and today again let's buyanotherday of life for Anastasia.

Thank you for your support


#buyanotherday #movemountains
A beautiful artist at work, masterpiece!
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Update 9
Posted by Anastasia Leslie
24 days ago
I am delighted to announce that today, Team Anastasia (all of you!) have just passed her first goal of £120,000. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Please give a big cheer a pat on the back and a huge thank you to all of your networks and friends and family who have shown so much love and generosity to get Anastasia the care and treatment she has needed.

We look and move forward now, today Anastasia got chimo and avastin thanks to your generosities, you have all made such a huge difference to Anastasia's battle and we cannot thank you enough. We are sending you all lots of love and gratitude from the bottom of our hearts.

When Anastasia posted this campaign she didn't know how she would get the treatment that she desperately wants but thanks to each and everyone of you, she has hope, comfort, laughs and has had her world class pioneering treatment, truly the best care and treatment that money can buy,

Your efforts and determination have got her to this point, she is still very keen to raise awareness through the Green Juice Challenge, so keep posting, nominating and remind those who have been nominated but are still working up to the challenge.

So whats next...Anastasia still has treatments pending and we need to keep the support strong so please continue to share and help with Anastasia's continuing treatment through your fundraising and amazing voices that have been heard by so many people.

We will update the campaign soon to show the next targets, but for now celebrate and dance like nobody is watching, those are direct instructions from Anastasia!

We hope the training is going well for the marathon runners! Thank you to Vicky north for your tea party, I hope the tea wasn't green, thank you to Jo for the sponsored dog walk and to everyone else who has so kindly given time and efforts to Anastasia's cause!

Over 900 people have donated so far and without each and everyone of you Anastasia would not have made it this far, let's keep up the efforts and determination and together we can continue to move mountains for Anastasia!!

Two final thoughts:

1) If each person who has donated shares Anastasia's campaign, who knows how far the message can spread....

2) how many more people will it take to get the green juice challenge as big as the ice bucker challenge to support other young people fighting terminal diseases?

Let's keep the love going!

We love you and thank you,

Anastasia and Stuart

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Update 8
Posted by Anastasia Leslie
25 days ago
Hi Everyone,

Can you sponsor a treatment for Anastasia starting from 75 euros for ozone therapy or a night in the clinic (650 euros a night which includes her nursing care) or perhaps your group/network can sponsor one of her cancer vaccination boosters starting from 4,500 euros, it is a huge shopping list to get and she needs it sponsored urgently to start treatment.

So following our brief visit back to London and being told there is nothing they can do, I am pleased to be able to report that Anastasia in now back in the Hallwang Clinic and she is responding well to the treatments.

Her liver and pancreas had elevated inflammation markers when she arrived and had increased significantly in the previous week and there is some evidence of bacterial infection so the Dr's are working to normalise the blood results by giving liver support infusions and antibiotics.

They have also managed to improve her GIRD (Gastro Intestinal Reflux Disease) with stomach protectors, anti-sickness and she is currently on day 2 of fasting to give her Pancreas a chance to rest and recover.

She is in a much better state of health and looks visibly better with the stablising nursing care she has received in the last 48 hours. Once the doctors normalise her blood results then we can begin treatment again except we need your help to raise the money first.

With some extremely generous recent donations from Russia and America we currently have 22,000 euros on account towards the next treatment. We still need another 48,000 euros in order to start the next round of treatment, take a look at Anastasia's proposed treatment plan that is due to start on Monday attached.

So what else can you do? Chase the people who you have nominated to do the green juice challenge, share Anastasia's cause through your networks and seek out people who can sponsor a treatment or a night in the clinic.

Thank you to everyone who has done the greenjuicechallenge and who has done fundraising events and those who are preparing for marathons and other crazy activities, hope the training si going well!

We are working on the charity registration and some other fundraising ideas that we will update you on shortly.

Take care and lots of love from Anastasia and Stuart

Anastasia's pending treatment plan
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Anne Walton
10 days ago

Coffee money and Simons green juice challenge (although he enjoyed the juice!) donated!

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Jennifer Watson
2 months ago

Keep fighting! So much love to family Leslie and hope you reach your goal xx

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£132,791 of £250k goal

Raised by 1,001 people in 2 months
Created February 17, 2017
1 day ago
Natalya Sakharova
3 days ago

Настя, поправляйся!

4 days ago
Bonny Bunker
5 days ago

My Bonio money for the month! I fancy the pants off Barley :-) ruff you. xx

Sofia and Alberto Cibic Caiola
5 days ago

A big hug from Sofia and Alberto in Shanghai #greenjuicechallenge

Emma Bosworth
5 days ago
Osita Egbubine
6 days ago
david rolt
6 days ago

wishing you all the strength in the world to win the battle .. much love to you both

7 days ago
Darien Bradshaw
7 days ago
Anne Walton
10 days ago

Coffee money and Simons green juice challenge (although he enjoyed the juice!) donated!

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Jennifer Watson
2 months ago

Keep fighting! So much love to family Leslie and hope you reach your goal xx

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